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Part 17: Gond For Good

Update 15: Gond For Good
The real Gond was inside you all along. It is just to the left of your appendix. And it hungers.
Well, come back.
Last time.

17-The Lost World: Jurassic Park (PS1) - Base Camp Revenge

Wow, that was weird. Anyways, let's just

oh fuck YOU.

Well, we've got what we need.

And more than that.

More polishing off.

Well well well. Hello there, stranger.

It must be asked.

Well. We checked.

Nobody listens to us. Ever.

This is quite literally all that Oviphagia does. It is strictly there to turn off the Great Creche. I suppose in case someone else has it and you'd rather they didn't.

From now on, the only purpose to this is point-scoring.

Now if you'll excuse us, we have a civilization to eat.

(CLICK HERE to listen to us dine)

Civilization 2 is complicated. You see, for some reason, when you kill people they tend to come back as alternate nations. It is not clear why. It is not clear how. It is not clear what makes it stop.
Besides killing. Lots and lots of killing.
But we HAVE grown rather hungry spending two hundred and fifty million years cooped up inside Gond's walls.

He was direct, we'll give him that.

(CLICK HERE for dramatic airborne action)

Oh for god's sake.
This is the great and unspeakable power of the 1-tile city. Only amphibious land units may attack coming out of a transport, and aquatic and air units can't occupy a city.

Commissioned from Alulalui and shipped.

And after that little difficulty...well.

It's all over bar the screaming.

wait what

Deja vu.

No, finding them is not easy.



No more words. Just quiet time.

Victory time.

We have made Gond strong. And now we will make it silent.

A very appropriate title. A good title.

A good time. A bed time.
For Gond.


New Units