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Part 9: New Camp Revenge

Update 8: New Camp Revenge

Prior to leaving the Sect Camp I met with their blacksmith. I traded him the weapons I'd scavenged, as well as some odds and ends, for a little over a thousand ore.

I took the time to cook the meat I'd acquired as well. It tasted somewhat better this way. With my meals prepared and extra goods sold, I ventured to the New Camp.

Lefty once again stopped me on my return to the New Camp.

"You're in luck! I'll give you a second chance. Try not to mess it up this time! Well, go to the Rice Lord and then take water to all the peasants. Got it?" I nodded vacantly. I had no intention of doing that.

Instead, I met with Cord. Cord was a mercenary trainer whose specialty was in the usage of one handed weapons.

"Teach me how to handle one-handed weapons more skillfully."

"Okay, you know the basics. Holding the weapon lower down will put more force into your first strike."

"Use the swing, remember? Now you need to use your body more. When you've struck twice, spin around. That'll confuse the opponent and put you in an excellent position. Then bring your blade across from right to left once more. And back to the front. Don't forget: practice makes perfect. So, get going and become a real master of the art of one-handed fighting."

I met with Wolf next. Wolf was the New Camp's armorer. Now that I was a member of the camp I was able to purchase better equipment from it.

"Hey, now you're one of us kid!"

"I'm looking for better armor"

Wolf showed me to the two he had in stock. "Since you're one of us now, I can sell you one."

I purchased the Heavy Bandit's armor for the price of 1080 ore. The armor was quite a bit heavier than my previous set. I sold the old armor to wolf for approximately 700 ore. It wasn't a bad deal.

Next, I informed Chronos that I had delivered the letter to Milten. He rewarded me with 200 ore for my efforts.

I approached Lefty once more. I was more confident in my ability to tell him off now that I had thicker armor and a firmer grasp on combat techniques.

"From now on, you can carry the water yourself."

Lefty did not like what he was hearing. "Oh? Have you got better plans?"

I did have better plans. I whacked him with my mace a few times. That was enough to send him to the ground. Lefty's friend The Rice Lord came running. He swung at me with his scepter but it wasn't enough.

The Rice Lord went down even quicker being unarmored. They both laid at my feed. I took everything the two of them had. They would no longer bully newcomers into doing their dirty work.

Lefty stood up first. "You've given me a fair thrashing, man. T'was a good fight. But now it's over!" It seemed as if he'd hoped I would leave things at that.

"How are you, my friend?" I said, smirking.

"Oh, man! What do you want?"

"The peasants look thirsty."

"I'll see to it... don't worry." The rogue started distributing water as I was leaving for the Old Mine.

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