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God of War: Chains of Olympus

by Migeman

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Original Thread: Let's Play God of War Chains of Olympus



A prequel to the original God Of War. It was originally released on the PSP the 27th of March 2008, then released again on the Playstation 3 as part of a collection alongside the other PSP God of War game The Ghost of Sparta the 16th of September 2011. The game isn't anywhere near as pretty as the home console games but it is still pretty good for a handheld game and I never owned a PSP so I was unable to play this game. After playing the other God of War games this does a good job of displaying the God of War experience you would expect, although the dodging appeared to be a little bit more awkward on PSP having to hold both shoulder buttons then moving the analogue stick to move but in this game you can use either that option or the standard GOW dodging. It's got a neat addition or two to set apart from the other games somewhat.

I shall be playing the game on Hard mode as God mode is rather difficult and frustrating, I die enough on Hard mode but it also means I can show off the game and it's mechanics more than I could on normal as I would fly through the game at a much quick pace.

I do actually like this game quite a bit, it's not as meatier as the main games, I still think it's good fun.

In one of Kratos's first missions for the God's he has been tasked with fending off the invasion of the Persian army at the shores of attica, anything else for now is a spoiler so I shall update as I post videos. I'm not to bothered about spoilers, just spoiler text them to be nice to other people.

Mime of War In Action Courtesy of Nidoking.
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