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Part 18: Bonus Update 3: The Guts of Gond

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fuck mammals

Glazius posted:

Damn. All that pollution caught up with you, huh?

Is it actually possible to win this game, or is it more of a score attack?
As has been made belatedly clear, it's more of a gentle yet firm bolide-based time limit. There is only way one out of dino.scn, and it's murder.

Thank you all for all of your kind words. I had basically two goals when making this LP: (1) at least show pop-ups for every single thing in the scenario, with wonder videos being an oh why the hell not sort of thing; and (2) replicate as best as possible the experience of being ten and clueless, which came naturally. As proof of my gratitude, have this postscript that I created by putting this script inside this post.

We are finished. The first thing we have to do now that we're finished is add more crap.
You know what's full of crap? Guts. Let's look in them.

BONUS UPDATE 3: The Guts of Gond.

These are them. The guts. Like real guts they're all balled up in one confusing wad. Let's fix that.

There. Much tidier. Now we can see that things can be easily sorted into four simple file types.
-The GIF files, which are full of PICTURES.
-The SAV files, which are full of BULLSHIT and TOOLING AROUND and PRACTICE RUNS.
-The SCN file, which is full of IMPORTANT and NOT TO BE TOUCHED.
-The TXT files, which are full of THINGS YOU CAN SCREW AROUND WITH.

Now let's look at some pictures.

Here you can see what all our cities looked like as well as what they didn't. You can also see all the little bits of terrain, chopped up and waiting to be plated. Many tile resources shown here are not actually in this scenario! Can you guess which? I hope you can.

Here you can see the good hardworking citizens of Gond and elsewhere. From left to right: ultra happy, very happy, alright, feeling fine, melancholic, testy, irate, entertainer, taxman, and scientist.
You can not tell from this picture, but the scientist's frill is full of beakers.
Also, he has a beak.
Enough pictures. Let's move on to hard data for hard facts for hardnosed folks.

The CITY.TXT document is full of default names for people who are too unimaginative to create their own. Each civilization has its own special set so it can feel special.
As you can see, some of the 'filler' civilizations that come after the first set have more...eclectic naming systems.
The Stones and First Ones not only are odd even compared to their neighbours, they aren't able to appear at all - at least as far as I know. I don't know very far. We will see them again. Later.

Odd. All of our barbarians looked like dinosaurs to me.
Let's move on.

DINOSAUR.TXT is simply the opening blurb you get to read at the very beginning of the scenario. EVENTS.TXT defines how, when and where the map shifts around as time wears on, as well as the mandated whoopsie circa 65 million years ago. I am bad at numbers and unable to verify precisely what changes take place where, although that 'seas shift' event will force a land bridge to form between Australia and south Laurasia, to keep the civilization starting there from getting lonely.

GAME.TXT is dialogue strings for everything from saving your game to cussing out your neighbours and is very very big. Most of it is unaltered from vanilla Civ 2 or simply wordswapping 'settlers' for 'Thecos.' and the like, except for a few choice passages.

LABELS.TXT and PEDIA.TXT are exactly what they sound like and the civilopedia text, respectively. Since this is a scenario there are no handy factsheets available in our civilopedia, so we will never get a chance to read up on the history behind the advent of the agora, or who built the Earthworks and why. Paleontology is full of mysteries.

RULES.TXT is where you go to make things happen. Change tech names and dependencies. Change improvements. Change Wonder availability. Change any of a dozen moving parts on any of the units. Change terrain names and values.

Also, here's the full cast of characters that can populate the world. Overall, I feel that although Stompy is an inferior name to Rex, it is probably better than Grunch.
Again, the Stones and First Ones are the odd ones out. One canon leader apiece, and while the rest of the world is aggressive-expansionist-militaristic the Stony are aggressive-perfectionist-civilized and the First are rational-expansionist-civilized.
What's up with them? Who knows? You can't even view them in the in-game editor's tribe editor; they functionally only exist in these two .txt files. The mind woggles.

Well, that is that. And this is this. Wipe off your hands and wash them a bit before you leave. For hygiene.