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Part 31: The Sleeper

Update 29: The Sleeper

I made my way from Xardas tower to the Orc town. As I neared the bridge, I ensured that I strapped the Ulu-mulu onto my back.

The Orcs acted no different than they had before. They must have not yet discovered my actions inside their temple.

I used the Orcish teleport spell previously, so unforunately the door inside was still locked. I recalled the other way of entry that Ur-Shak had told me of. By using the figurine atop the pillar, I would be able to unlock the gate.

I backed away from any Orc and from a distance I used magic to remove the figurine. I quickly ran and snatched it up and unlocked the gate.

I ran inside the opened temple. I had the power of URIZIEL at my disposal. This time I would succeed.

Since my prior departure, more servants of the Sleeper had arrived and reinforced the beginning of the Temple.

The next room was the same thing. More undead had arrived since I'd last been here. I dealt with them all and moved on.

I climbed on the stone stairs to the level above.

I took care of the undead on the higher level and made my way through the rough, stone passage

The ramp down to the next level was completely clear.

The building that led to the fifth shaman was also clear.

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I looked across the long bridge. The shaman Grash-Varrag-Arushat still stood in the same place. I ran toward him, though he remained in the same position, quite confident in his immortality.

As I neared the shaman, I unleashed a wave of uriziel's magic. The undead's attitude changed from that of confidence to shock. He began to respond with magic of his own but it was too late. A second wave of death threw him to the ground and destroyed him.

I took the shaman's sword and rune. With the final of the five swords, I ascended the set of stairs behind the bridge and found myself face to face with another of Cor Kalom's maddened followers. I struck him down with magic and continued inside.

Five slots were on the ground before a large, locked gate. It was easy enough to figure out what needed to be done. Working from left to right, I stuck a sword into each slot. When the last one had been inserted the gate opened.

I made my way through the opened gate and walked down the intricately carved hallway. The door on the opposite side of the passage appeared to open up into a much larger chamber.

As I walked through the door, I saw someone who I had not expected to see. Xardas!

Xardas began speaking as soon as he saw me. "We don't have much time, so listen carefully!"

"How did you..."

"The sleeper is not far. I had to use all my powers to get here. I have translated the Orcish prophecies and discovered what the five hearts are about. The five hearts of the priests you defeated were placed in five shrines. These shrines may be opened but only the ancient blades carried by the priests can harm the hearts. Now you must pierce the hearts with the five blades. Only thus will you be able to drive the sleeper from this world."

I nodded quickly. "I understand."

"Hurry" Xardas urged, "For the awakening of the arch demon is nigh. The crazed Cor Kalom and his misled disciples are here. They have gathered in the hall of the Sleeper."

"I've bled enough. Nobody can stop me now!"

"The might of the Sleeper is growing stronger and stronger, I cannot..."

"Whats wrong with you?" I asked.

"I... must..." Before Xardas could finish, he fainted. The trip here sapped all of his energy. I had no time to wait for him to recover. I needed to press onward.

On each side of the large, obsidian and stone chamber was a hall leading to a storage room. From each room I collected a half dozen potions. Convenient, though I doubted I would need them.

I returned to the main room and noticed the two sets of stairs leading to the level below. I took the right set of stairs.

I was several hundred feet below the surface, by my own estimate. Magma flowed freely, as it did earlier in the temple, and the ground was cracked. I carefully avoided the cracks and eventually found my way to the main chamber.

Another of Cor Kalom's templars attacked me here, but I killed him as I had all the others.

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I walked into the large room and had my first glimpse at the Sleeper. Xardas was not exaggerating when he had told me that the Sleeper was close to being awakened.

I looked to Cor Kalom and the rest of his followers, who were busy praying to the arch demon. The mad Guru spotted me and spoke to me from afar.

"At last... we meet again. My master has already told me of your arrival. He can sense that you are near."

"I'll soon be nearer to him than he would like me to be!"

"We will not let you foil our plans. The world is about to witness the awakening of the redeemer and nobody can stop him! All the infidels out there will pay the price! And YOU shall have the honor of being the first to pay!" SLEEEEPER AWAAAAKEN!"

Cor Kalom prepared a fire spell while his underlings continued their chanting and prayers. I, too, prepared a spell of my own. While Cor Kalom was attempting to get into the optimal range for pyrokinesis, I unleashed another wave of Beliar's magic. The novices turned and ran at me, weapons now raised, shouting about the Sleeper. A second wave washed over them, killing the entire crowd, Cor Kalom included. They were not as immortal as they claimed to be.

With Cor Kalom and his followers all defeated, I now needed to find the Sleeper's hearts.

Before Xardas collapsed he said they were encased in shrines. I found what I needed in the pillars that surrounded the front of the Sleeper. I lifted the front panel of the left most shrine and inserted one of the shaman's blades. I saw the slumbering arch demon slightly twitch with the blow. I turned to move for the next shrine but I was stopped. A demon had appeared!

The demon proved far tougher than those I'd faced earlier in the temple, and quite resilient to my sword. I chugged a potion of speed to get some distance from the creature and blasted it with spells. I then moved onto the next shrine and repeated the process. Another demon appeared behind me!

I dealt with it the same way I had done the one before. This process, including resulting demon, continued for the next three shrines.

The ground began to shake and I took cover behind a stone platform...

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Update 29 Supplements: The original, unaltered ending. I altered it as it is not "canon". I don't believe they expected to be able to make a sequel so they made it quite generic. Vidder

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Total play time: 19 hours, 11 minutes.

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