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Part 25: Guardians of the Portal

Update 23: Guardians of the Portal

I had everything I needed in the Old Mine. The Old Camp invaders had been eliminated and I had the Ulu-Mulu required to access the Orc Town. I returned to Wolf to check the progress on my armor.

"How far did you get with the armor?" I asked.

"I've finally found a way to fix those armor plates to each other!" Wolf excitedly responded.

"Does that mean the armor is finished?"

"Yeah, man. Here it is. Really seems to be harder than any other armor in our camp."

"Thanks. I owe you something!"

Wolf shook his head. "That's alright! I always find ways of covering my expenses.

I tried on my newly acquired armor. It felt a bit stiff, though the plates certainly offered a good deal of protection. Despite that, I decided to continue wearing my robe.

With my business with Wolf concluded, I traveled to the mountain ruins to speak with Ur-Shak.

The Orcish Shaman was no where to be found! I was concerned. The last time I'd spoken with him he was being attacked by some former friends. I hoped something had not happened in my absence. I investigated the inside the ruin's towers hoping he was simply hiding inside.

He wasn't on top, though I did find something else of use. It seemed that I'd inadvertently solved the first part of the Chromanin puzzle! I was intrigued, though I didn't have any time to continue it. Xardas was waiting for me and I didn't get the impression that he was patient.

I teleported back to this tower and met with the necromancer in his library. "I have the answers from the Orc shaman." I announced.

"Well, then report!" Xardas demanded.

"The five Orc shamans that invoked the Sleeper built him an underground temple. Its entrance is in the Orc town. Ungrateful as he was, he tore out their hearts and condemned them and the workers to an external existence as undead creatures!"

Xardas nodded in satisfaction. "Very good, very good!"

I continued. "The Orcs locked the temple and started making sacrifices to appease the demon!"

"Have you found a way to enter the temple?"

"Yes, there's an Orc who..."

"No details! Go to the underground temple! There you'll find the only way to destroy the Barrier!" Xardas interrupted.

"I don't understand."

"Didn't you call on me to help with the destruction of the Barrier?"

"That's right, but..."

"THEN GO! A lot of time has already been wasted! Go into the underground temple to find the answer!" Xardas turned back to his books and ignored any further questions I had.

It didn't look like I had any choice and there was no point in prolonging the inevitable anyway. I strapped on the Ulu-Mulu and left. When I was outside, I unrolled my map and planned my trip. According to what Ur-Shak had told me, the Orc town was just northeast of Xardas. It didn't seem as though it was going to be a long trip.

A surprise awaited me when I was just outside the Orc's village. It was Ur-Shak. I was happy to see my Orcish friend alive and well. That was a feeling I never thought I'd have.

"Ur-Shak greet friend!" Ur-Shak said when he saw me. "Friend have ULU-MULU! Be good! Friend no forget carry ULU-MULU in hand when go over bridge!"

"What are you doing so close to the town?"

"Ur-Shak watch brothers in home! Ur-Shak believe KRUSHAK awake soon! Ur-Shak wait here, fight KRUSHAK when wake up!"

"The sleeper will wake up soon? I hope you're wrong! Considering all I've heard of the arch demon so far, I'd prefer him to be asleep! At our last meeting you told me that your brothers had sealed the temple!"

"Ur-Shak brothers seal temple in earth very good! Friend no can go in! Friend use magic from brothers who be sons of spirit like Ur-Shak!"

"Where can I find this magic?" I asked.

"Must go in cave of brothers who be sons of spirit like Ur-Shak!" I assumed that sons of spirit were shamans, and that these caves would be their dwellings. "But friend must watch out when use magic! Brothers of Ur-Shak no like! ULU-MULU no help when friend use magic! Friend now must take figure from column! Figure now open door to temple hall!"

The bridge leading into the Orcish town was made of dark stone and pointed. Quite ominous. I ran across as quickly as I could, ensuring that the Ulu-Mulu on my back was fully visible.

I crossed safely with the Orcs on the other side of the bridge barely moving. While they obviously took notice, and some were visibly agitated, it seemed that Ur-Shak was right. With the Ulu-Mulu I was signified to be a friend of the Orcs.

I passed through the gate and into the town proper. When Xardas had told me that the Orcs were civilized I hadn't believed it. However, it seemed he was right. They lived in tents made of animal hides and bone. Several Orcs were gathered a round a campfire where they sang, danced, and played music. There appeared

After I'd passed by the huts, I glanced behind me. It appeared that I had two Orcish warriors shadowing my every move and they weren't very subtle about it either. The Temple and Shaman cave dwellings were now visible. The shamans danced and worshiped a totem. I managed to evade the Orc's stalking me and made my way into the Shaman caves.

In one of the three caves, I found the scroll I needed. It was definitely Orcish magic, and very similar to the one I'd found in the cemetery.

With the scroll in my hand, I ran to the Temple's doors. I recited the words of the scroll as best I could. A blue aura surrounded me and moments later I was on the other side of the large door. Orcish yells rang out on the other side. They definitely didn't take to magic very well.

It didn't matter now, though. I'd found my way inside the Temple and soon this whole thing would be over.

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