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Part 8: Focus for Y'Berion

Update 7: Focus for Y'Berion

The next morning I went to the Sleeper's temple. The templars at the door were not prepared to allow me entry until I said that Lester had sent me.

Just inside I was greeted with two more entrances. I took the left side, though they both went to the same place. The intricate carvings and overall level of detail led me to believe that this place took quite a long time to create. Or perhaps it was here before the sect.

Past the two passages was a dark room. The far end were two lit candles and a man sitting at an altar. Behind him was something I never thought I would see again. A woman.

I bowed respectfully as I came up to him. "Greetings, Master Y'Berion" I said. The woman behind him was quite stunning. I looked her in the eye, but she quickly turned away.

Y'Berion stared at me for a moment. "Ah! I know your face. "

"Impossible. We've never met before."

"But I thought... Well - what do you want?"

"I heard you were looking for something."

"That's right. We need a magical focus. We sent the novice Nyras to collect the focus, but he hasn't come back yet. You could check up for me what has happened!"

"Where shall I begin to search?"

"Leave the Camp, turn right and go up to the tall cliff. Go beyond the forest until you can see the sea. There you'll find the focus."

"I'll bring the focus back!"

"Take this map. The location of the focus is recorded on it."

This was not going to be a difficult task. I left the camp through the northern gate.

I followed the path from the Sect camp until it met the northern forest. From there, I went east.

I paused to examine the map. It looked like I was going the correct way.

Sure enough at the spot that the map indicated was where the focus was.

The Novice Nyras was also there. Perhaps Y'Berion had nothing to worry about after all. I waved to Nyras from afar and drew closer.

The novice grew angry. "Scram! You have no business to be here."

"I'm searching for the focus."

"Unfortunately, you're too late for that. I've already found it! And I'm keeping it for myself! The sleeper spoke to me last night and made me his only tool! Now I'll only serve the Sleeper. No more templars or gurus!"

I saw Nyras reach for his weapon. He screamed rather incoherently at me. "OOONNNLLLLYYYYYY MEEEEEEEE AAALLLOOONE!!!!!! DIIIIIIE!"

I was quicker on the draw and beat Nyras senseless. I searched through his pockets and found what I assumed to be the focus. I pocketed it as well as every thing else he carried.

I turned my back for a moment and Nyras had fled.

I made my way back to Y'Berion and told him what had happened.

"The novice Nyras has gone mad! He said that the Sleeper had talked to him and chosen him as his only servant! Then he attacked and tried to kill me!"

"The might of the Sleeper is so vast that unprepared souls despair over it. Only we gurus, in our years of meditation, have achieved the spiritual strength to bear the voice of the almighty Sleeper! "

"I've found the focus."

"Good!" Now take the focus back to Cor Kalom. He'll know what needs to be done."

"What about some kind of reward?

"Since you're not a member of the Brotherhood, I will reward you. Take this amulet as a sign of my gratitude."

I met with Cor Kalom in his laboratory. "What do you want?" he said.

"Y'Berion sent me. I have the focus."

"Ahhh - the focus... At last. Now I can study the magic of those artifacts. If only I had enough secretion... damn!

"Y'Berion said you'd pay me if I brought you the focus!" I said, lying. He really didn't.

"Really? He said that? Well then. I suppose 50 ore should be enough!" He carelessly tossed the ore to me.

"What was this about secretion?" I asked.

"Yes. As you must know, I produce the magic potions for the invocation of the Sleeper. For this purpose I need the secretion from the minecrawler's mandibles."

"You know what minecrawlers are, don't you?" I had a vague idea from the descriptions I'd heard in the past week so I nodded. "Their mandibles contain a special secretion. I use it to produce a potion which guides the spiritual path to the Sleeper."

"Speak on!" I said.

"Well, just a short time ago I had a vision of the Sleeper himself. He gave me a sign. He made me understand that there is a means other than the secretion from the mandibles. And he chose me to pass on this mission. You're not getting this mission from me. You're getting it from the Sleeper!"


"Be silent, fool! He made me understand that the path I have embarked upon is right, but the means aren't strong enough. The right means can be found with the minecrawlers, but the mandibles are not sufficient. There must be something else."

"Have you never examined the minecrawlers? I mean, maybe there's another body part which contains more of the secretion."

"Of course we have taken some minecrawlers apart, but only their mandibles seemed to contain the secretion. There must be something else! Find their nest and you'll find the answer"

"That sounds like a dark and sinister kind of search!"

"Take these spell scrolls of light, you'll be able to make good use of them in the dark shafts."

I left the camp shortly after our conversation. My first destination was back to the New Camp as I wished to train further and acquire better armors.

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