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Part 1: Prologue Video

Update 0: Prologue Video

The Kingdom of Myrtana, united by King Rhobar II. During the long years of his reign, he was able to defeat all foes of his realm.

All except one.

The war against the Orcs took its toll and the prisoners of the realm were to pay the price.

The king needed swords for his army and every man guilty of a crime was forced to work in the ore mines of Khorinis.

To make it impossible for them to escape, the King sent out the best magicians of the kingdom to create a magic barrier around the entire valley. I was one of them.

Ah, something disturbed the delicate structure of magic. We were trapped inside our own barrier.

One second of negligence was enough for the prisoners. Khorinis was now under the control of the convicts.

The king had no choice. He had to negotiate. He needed the ore.

Month after month, the king supplied everything the prisoners needed. Month after month they brought the ore to the edge of the barrier in exchange.

Until the present day. Another convict was brought to the cliff. He did not know but he would change everything.

Magistrate: In the name of King Rhobar II, bearer of the scepter of Verant, I sentence this convict t-

Fire Magician: "Stop. Convict I've got an offer to make you. This letter much reach the leader of the Magicians of Fire."
Convict: "You're wasting your time."
Magician: "You may choose your own reward. They will give you anything you ask for."

Convict: "Very well. I'll take your letter. On one condition: Spare me the rest of his nonsense."
Magistrate: "How dare yo-

Magician: "Keep Silent. Right. Send him in."

Man: Welcome to the Colony.

Other Man: That's enough. Leave him alone and now scram!

Other Man: Get up.

Update 1: Arrival
Chapter 1: Welcome to the Colony

I rose to my feet and quickly introduced myself to my saviour "Thanks for the help. I'm-"

Diego interjected sharpy "I'm not interested in who you are. You've just arrived. I'm Diego. I look after the new arrivals. That's all for now."

I grumbled to myself softly.

Diego continued. "If you plan to stay alive for awhile, you should talk to me. But of course I won't keep you from choosing your own destruction. Well, what do you think?"

He responded. "We call it the Colony. You'll know already that we produce ore for the King. Well. Atleast we do - In the old camp. There are three camps within the Barrier. The Old camp is the biggest, and it was the first."

I perked up at the mention of safety. "How would I get to this old camp?"

Diego pointed to the path just behind him, "Just follow this path. The old camp is the next reasonably safe-looking place you'll come across. There are alot of wild beasts between the camps. You'd be mad to walk around without a weapon."

I groaned. [i]I'd never wielded a weapon before, instead opting to use my good looks and charm to get me what I needed
"Where can I find a weapon? Have anything you can spare?"

He shook his head "Have a look by the old mine. You're sure to find something there."

Diego responded suspiciously "Really..?"

Noting his sudden change of tone I nodded and prepared my body for another beating. "I was given it by a mage shortly before I was thrown in here."

He laughed. "You're lucky I cannot show my face around the mages anymore. Anyone would gladly slit your throat for that letter. That's because the mages pay their couriers a lot and most people here don't have anything. If I were you, I'd shut up until I met one of the mages. Though in your case that's not likely to happen. They're in the castle inside the Old camp, and only Gomez's people are allowed in there. "

A lot, huh? Hopefully they'll be able to send me home. Keep the letter to yourself.

"So, why did you help me?" I then asked.

"Because you needed help. Otherwise Bullit and his boys may have killed you", Diego replied, "And I couldn't just stand by and watch. 'Cos I came all this way to make a suggestion."

"A suggestion?" I said. Bullit. Remember that name.

Diego nodded. "Yes. After this little incident with Bullit and his guys, you should be aware now that you need protection."

Is he threatening me? Relax. Don't let him see that you're terrified.

"Everyone who arrives here has a choice. There are three camps in the colony and you'll have to join one of them. I'm here to show new ones that the Old Camp is the best place for them."

Before I could say anything else he was already leaving. On his way down the path, I heard him say "We'll meet in the old camp."

With Diego's departure I was left only slightly less confused and frightened by my new surroundings.
Well It sounds like finding this old camp is your first priority. Then, we'll see about getting you out. Surely someone here has done it.

I set out to survey my surrounding and get a picture of where I fell. Upon an initial surveying I came to the conclusion that I seem to have fallen into a lake in a valley just within the barrier.

I've heard that the prisoners here often make trade with the King's men for their ore. That machinery nearby must be what they use to send things in and out.

I continued down the path that led to the Old Camp.

I came to a small checkpoint not far from the lake. I arrived just in time to see Diego leaving. I paused a moment, the eyes of the sentries on me. Realizing that I would not be stopped I pressed onward. The sentries watched me as I passed through the gate. These must be men from the Old Camp. They're dressed the same as Bullit and Diego.

Further down the path, I came across an abandoned and locked mine. I picked up a pickax from the ground and examined it. Oh Innos. They don't actually expect me to mine for them do they? That's what prisoners here do isn't it?

Beside the mine, was a small ramp leading to a bridge. I crossed it and as I did so a large pink creature resembling a molerat lunged at me. Without thinking, I swung the pickaxe head firmly into its skull. It whimpered pathetically before dying a second later. I stood stunned at what I had done.

Well. I didn't think you had it in you. You're a bonafide killer now!

After regaining my composure, I looked around my immediate surroundings. I noticed a rusty sword next to the dead creature. It is held by a skeletal hand. I pull it loose.

Well, this would have been useful five minutes ago. I just swing it by the handle, right?

I was halfway across the bridge to return to the mine when I realized that I could see quite alot from up here.

That must be the Old Camp. That looks reasonably safe, right? Oh! And there are walls. Diego didn't tell me that there would be walls. It doesn't look too far. Hurry up! Run!

Stop running!

In my haste, I encounter yet another native creature. It looks a bit like a bird. I wonder if it's friendly? I approach slowly. Upon being noticed, the creature lowers it's head and makes a loud noise in my direction. I quickly back away and circumvent it as best I can.

With the bird looking creature now behind me, I lean against a nearby tree and take a short break. I catch a glint out of the corner of my eye. Another sword! This one looks a bit older, but not quite as worn. I lift the sword into the air to examine it in the sunlight. Surprised at what I see, I shout "Oh Beliar's balls! Another skeleton!" After I calm myself down, I continue on.

The old camp is not far off, it would seem. I walk along a path leading to a river. Not long now.

I spy two men in blue conversing with one another in the distance. I avoid them, not wanting to interrupt their conversation or anger the bird creature nearby.

I come to a bridge. Before it stand two more of those men in the red armor. I engage one in conversation.

I walk up to the nearest guard and introduce myself. "Hi! I'm new here."

The bridge guard continues looking foreward and unenthusiastically replies "How nice for you."

I point to the walled camp across the river. "Is that the Old Camp over there?"
The guard responds, the words dripping with sarcasm as he looks at me "No. That's the new camp. The old camp is under the bridge."

Is everyone here a jerk? I've had enough of this. Flustered, angry, and unable to control myself I did something I quickly regretted. I punch him square in the jaw. He laughs.

That was a bad idea. The guard beats me and rifles through my pockets. Luckily he does not find anything to his liking. When I regain enough strength to move, I get up and walk toward the old camp, attempting to pretend that I was not just beat yet again.

Finally, I made it to 'relative safety'! Nothing stopping me now. I start to limp through the open gate.

More of this? Really?

The guard at the Gate stops me before I can enter "You ain't come here to make trouble, have you?"

I'm tired and I just want to get inside. I roll my eyes and sarcastically respond.

He doesn't find the humor in that.

The gate guard cracks his knuckles and unsheathes his sword. "Hey, this guy's funny. I don't like funny guys."

This day is really not going well. The two of them laugh while I drag my sore body inside.

Update 1 video supplement: A basic, guided tour of the old camp.