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Part 7: Gond Baby Gond

Update 6: Gond Baby Gond
If you lined up roughly ten thousand M&Ms around Gond it would be a huge waste since nobody in Gond knows what chocolate is.

Hey, you. Last time we practiced pacifism and engaged in a course of rigorous self-improvement and exploration. Let's see if anyone's impressed!

8-Turok: Dinosaur hunter - Lost Temple

Well, THIS guy obviously is. Our Brachiosaurus is as friendly as ever, and this is huge - with this Thecodontosaurus we can get a foothold out here in the deep east.

Still no sign of the Fensaliri. More useless unit options though!
This scenario is full of upgrade paths that won't net you much of anything. The most impressive thing you can get out of this particular sequence (from Duck Bills onward) is still easily worse than our Oviraptors, which themselves are just a stop along the way to even more murderous beasties.

Nona's secured its growth for the time being, and now it's time for it to buckle down and do the same for EVERYONE. If it can hammer out the World Bazaar, every city we have will eat like kings from now to forever.

It takes a seismic event for me to notice that my far-flung fish has in fact been rubbing along the same coastline as my eastern scouts. Whoops. Silly old fish.

But we've got bigger fish to fry construct.


A lovely spot. That termite mound'll fuel growth here for ages, and the gold on that mountain's top notch for trade. And we barely had to move to get it. Good job, Morta. Good job.
Under construction is an Ankylosaurus. No, there's not much point using anything else for defense for a long, long time.

Ah! The north! Friends in the north!

I speak for he who likes moolah, Rex Citizen Rex of the Gondwana.

Yes, that IS what I was talking about. Thanks!

You know, you're the kind of neighbours most people wish they had. What do you say we

why does everyone keep saying that

Fine, who needs 'em. We can make our own fun at home. Useful, productive fun.

WONDROUS fun. Our fish friend will love this shit.

(Civilization 2's unique, [theoretically] powerful, only-one-per-game-world Wonders were proudly displayed to their triumphant builders in the form of shitty little low-res movies of clip-art, set to ripoffs of existing music. Scenarios, for reasons of do not have these.
Anyways, CLICK HERE for the wonders of the Spawning Grounds)

Fun's over, time for work. All spawn and no work makes Gond a crowded, bustling place.

See? Already sprawling into suburbia. Gross.

Speaking of sprawl, Moira's excess Maiasaura problem has found a nice spot to set up shop.


Spice n' krill. Combine that with a nice Fisheries and this place'll grow like there's no tomorrow.

Well we can stop playing now we've reached the end of history.

Wait, arms race? Cancel that, we're back in the game.

Especially now that we've found the Fensaliri! Or at least, well, some of them. What are you doing all the way out here, little buddy? Careless of that fish to drop you unattended, some asshole could kill you ahahahaha.
not us we'd never do that

Ah, there's where the Devaloki lair! I like the logs, very Abe Lincoln.

Wait, what? Oh! Right! Just looking, jeez.

Amazing what useless things you can learn by just looking.

Oh FINE goddamnit.

Not like there's much for you to be so touchy about. Nice irrigation, though.

Another reason to be thankful we found that lonely Theco. out here in a hut. If we didn't have Morta here, that poor Baryonyx would've been kicked back west all the way to Moira.

More huts in the north as we fill in the blanks of the map...

...and more cash at home. +50% trade products in a place with spice? Yes please.

Jesus, how many did you cram in up here Aralu; this river's cramped as hell.

Not like OUR river. Gond has it all to itself, and now that it's gotten some basic irrigation down, it's starting to grow. Inch by inch, Gond. Day by day.

Oh stop it.

Moira and Parcae both finish up their Trading Areas - especially nice for Parcae with its double spice tiles - and embark on to bigger things. In Parcae's case, more wondrous things, in Moira's case, paranoid, defensive things. Look, all that Devaloki presence just reminded me of how horrible people can be, right?

Gond be praised, we've almost as many inhabitants in our entire domain as London!

No, not that London. London, Ontario.
Steady on there Gond. Steady on.

Our fish passes through a tight spot and continues onwards, beating everyone else in mileage and nobody else in useful detail.

Oh, and who's THIS popping out of a hut? We're in the big leagues, boys: this Triceratops is nearly as fierce on the offensive as our Oviraptors, is considerably more durable, and treats all terrain as roads, so his single move a turn automatically gets turned into three tiles worth. A steady explorer, if not as far-reaching as the Brachiosaur.

Though we know of the Arms Race, we shall not embrace it. We have been tested by our neighbours - yea and tested again, and again, and AGAIN - but we have resisted violence. We are above all that now.

And since we're above that, we want the teeth. We can handle the teeth.

(CLICK HERE for the wonders of the Great Creche)

Because here in Gond, we've finally realized what Gond is at heart.

Gond is love.


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