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Part 20: Update 1b: New Units

Baryonyx's combination of long, crocodilian snout and giant claws means that it is completely unable to pick its nose. A nice find in a hut early on, since they move twice as fast as any of our other landbound units.

Coelophysis exists because something has to be the worst.

Do you want to ferry units over the seas? Do you want to drown the moment you end a turn without rubbing up against the coastline? Few other units can boast Griphognathus's astounding combination of these two traits.

Gyroptychius is a fish.

Iguanodon is like Baryonyx except slightly worse in several significant ways and half-cost. Not that it matters, because we aren't building them.

Thecodontosaurus build things. Road things, mine things, irrigation things. They're a big deal.