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God of War: Ghost of Sparta

by Migeman

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Original Thread: Let's Play God of War Ghost of Sparta

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Welcome back, it's a bit delayed. My previous God of War LP was a bit all over the place regarding the upload schedule, this should be better and more consistent, I'll try and release at least one part a week.

This is God of War Ghost of Sparta, it's the second GoW game released on the PSP. It was released the 16th of September 2011 and then released again on the PS3 in 2012 alongside Chains of Olympus. It's a massive leap in quality compared to Chains and I think an all round fun game and a pretty good story for a God of War. It's got some nice additions to set it apart a bit more from the other games.

It's a rather vague story to begin with as Kratos is following a vision he has. I won't spoil too much for now but I find the story is pretty strong. I'll update as I go along.

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