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Part 8: I agree

No problem.

Getting tired? We can rest for a little while.

No, I am still... All right.

Don't get too comfortable. The night has many eyes... teeth...

Your children's tales are neither frightening nor amusing.

Thanks to the Law of Immediate Irony, she gets startled by Skye.

Don't overdo it. We're staying here tonight. Can you stand?


(this is an instrumental version of A Deus, not found on the soundtrack)

All right...

Anyway, what happened back at the tower? Ready to talk about it yet?

... I do not remember much. It was... I believe it was a ceremony of sealing. I was to sing...

I began my songs. My Sisters moved to restore the seal... and then...

Forgive me, I do not wish to remember.


We're missing something here. You must be able to remember - or did the clouds of incense fog your memory?

...Do you assume...?

Hey, I'm not presuming to know what goes on behind closed doors, sister. I'm just saying you were there...

Bah. Hopeless.

Because I'm not sophisticated enough? Because I don't fall all over myself to be the first in line at the temple doors?

Now you mock me.

No, I've been mocking you for the last half hour. A little slow to notice, aren't we?

Why do you persist in vexing me? Do you bait me to watch me suffer? Do you take pleasure in my pain?

Please, I do not need your grief, as I have much of my own.

... I'm s...surprised that you've managed to remain so naive and survive as long as you have.

Is that... what you think?

Forget it. Get to sleep. We've got a ways ahead of us in the morning.

I hope you're joking.

Never mind. I will sleep outside the tent!

... I didn't mean it that way... uh... Hope you like sleeping on rocks!


Suit yourself...

Skye flies down from his perch at the top of the massive tent they were apparently carrying how in the world

What about you, lover boy? You going to sleep?

I can't... I keep seeing Elena surrounded by Darkness in the tower... Nightmares, man.

Don't think about it. Nothing you can do now.

And, I pissed her off, man. She's so... perky and happy... Now she hates me. You saw her.

It can't be helped. You know how the church feels about us working types.

Those of you familiar with Japanese-English translation may recognize that first sentence as a bit of a cliché.

And then to have her friends die on her like that... And I couldn't save them...

Compasion, Ryudo? A little late for that. Your words would sound far better had they been spoken sooner.

Sometimes... all I can... I didn't want...

She was to be kept from harm, yet even now she suffers. And I cannot bear to see it. It is my duty to protect her...

You're mincing your words again, Ryudo. Badly. You know as well as I that what you feel has less to do with duty than with...

Sweet dreams, Ryudo.

. . .

Cut it out, Elena. It's too early...

Up until now...

Wha- what is it...?

...I'm so sorry. I misjudged you, Ryudo. I took you for just another detestable Geohound.

Skye, I misjudged you as well. Please forgive me.

What snuck into your sleeping bag? I AM a detestable Geohound.

Anyway... Ryudo, please help me get to Granas Cathedral. And you too, Skye.

This is also a bit of a translation issue, in that Japanese likes to restate what people are doing a lot and it sounds weird in English. The scene ends here and we get control.

Inor Mountains 2 is a lot more linear than the first area and is full of weird little things you can interact with. These inexplicable rocks hanging off the side of the path fall as we pass by them, warning us of a future gimmick. They don't affect anything here, though.

Further up, there's a path blocked by a circle of conspicuous rocks.

Further still lies this convenient contraption - interacting with it sets the rock rolling. It ricochets off the scenery for a while before striking the rock circle -

- making a comical bowling pin sound. Let it never be said that Grandia 2 takes itself too seriously.

Before we go back there, there's also this little nook where we can push the rock into the hole to get this Climbing Hat (+4 DEF). This is actually another Grandia I reference: It's Justin's hat.

Continuing the mushrooms' tradition, sometimes your reward for interacting with the environment is monsters. At least that chest we bowled open has some good stuff - a Poison Antidote, Yomi's Elixir and a Crystal Brooch (+10 DEF, +3 Earth Resist)

Towards the end of the area, there are more of those absurd rocks tied to the side of the path. This time, you're expected to press the action button at them to hammer in the posts. Your punishment for not figuring this out is getting your path blocked when they fall later. The area transition to the world map lies just beyond.

Not the kind you'd want to raise your kids in. Didn't used to be like this...

Today, I thought... we could sleep in a regular room...

Well, we're gonna have to make do. Anyway, let's find a place to bunk up.

At last, a new town, and it's terrible. Next time: voice acting. Dear Granas the voice acting.

Official Art: Agear Town, much more detailed than the in-game version unfortunately.