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Part 43: Update 13a: New Units

Ah, Allosaurus. Eternal second banana of the theropods. You know. The 'other lizard.'

Cryptoclidus! You are SO BAD AT THIS!

It's a pterosaur.

Charming, terrifying, armour-plated, and a lurid shade of green for some reason.

hey go and read Devourer of Gods: the palaeoecology of the Cretaceus pliosaur Kronosaurus queenslandicus it's cool

Somehow more dangerous than Kronosaurus. Don't ask me, this is the game where Baryonyx can be outmuscled by Troodon.

It's a stereotypical pterosaur.

It's a sterotypical TERM for pterosaurs it's Pterodactylus damnit aaaargh

It's that One Big Pterosaur everyone knows. Although nowadays we think of them less as giant flappers and more as evil superstorks.

It's the stereotypical pterosaur of the Jurassic era and it has a kickin' rad tail to boot.

Fat, blue, stupid, and worse than triceratops. About par for the course for poor Stegosaurus, really.

You know who this is, silly.

You know they could've just called this thing 'Utahraptor' and it would fit perfectly; unlike Jurassic Park they actually HAD discovered it by the time this game came out damnit.