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Part 34: Missing content

Thanks for all the comments, everyone. It's really appreciated. I'm going to have a few poll-type things before I start my Gothic 2 LP that i'll post in here when I'm ready.

Missing content

I came across a good amount of content in the game that I simply couldn't put in for one reason or another. Some of the stuff is interesting or noteworthy so I'm going to detail them here and mention why they didn't get in.

Gilbert here left the Old Camp sometime ago and now lives just south of the Old Camp, in a cave inside the cliff. Finding him grants you 100 experience, something that is quite nice early on.

There are three paths leading away from Cavalorns camp. Two of them I covered quite extensively in the LP. One leads to the Old Camp, and the other to the New Camp. The third, however, leads to a location that is barely used in the game.

Follow the path and eventually you will come across a nice looking waterfall next to a cave containing a healing potion. Journey a bit further and you can encounter Orcs quite early in the game. This area belongs to something cut from the game. Too bad, it looked pretty neat!

Another bit of cut content from the game. The Swamp Shrine serves no purpose as is other than to confuse new players as to its use.

This next part is my favorite bit of cut content from the game. Opposite the valley that contains the troll featured in Update 15, is an encampment of hostile New Camp followers. This is another source of confusion to new players. The NPCs wear New Camp rogue armor and are hostile to everyone. If you manage to break through you will encounter a named NPC named Quentine.

According to what I've heard, this camp was meant to belong to the group of rogues mentioned early on that have been robbing the caravans from the king. Unfortunately it didn't make the cut, and the dozen thugs along with Quentin only serve as a source of late game XP.

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And finally. This next video is something I tried to include but couldn't think of a satisfactory way to do so.

Mud, in true CRPG fashion, is the token "annoy the hero" NPC. When he sees you he will follow you and pester you with questions and inane banter. He will not leave your side until he dies by a monster or you kill him.