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Part 24: The Ulu-Mulu

Update 22: The Ulu-Mulu

I wasted no time in searching for the items for my Ulu-Mulu. After I'd finished with Wolf, I teleported over to the sect camp. From there, I ran east to the swamps. I knew that the area was crawling with swampsharks from my previous times here.

It didn't take long to find the creature I needed. I approached the edge of the swamp to attract the attention of one of the beasts. When I had a swampshark's attention, I backed away to draw it onto land. I had gotten considerably better since the last time I was here so it posed little trouble. I weakened it with a spell and then finished it off in melee.

When the swampshark was dead, I cut out some of its teeth. Hopefully this would be enough for Tarrok.

As soon as I had finished with the swampshark, I walked to the Swamp Camp's gate. I knew that I would be able to find a fire lizard at the nearby shipwreck located just northeast of the camp. I left the Brotherhood soon after and ran toward the shore.

I found a lizard on the shore as I'd thought I would. To avoid it's deadly, fiery breath I first stunned it with a bolt of electricity before moving in with my sword. I cut off the lizard's tongue and placed it into the same pack as the swampshark teeth. I yawned. I had half of what I needed for the Ulu-Mulu but the rest would have to wait until tomorrow. It was far to late to finish now and I was exhausted.

Using my rune, I teleported back to the Water Mages and then made my way to my hut. I collapsed on my bed and slept until sunrise.

The following morning I plotted my course for the day. I had no idea where I would find a shadowbeast but I had a good idea of where to find a troll. When I was searching for the focus stones I had come across two: A juvenile and an adult. Therefore, I expected that there was at least one other troll within the colony. I decided that when I left the New Camp I would travel northeast to the forest. When there I would skirt the woods and return to the Troll Canyon. With any luck, another troll would have moved in.

I passed the woods heading north when I saw something I didn't expect. A large, grey furred creature was laying in the nearby cave: A shadowbeast!

The shadowbeast succumbed to my magic and sword. His horn was mine. Only one more thing was needed for Tarrok to finish the Ulu-Mulu now. It was quite fortunate that a shadowbeast had just recently moved in to that cave.

Missing File: add1.jpgWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact

I arrived at Troll Canyon and, just as I'd hoped, another troll had claimed the valley. I prepared myself for the battle. This time I wouldn't have Diego to aid me.

I attracted the Troll's attention with a fire spell. He roared angrily and thundered toward me.

Missing File: add2.jpgWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact

The troll approached quicker than I had anticipated. In the midst of a spell the Troll smashed be with its large, muscular fists and knocked me back more than ten feet. Miraculously I was alive, though I suffered several broken bones.

In great pain, I pushed myself back up on my feet. Though I was hurting quite badly, the troll was more wounded than I. I grasped a fire rune and focused my power. A ball of fire extended from my hand and collided into the troll, burning him severely. Unable to take any more punishment the troll fell to the ground with a loud thud. I tended to my wounds and then cut free the troll's tusk. I had everything I needed now.

With each of the four required items I returned to the newly liberated Free Mine. Gorn was still the sole guard outside it. It appeared that Lee had yet to send his reinforcements. Not that it mattered much, the alternate entrance had been closed by the other mercenaries. The only way here was through the New Camp.

When inside the mine, I met with Tarrok who was still sitting on the same platform.

I gave Tarrok each of the four required trophies. "I have all four items for the Ulu-Mulu!" I said.

"Stranger strong warrior be! Give items! Tarrok make ULU-MULU!" Tarrok sat back down and toiled over the creation of the Ulu-Mulu for the next twenty minutes. He stood up when he had completed and handed a large object back to me. "Here! Stranger wear ULU-MULU and proud! Tarrok sleep now!"

I had no more reason to bother Tarrok so I left. On my way out of the mine, I took a moment to examine this Ulu-Mulu. It was certainly much bigger than I had thought it would be. I was under the impression that I would be wearing an amulet of sorts, not strapping a large object on my back. It didn't matter anyway, at least I would now be able to get inside the Orc town.

Gorn noticed the Ulu-Mulu and turned to me. "That's an interesting Orc standard you have there. Is that from the former Orc slave in the mine?"

I nodded. "It's an Orcish symbol for friendship. I want to enter the Orc town with it."

"I hope for your sake that the Orcs will respect this... thing!"

I hoped so too. I waved goodbye to Gorn and made my way back to the New Camp. Now that I had the Ulu-Mulu I would need to speak with Ur-Shak and Xardas.

Notes: This is a pretty light update. I glossed over the collection of the four items as best I could since no battle lasted very long and it was pretty dull. I'd hoped to put up a troll fight video but it didn't last nearly as long as I'd hoped . And as for the shorter than usual length, chapter 5 literally starts after that Gorn conversation and I didn't want a chapter split in the middle of an update. I should have another update prepared soon, though it may need to wait until the next page!