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Part 15: Bygond Days

Update 13: Bygond Days
29% of a Gondwanan's organs can be considered truly delicious.

Welcome to the murderin' fields pals! Last time we kept on murderin' and today we are going to keep on keepin' on! More murder all day and all night! Nothin' but murders from here to Wedsneday, every day's a murderin' day!

15-The Lost World: Jurassic Park (PS1) - The King's Lair

Rest in shreds, Aalu.

I have never claimed to be an expert at Civilization II, but here is how air units work to the best of my knowledge:
1-you make them and send them out of the city
2-if they don't come back immediately they explode.
This remains true in this scenario.

Who the hell named Furud and why did you losers not change it?

3-this is true no matter how good they look on paper.

The island continent of the Aalu is pretty cleared out by now. Most of the action's over in the far south.

Pack tactics: still work.

Yeah...pollution is still a problem. We've got gutters and middens here, people, what more do you want from us?!
Oh, and we're building a few pterosaurs. For experimentation.

We're in sight of Maar. We're so close now.

It's been a while, so honestly, sure. Let's see if her tune's changed any.


Okay, lesson learned: negotiations are fruitless and will only get your feelings hurt so much.

So let us take comfort in enormous marine reptiles. Also, a Devonian-era giant armoured fish. I am not sure what that fish is doing here.

Holy shit. It's the last trace of the Marish I've seen.

Holy shit! It's a Devaloki asshole here to eat them!

(CLICK HERE for heroism)

Holy shit! I saved the Marish!
I think this means they have to say they like my maps now.

And if that won't do it...

...maybe this will. Hello, Maar. That makes two successful capital captures.

More Devaloka remnants. How did they even get down here past all the Deinonychus?

Another powerful but useless dead end. The two units are nearly identical in all ways, which is sort of strange.

You know what, advisor ol' buddy?
You've been asking for this for over fifty million years now. It's yours.

Just because we're guarding their city from immediate destruction doesn't make the Marish any more grateful. Or friendly.

The last holdout.

Well now.
This changes things a little.

And then there were...let's see. Uh. Counting me...three. Ish? Did the barbarians ever officially count? Fuck it.

Nona, filled with wealthy, bored citizens, trains a Kronosaurus to amuse itself and releases it into the wild. Hey, might as well scout with it.

Fuck's sake we're trying to KEEP YOU ALIVE HERE.

Well, we'll show them. We'll show them all. THEN they'll see who likes mammals and who doesn

everything old is new again.

(CLICK HERE to witness the wonder of the Airborne Sentinels)
I know nothing makes ME happier than knowing there's beady little eyes watching my every move to report me to the authorities. Sort of reminds me of my old job, really.

And now a plan forms. Gond begins work on it.

And here they are, the little bastards. Not quite so nasty now that we can make them too, eh?

And here at last is their big brother. Directly taken from the silver screen without so much as a drop of science, ladies and gentlemen, the perfect killing machine has arrived and it's already obsolete.

After all, there's just one last thing to do. We could've done this earlier, but there'd be no elegance to it, and we're in a generous mood.

Time for gifts and an end to hostilities!

On one...small condition.

Answer very carefully.


New Units
New Wonders