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Part 3: Close. We bathe IN the blood

The first town of the game, the village of Carbo, is a rather nice and calm place.

Every town has essentially the same layout from a gameplay perspective, as they all have an Inn (left) and General store (right) at the entrance.

Going into the general store, we see these fine people. The dude on the left with the crazy question mark hat floating above him is the tutorial giver. As I'll be taking over his job for this let's play, his only purpose is to have a fantastic chance to crash your game in the PC version. Bug Count: 5

The store proper sells a bunch of ruinously expensive equipment. We'll be back.

No. I will not ask that guy. Asking that guy unmakes reality more often than not.

The inn is much less ontologically fatal. The innkeeper basically acts as a savepoint, while also performing a secondary function that we'll be seeing later on. Let's talk to some townsfolk.

No. I've been asked here. You know anything about the Church of Granas?

Villager: Yeah. I do. They're nice people. They help you out a lot. Something a cretin like you could never understand.

Villager: Father Carius is the priest there. He's very well respected around here. He tends to the sick, no matter the affliction. He took care of my daughter once. He's not like you. He's not blinded by money. He's no... Geohound...

This man exemplifies two of the main trends in conversations with Carbo townsfolk. One: They love Father Carius. Two: They don't cotton to no Geohound.

What if I am?

Kid: Aren't Geohounds known for being savage? You don't bathe, and you drink the blood of the monsters you slaughter, right?

Close. We bathe IN the blood of our kill.

Kid: What does monster meat taste like anyway?

A lot like little kid. And I've been needing a bathe lately.

Kid: Gross! You don't... eat kids... do you?

Not unless they're too nosy for their own good.

Trend number three: Ryudo is a hilarious dick.

Kid: Oh yeah? Geohounds are known to be huge liars too!

Ha! Liars is it? Yeah, maybe we are, kid. Or maybe we aren't. Maybe we tell the truth, but no one wants to hear it.

Ryudo! Children are impressionable! Stop filling his head with nonsense!

It doesn't matter. He'll believe what he wants to believe.

Trend number four: Everything sucks.

You're not the only person who's been saying that, old man. I hear it everywhere. But, uh, aren't you a bit old to be working so hard?

Old Man: It ain't the working. Folks should help each other in times like theses. NOT helping would weigh heavier on me, sonny.

Yeah... Right...

Old Man: See the girl singing? That's my granddaughter. Good harvest or bad, I do what I need to keep a smile on her face. Now I ain't saying she's got the voice of an angel, but to me her singing's magic. It takes MY cares away, and that's a fact.

Un-hunh. Her singing takes something away from me too, old man.

Old Man: Good harvest or bad. I'll do everything I have to do to keep my little granddaughter singing. I don't mind a few aches and pains. I can get over any of these hills.

His granddaughter is indeed running around here singing, but she's kind of boring and all we learn from talking to her is that Ryudo isn't much into religion. We can also go into houses, such as the one next to the old man.

Ryudo's conversation with the man inside confirms that the harvests have been bad, not just in Carbo but all around the world. An ill omen. Also in his house is a terrible book.

"Every relationship needs stimulation. A dull life will make your relationship dull, too. Once in a while, a couple requires the fiery spice of love."

Oh, for heaven's sake... Who writes this trash...?

Granas should reward their piety, right?

Villager: I hope so... There are so many monsters in that region... I can't help but worry...

There are a few other people in the houses around the village; one of them is a nice old man that actually appreciates the work Geohounds do. A woman in another house lets us know why the Sisters of Granas are going to Garmia Tower - an exorcism. Near the church is an old woman that praises Elena, the Songstress we saw when we entered the village.

also there's this fucker

i love him so much

Do tell. This ought to be entertaining.

Crazy Old Man: I've had enough of Songstress tales from the old bat! You came at the right time lad. Let me tell you a tale...

Crazy Old Man: A tale of a man called Flyin' Jim Phoenix! The only man to fall to the depths of the Granacliffs and live to tell the tale!

Look, gramps, NO ONE survives a fall from the Granacliffs.

Crazy Old Man: BELIEVE what you WILL, my lad. But a real Geohound would know that my tale is TRUE!

Crazy Old Man: THERE he was... Just taking in the view... When up behind him came a cowardly gang of MONSTERS who PUSHED him over the edge!

Crazy Old Man: DOWN he fell, into the DEPTHS! But his fall was broken! He began to climb! And climb he did till he emerged... Like a PHOENIX!

Oh, I see NOW... THAT'S why they call him Flyin' Jim PHOENIX! Do you gum your food the way you gum your stories?

Crazy Old Man: Now hold onto your hat, lad! What if I were to tell you that Flyin' Jim is still ALIVE? Alive he IS! And standing before you!!

Flyin' Jim Phoenix: ...Eh? Why the face? Ah ha! So you DON'T believe me, eh? Very well!

Flyin' Jim Phoenix: If you're a true Geohound, then go to the depths of that very same chasm, and SEE with your OWN eyes where I carved MY NAME!!

How ridiculous. Listen up, gramps. I would NOT be a Geohound if I had ANY interest in your delusional ravings.

Flyin' Jim Phoenix: Well that's the story of Flyin' Jim Phoenix and you won't hear it told better anywhere. No need to thank me lad, I enjoyed it!

Don't worry, I won't.

That's about it for interesting optional conversations, save one that I missed and will be covering next update. To progress the plot, we have to head to the church at the back of town. You can watch the rest of this post in video form for some pretty good voice acting.


Maybe it's that "Songstress..."

The song's lyrics are in what I am fairly sure is broken Portuguese.


Strange... it's... calming.

Sounds like it's coming from inside!

Let's take a look!

What's the matter? Is that all?

Who said that?

MUSIC: Silence

Don't mind me. Continue.

... Were you listening? To my singing...?

C'mon. If you're that tense, you won't be able to perform at all.

Who are you? I haven't seen you around... What are you doing here?

Whoah now! What am I doing here? You're the one who hired me.

I... hired you?

I do not remember anything of the sort! You look awfully suspicious! Leave right now, or I'll scream!

Are you for real? Oh, wait a second... I bet no one told you!

Ah, you must be the Geohound, yes? We have been waiting for you.

A Ge-Geohound!?

Hey. I'm Ryudo. This here's Skye. Quite a warm welcome for someone you're hiring.

WHAT!? Why are you being so rude!

Please excuse her. Allow me to apologize on her behalf.

Ah, yes.. Father. I am very sorry for interfering. Please excuse me.

Excuses and women are equally tiring.

A good spot to end the update. Next time, we'll actually start doing some bodyguarding. Until then, enjoy the usual bonus art.

Official Art: Village of Carbo

New Voice Credits: Jennifer Hale (Elena), Cam Clarke talking to himself (Father Carius)