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Part 9: What's with these losers?

Agear Town is in awful shape. The few people walking around aren't townsfolk so much as armed guards.

Talk about a mess. What on earth happened here, anyway?

Guard: We were attacked by monsters, bird brain! They came from a cave at the base of the mountain and did a number on our town.

Guard: The monsters' leader used his massive horns to smash the gate with one powerful blow!

Guard: Then they disappeared back into the cave, but who knows when they'll strike again.

So that is why you stand guard here, eh?

We're blocked from going into the ruins of the town, so only the guards' tent (general store) and inn are accessible. The store sells Sleep Charms, which will come in very useful soon. To advance the plot, we need to go talk to Vyx the innkeeper.

Long time, no see. Looks like you had trouble...

Ryudo. Still breathing, I see. Good. Monsters, kiddo. Monsters have taken up residence on the other side of town.

As you can see, they haven't been too kind to us poor louts.

(Courtesy of Pesky Splinter, the version of this that plays here; it sort of sounds like it's coming from a radio in the corner of the room, it's a neat effect)

Aye, and don't think the wretches that came crawling in here for shelter appreciates it.

That's not a typo, by the way, just his way of speaking. Vyx sadly lacks any voice-acted lines - he seems like he'd have a great voice.

I tell you, if I had a few more men with blades, we wouldn't have to keep huddling in here like hens on omelet day.

You retired for a reason, Vyx. You can't win your battles with your reputation alone.

I can still... Say, Ryudo, who's the girlie? You've gone soft on me, lad.


And you've gone senile on me, old man. It's work. Don't ask.

Huh? What's that?

No can do. We had our hands full just getting through here. There's no way we're going back to that place!

What's the deal with those clowns?

Funny you call them that. They ducked in here to slip away from some monsters that apparently took a liking to their finery.

Along the way, the monsters seem to have lifted some precious bauble from the lad.

I figure him to be a runaway, and a wealthy one at that. Might look into it, Ryudo. Accidents do happen...

Damn, Vyx. Anyway, voice acting starts here; ctrl+F "depressing" to skip past the screenshot version.

VIDEO: Roan and the Circus Folk

MUSIC: Silence

When I say NO, I mean NO. We're born with so much luck, kid. Personally, I'm saving mine for retirement.

Yuh, Ree-tire-ment. What da boss sez is right. Right, Paella?

That's right. Bravery is not the same as bravado, right Gonzola?♥ Push your luck and you'll lose it all.

The odds are too stacked. We just ain't cut out for these high-stakes gambles.

Please help me. I beg of you! It... it's precious to me!

You just don't understand how the world works. It ain't our job to be fighting in the first place.

Roan walks over to Ryudo.

Please! A monster has stolen my precious medal. It was... a memento of my mother.

Will you help me get it back!? Please? I can pay you whatever you ask...

Sorry, I cannot spare the time. I'm already in the middle of one job.

Ryudo, I think we should-

Aren't we in a hurry to get you to the Cathedral?

Sorry, kid, but you'd better give up on your medal.

... Do- do I have to? ... [sigh] I- I guess so...

Well, that was depressing on several levels.

Ryudo, can we not do something for that little boy?

Gee, let me think about it. Yeah, I think we have time to find his lost jewelry. Hell, we could find him some matching earrings.

Look, if we stop for every weepy brat - no offense - we might as well set up shop with Vyx here. Now eat these and relax.

"Eat these and relax?" What are you giving me?

Kuko Berries. The locals chew on them. They make the corners round. Take it easy the first time, though.

She begins wolfing them down.

If the road is blocked, we'll need to take a detour. But I don't know of a good path...

Now if I weren't saddled with the broad, I could cut my way through those monsters.

HEY! What are you doing? I said to take it easy with those!

MUSIC: Silence

Strange way to put it. At least it's finally quiet. She'll sleep well. Not bad for her first time, actually.

Whatever. Hopefully, she won't keep trying to outdo me after this. I'm getting tired of this high-maintenance stuff, man.

What are you thinking?

Thought I'd take care of business while I can.

Going out alone?

I've got you, don't I?

The circus brat? Hardly. We won't get anywhere unless we cut through those monsters first.

And if an entire nest of them is involved... Well, you know. I work best alone.

Tee-hee-hee hee-hee-hee...

What in blazes...?

Found you.

Who are you? Show yourself!

Awww... how sweet! You remember me! You remember my promise too?

I won't let you get away this time...

I can't... move...

You! What are you doing to Ryudo!?

Same thing I'm doing to you, BIRD.

G-get away!!

Thankfully, Risotto starts yelling from outside Ryudo's room.

Uh, hey, Roan's gone off somewhere. You guys seen him!?

Oh, my. What do we have here?

Let me free first!

What's happening? I'll be right there!

Having survived... that, we regain control with Millenia following Ryudo around.

Two can't walk a tightrope. If the boy wants to make his own bed, then let him eat it too.

His own bed, mmm... He is not our problem. But still, he is young, very young... Too young to toe the line, perhaps.

Ryudo, what's with these losers?

These carnies? They're all mopey 'cause the runt ran off to feed some monsters. A scrub like him won't make half a meal.

And you didn't do anything? What's wrong with you? Go find him!

We know where he goes, yes we do. But there are monsters... many monsters.

Risotto's text actually scrolls slower to match the pace of his words, even when not voice-acted.

I reckon we could worry 'til the bearded lady sings, or we could find the little nipper and be done with it.

Hey, hang on. I was gonna waste the monsters anyway, so if we find him, we'll bring him back here.

Now hang on there, feller. We'd better come with you. We're only circus folk, but you'll be needing some company anywise.

Keep your cream pies and seltzer water to yourselves. Your assistance isn't needed.

Aww... you're a sweetheart, aren't ya? This should be fun!

This woman is a couple eggs shy of a basket.

Hey, BIRD! Just how badly do you want to be turned into charcoal!?

Fine, fine. Come along then. But stay out of my way.

See? That wasn't too hard, now was it? Confident, yet willing to listen to reason. Just what I want in a M-A-N.♥

Official Art: The Sisters of Granas (RIP), Father Carius, Vyx

New Voice Credits: B.J. Ward (Roan), Richard Doyle (Gonzola); Risotto's Cam Clarke, Paella's Jennifer Hale, Carpaccio's Paul Eiding.