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Part 35: Update 9b: New Wonders

You know survival of the fittest doesn't actually mean 'most dangerous' right? It refers to whichever traits cause an organism to best survive in its current environment and this just reinforces a long-standing misunderstanding of evolution as

I'm not precisely sure how these differ from Ramparts beyond being much larger. Maybe they're like the Nazca lines except instead of summoning alien conspiracy theorists they make you indestructible.

Handing all of your eggs to large, chode-necked tyrannosaurs makes you happier. If you know what's good for you I guess you stop complaining?

That's just mutation, damnit! And how is a theropod randomly sprouting a horn going to be beneficial in any shape way or

Someone please interpret this icon for me in a meaningful manner that isn't entirely perverse.

It's like the pony express but with ferns and without cowboys. So, nothing but positives.