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Part 12: Bonus Update 2: Where On Gond's Green Earth Are We?

Now I know we're all very busy now. I realize that. I get that. I get you, which is very difficult because I also get Gond at the same time and getting two things at once is very, very tricky.
But now it's time for us all to get a third, more urgent thing.

BONUS UPDATE 2: Where On Gond's Green Earth Are We?

Let us begin with fake things that aren't real.

This is our Gond. There are many like it, and this one is ours.

Behold our fake world that isn't real. It measures seventy-five tiles by one hundred and twenty tiles, making it 'Large.' It is also 'Round,' which, in the finest traditions of awkward projection, actually means it's sort of like a cylinder or possibly a donut. Geometry and geography are not to be trifled with.

This is not our Gond and there were none like it and it was never ours. We did see it last bonus update, though.

Behold our actual world that was real but is now gone. It measured oh gosh about the same as it does now, but thanks to the magic of plate tectonics everywhere was somewhere else.
-North America and most of Asia were Laurasia.
-South America, Australia, Africa, India, and Antarctica were Gondwana, or Gondwanaland.
This made directions very awkward and difficult.
You can see from all this that most of our continents are hugging each other at this time, around the very end of the Triassic. They have so recently combined into Pangaea, only a mere hundred million years ago - the Late Carboniferous. They do not yet know that soon the Jurassic will arrive and they will be slowly torn apart yet again, not to meet once more for millions of years.
This cycle of supercontinental aggregation and division has happened repeatedly in Earth's geological history, and is why rocks are always so lonely.

This is our Gond, but it has been fortified with added Education.

Behold our fake world that isn't real blemished with the science and knowledge of the actual world that was real but is now gone. With this we can peer past the superficiality of the reality of Gond's greatness into the very essence of what makes Gond Gond.

Specifically, we can see it's located in Laurasia.