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Part 7: Meeting the Mages

Update 6: Meeting the Mages

I left the Old Camp the next morning and arrived at the New Camp at about noon.

My good friend Lefty greeted me angrily when I returned to the farm. It seemed that I had forgotten to give water to the peasants before departing last night.

"I told you to take the water to the peasants! I don't like people who make promises and don't keep them!"

With that, he took hold of his mace and swung at me. I parried it skillfully which surprised him. He must not have been used to his targets fighting back. Unfortunately I made a few mistakes and he eventually prevailed, but at least I had gotten some good hits in.

I was frustrated. This was the second time that Lefty had done this to me and after I talked to some of the peasants it seemed that it was something he did to them as well. I was to meet Mordrag in the bar but first I needed to relieve some tension. Shrike, a rogue, was staying on the mercenary side of the camp.

Gorn had told me when I first arrived that if I could scare him away I could keep the house for myself. That was what I intended to do. I tapped him on the shoulder and, as he turned to look, I smashed him across the side with my mace. A few more hits and he was down.

"Get lost!" I demanded when he regained consciousness. He ran as far away as quickly as he could. That felt good.

I told Gorn of the good news. "Shrike has moved to another hut."

"Good. Torlof just told me that he wanted to have a word with the guy." It looked like I'd beat him to it.

With the matter of shrike settled I walked to the bar and met with Mordrag, who was drinking at the table. "Lares told me to help you with the sect business."

"You see... I knew I wouldn't have to take care of it myself."

"Do you want me to settle the affair all by myself?" I said incredulously.

"I'm sure you'll make it. Listen: It's important to find out the truth about this invocation story. I know that the sect loonies are planning a big invocation. Me, I don't believe in the sleeper - but one thing's for sure: The Gurus have powerful magic at their command. Therefore it's better to know what's going on. You with me so far?"

"Can you give me more concrete instructions?"

"Talk to Lester. I once spent a long time in the Sect Camp, and he helped me back then. He's with the good guys."

"I'll see what I can do." I said as I walked away. I had some more business to take care of in the camp before leaving. Matters that I wanted to settle before starting my investigation. Namely, the Dam Lurker that the scraper Homer had told me about.

I found the Lurker atop a hill on the other side of the New Camp's lake. I withdrew my mace and approached the creature. It saw me and attacked. I swung my mace from side to side to keep it at bay. When I saw an opportunity I stuck it. It went on like this for a little while longer until it could take no more.

As proof of my deed, I removed the lurker's feet. This should be proof enough for Homer.

"I've killed the beast!" I proudly said to Homer.

"Great! I got some of the Rice Lord's men to help me fix some of the damage it caused." Homer turned away from the dam and stretched. "Now I can finally get some sleep." I had one more matter to deal with. I returned to the cave and made my way to the middle, near the ore mound.

"I am now one of Lares' men. Have you got a message for me to take over to the High Magicians of Fire?"

"I do indeed. But you'll need to carry the sign of one of our messengers, else Gomez' men won't let you in the castle. Here, take the letter and the signs. Now hurry up!"

My business was settled in the New Camp for now. I had completed the tasks given to me and I now had my reason to deliver the letter that had been given me a week ago.

Once I made it to the Old Camp I wasted no time in delivering the letter.

I greeted Thorus, showing him the letter and the messenger sign.

"I'm on an errand for the Water Mages. I need to get into the castle!"

"You have a messenger's amulet with you. That'll get you past the guards. I have nothing to do with the mages, so stop bothering me, would you?"

The castle was filled with Gomez's men. On the right was a guard training with new recruits and straight ahead was a well guarded building. I avoided both and found my way to the group of red robed men.

"I'm looking for the High Magician of the Circle of Fire!" I said to one of the mages.

"Just go to Milten." He said, pointing to the man standing by the tower's entrance "He deals with Gofers like you."

I handed the Water Mage's letter to Milten "I have a letter from the High Magicians of the Circle of Water."

"Ah! Very good. I'll give it to Corristo. When you're back in the New Camp, the Magicians of Water will surely reward you for your effort."

"I'm looking for the High Magician of the Circle of Fire."

"That is Corristo. What do you want with him?"

"I have a letter for the High Magician of the Circle of Fire."

"Are you a messenger from the outside world?" I nodded.

"Yes, a magician gave me the letter shortly before they threw me into the colony."

"Show me the letter"

"Here it is." I took it out of my pack and handed it to Milten, the seal still intact.

Milten gasped slightly as he read the letter. He put the letter away. "This letter is addressed to Xardas!"

"What's so exciting about that?" I said, not entirely sure what was going on.

"Xardas has not been a servant of Innos for ages. He left us some years ago and turned towards black magic. He lives in a tower in the middle of Orc land and concentrates on his studies. He said he would go his own way to find out what happened to the barrier." Milten turned to go inside. "Wait here. I'll be back in a moment."

Milten disappeared for several minutes. When he returned, he informed me that Corristo was quite happy to have received the letter and that I may speak to the Magician Torrez for a reward.

I found Torrez standing just on the other side of the tower. "Corristo sent me. I've passed the letter on to him and I'm to choose my own reward."

"You have done us a great service and you shall have your reward. Choose carefully." Torrez presented me with four options. I could have chosen from a ring of strength, a ring of dexterity, a handful of magic scrolls or a potion that he claimed would raise my magical power. I took the potion."

I did not dawdle inside the castle. Gomez's men watched me suspiciously and with disgust. Considering how they had treated me when I was a newcomer, I did not wait around to see how they would treat me as an enemy. I made it to the Sect Camp by dusk.

Lester was standing at his usual spot by the camp's gate when I got there. "I'm glad you're here." he said to me "I have news for you."

"Good news, I hope."

"Our brotherhood's planning a really big thing." How delightfully vague

"The Gurus are trying to contact the Sleeper. But they need something to unite their powers."

"Oh. And?"

"They need a magical object. A focus."

"What's that got to do with me?"

"Talk to Y'Berion. He's the most powerful man around here. This is an opportunity to attain his favor."

"Where do I find him?"

"Go to the Temple. He rarely leaves it. Probably he feels closer to the Sleeper in those cold ruins. May the Sleeper protect you!"

Y'Berion would have to wait. I went to Fortuno's to release a bit of tension, then I went to sleep. I must have smoked a bit too much, as I had the most terrible nightmare where I was back in the old camp.

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