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Part 12: Promotion

Update 11: Promotion

I traveled to the New Camp to report my findings with Mordrag.

Jarvis, the guard at the camp gate, stopped me on my way in.

"Hey, I heard you've been giving the crawlers in the mine a hard time. Lee should be quite willing to accept you as a mercenary. Just speak to him."

It was about time that my efforts were recognized.

My first stop was to meet with Mordrag and report my findings.

"About that sect business..." I paused to catch my breath. I was still somewhat exhausted by my run here. "They intend to strengthen themselves and to contact the Sleeper by means of a potion they produce from minecrawlers' eggs."

"What a scream! Those madcaps really believe all that, don't they?"

"I'm curious about the result."

"Me too. Let me know when the Gurus have finished making complete fools of themselves." Mordrag did not seem very worried. He had nothing else to say so I left. I'd heard that Lee wanted to speak to me so I made his room my next destination.

I remembered that Lee lived on the mercenary's side of the cavern, in a small cave of his own. I walked toward it and was stopped by his guards. They warned me about harming Lee. I had no intention of doing that. I stopped and sold my heavy bandit armor before I met with him as I was under the assumption that he would provide me with something better.

I walked up to the mercenary's leader and introduced myself. He knew who I was, though I was not too familiar with him. "You're the boss of the mercenaries, aren't you?"

"That's right, boy!"

"I'd like to become a mercenary of the mages - am I ready yet?"

"Your deeds for the people in the Old Mine have demonstrated that you're a good man. I'd be willing to let you join the mercenaries"

Lee muttered something I did not quite understand.

"I want to become a mercenary." I said, hoping that it was what he had justed asked.

"A good decision. You won't regret it."

"Tell me something: Why? Why have you joined us and not the Old Camp or the Brotherhood?"

That answer was simple. "I wanted freedom from the very beginning."

"We'll get our freedom back. Welcome, MERCENARY." Lee removed a suit of armor from his chest and gave it to me. I quickly put it on.

This new armor did not seem that much better than my old. The entire upper half was unprotected! Lee had no jobs for me and insisted that I continue my work with Mordrag. As I had already spoken with the rogue and reported my findings, It was time to return to the sect camp.