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Part 18: HA

It's time for another optional inn dialogue update! Get comfortable, this is going to be a long one.

Having reached another plot milestone, we're once again undoing all of our progress in the name of dinner conversation. First up is Carbo - there's no new dialogue from the townsfolk, but there are a few things I forgot to show off.

While they may look old, they are well cared for.

I mostly put this in because I'd never seen it before, despite having played this game ten times over. I discovered it by accident.

Some day... We shall build a new statue... Grander than the last!

That's all I've got for Carbo, so let's get to the Inn. A lot of the text coming up here and in Agear had a pretty bad editing job done on it, presumably because of how unlikely it is for a player to even see it. I had to skip a few of the really weird lines.

I love Mareg's cartoony meat.

Elena. This is quite a fine village. It is so full of the SMELLS of optimistic souls. Quite refreshing...

I am so glad to hear you say that, Mareg. Thank you. I feel as if this village is always looking towards tomorrow.

Agh, whatever. I still don't feel comfortable here.

Ryudo, you must learn when to speak and when to hold your lip...

Well... I don't hate it, hate it. I just don't like it, like it.

I do not quite understand you. I just wish you could look beyond what you dislike and focus on what you DO like about Carbo.

Ryudo. Do you really hate this village? I do not understand how you could.

You don't? Well, you're still a child, with child-like outlooks on life and I...

Oh stop it with the faces, Elena.

Ryudo... your dislike for Carbo makes me sad.

Ha! No need to be sad, Elena. Ryudo is certain to like this village, he himself just cannot realize that yet.

The text here seems to assume that Mareg's spent a lot more time with the party than he has from the player's perspective, which feels a bit strange.

Don't try that, Mareg. It's not like that at all...

Ha! One day you will awaken, like the dawn, the haze that clouds your mind shall melt away.

One day, you will realize what I speak of. I shall be waiting.

Mareg... so you DO believe in Ryudo after all.

Rather than believe in him, I know of his nature. From within, he possesses a kind heart, a forgiving heart...

Whoa now, slow down there Mareg... I never said --

No need for embarrassment. I would never have taken the road with you if I felt otherwise.

That's about all the dialogue that makes any sense here. This is the last time we'll be seeing Carbo, as we're about to hit a point of no return. Say your goodbyes!

Over in Agear, the guards and such have little of interest to say in their dialogue, so let's just talk to the carnies. Their dialogue merely has severe punctuation issues.

Mister Risotto, allow me to introduce Mister Mareg, a beast-man.

DIS is a beast-man? But, den, what was dat creature dat Gonzola took da fang from?

I think I missed the relevant dialogue earlier, but Gonzola gave Risotto a 'beast-man's fang'.

Gonzola says dat beast-men can fly, and dat dey SCREEEEECH as dey fly around!

If such a creature exists among my people, this is the first I have had the pleasure of hearing about it.

You not like da beast my boss was telling me about... You can't be a beast-man, den.

Real? I am as real as the passing seasons, as real as the great arms of the forest. You imply that there are fraudulent beast-men?

Now there's a conversation I wish I had never heard.

This is incredible! I never thought I'd run across a beast-man in these parts!

I'd better keep this a secret from Risotto and Carpaccio, or they'll freak out!

The dinner dialogue is definitely good.

Hmm. The food here SMELLS delectable.

It "SMELLS good"? Mareg. Whenever you say "SMELL" I think you're always talking about something else.

Ha ha! Yes. What you beast-men mean by "SMELL" is much different from what we humans mean.

Ha! I often forget that our sense of smell differs.

So, Mr. Mareg, your nose actually "SMELLS" people's feelings and emotions?

I am not sure... But it seems as though our senses of SMELL are quite different. Smells are very important to all beast-men.

It is an ability that all of my brethren are born with, and which we consider commonplace.

Tell me, Mareg. What are other beast-men like? Are they all warriors like yourself?

Before I answer that, answer me this: What is your race like?

Like? But... we're all... different.

Ah, I see now. Among beast-men, everyone is unique and different...

On this very special episode of Grandia 2, Elena learns not to be a racist.

Beast-men are all very diferent. It would be very difficult to generalize.

My clan lives deep within an unspoiled forest, teeming with wildlife.

That sounds absolutely wonderful! I only know of life in Carbo... Your home sounds like a dreamland to me.

There are beast-men in my land. They are talented musicians who always entertain at our festivals with song and dance.

I never tire of their song and dance, accompanied by the sweet melody of the distinctive flute they play.

Wow... Beast-men singing and dancing? I would LOVE to see that!

You seem pretty interested... afraid of a little competition, Miss Songstress?

No! T-That is NOT what I meant. It just sounds wonderful. I would very much like to see this festival that Roan spoke of.

From what you say, Mareg, your home sounds like a wonderful place.

My home... The climate is mild, the food is good, and the arms of the forest hug the village tight, keeping it safe.

Everyone in my clan has a specific purpose. It is a very communal atmosphere.

Some hunt, others farm. I, I became a warrior.

Too many people think that all beast-men are tough-guys, like Mareg. Most of them that I have met, are actually quite easy-going.

Wow. There is just so much that I do not understand about the world. I wish to know more.


...okay, those last two didn't really happen. The PC port is merely terrible, not haunted. It does crash here, however, as HA is not actually a selectable option and there's no way to get out of that screen. Bug Count: 18

Not the best farewell for Agear to give us. Let's just get back to Liligue and pretend that never happened.

The Engineer's family is nowhere to be seen, presumably because they decided to leave and start up a farm somewhere. How nice.

Please, we ask for no reward. We are content to have had the opportunity to serve you.

Save your money for food. It has been a long time since you have eaten well.

Woman: ..... What? Really? Well, if you say so. Thanks so much! Thank you...!

Rare is the flower that blooms without the sun. Only the dead have no need for food.

Man: Right! It's just like you say. And anyway, if I eat well, I can work 100 times harder and make money faster!!

Man: Still... I've been very concerned about Gadan. I've heard he's changed so much...

Man: I think he must be rather lonely... Being there all by himself.

Cheer up, dude! Ever since the split personality of Elena here devoured his soul, he's been catatonic and unable to feel much of anything!

what do you mean im not helping

The sea is not mistaken when the tide rises, nor the stars when they fall. That is the order of things. Make of it what you will.

I know it must be exceedingly difficult for you. Please, do as you are able, sir. This is all anyone may ask of you.

Monorail Dude: If I can build this new monorail, people will forget all about the Skyway. It'll be the dawn of a new Monorail Era!

People will forget all about the Skyway...? Wow, that must be one heck of a design! What kind of monorail is it?

Monorail Dude: Well, the new monorail I have in mind... It has a giant balloon attached to it, so it can soar across the sky!

Monorail Dude: There won't need to be a rail anymore. Instead, we'll string ropes between peaks... Then, we can cross the Granacliffs!

It is so. But the Father kindly lent us the power needed to lift this curse.

Woman: Hmmm... I suppose the church has SOME significance, then.

Woman: Strange, but life is... better when the food is good. Such a small thing... Maybe there is more to life than business. More meaning.

Indeed, this is so... How could anything exist without meaning? All things are meaningful, in a fashion.

You finished?

You have heard what you needed to hear...

That's about all the interesting new dialogue from the townspeople. To cap off this pile of words, let's have one last meal.

This conversation is actually some kind of dialogue maze composed of three separate discussions, which I've attempted to mash together into one.

The curse of Valmar is gone. And the SMELL of desire that went with it is fading as well.

I doubt the villagers here will ever be fully cured of their greed... And THAT has nothing to do with Valmar...

Yes. We shall cross the Granacliffs soon! Elena, is this the first time you have ever seen the Granacliffs?

Yeah. It's her first time. But remember, Roan, most things ARE new to country girls like Elena...

All right, that is about enough of that, Ryudo.

So, tell me everyone, were you this nervous the first time you crossed the Granacliffs?

Eh...? Something was more attention grabbing than the Granacliffs? What could that have been?

I was riding with Gonzola and some others... At one point, Risotto started to panic, running and yelling, "I'm getting off!"

Risotto? You mean that big fool Risotto? I could see how his running about would distract passengers...

All I can remember is his face... Flinging forth tears and snot as he cried and shouted.

I still cannot understand how such a HUGE thing like the Skyway, made of steel and wood, can fly...

Well, I read in a book that it uses hot air generated by an internal combustion engine. Anyway, this internal combustion engine--

Roan, I'm not in the mood for a mechanical engineering how-to speech. It flies, and that's enough for me.

Yet, they call ME bird-brained.

There remains one thing about the Skyway that remains a mystery to me.

Mareg! That's easy! They attach the rope to one side of the 'Cliffs and they run the rest over by Skyway!

Perhaps you DO need an engineering lecture. You see, the rope has to be up in order for the Skyway to fly at all...

Hmm... The Skyway's rope... You know, I never thought about it, either. I wonder as to the explanation...

Books are highly overrated. Sometimes you've got to think for yourself.

Yeah, I suppose you are right, Ryudo. Hey! How about if a HUGE spider spun the rope like a web?!

The rope was spun by a huge spider? Hee hee! Roan, you have quite an imagination.

Skye could NEVER do that. Hell, he couldn't even keep me aloft when he tried to, according to him, "rescue" me.

I should have let those lizards feast on you.

I am still really puzzled about how it works. I lie awake at night worrying about it.

I think that's my favorite line out of Elena so far. I love the idea that the Skyway is causing her existential torment.

The first time I crossed the Granacliffs, I too, felt rather uneasy.

Hey! That reminds me of a legend I've heard! That you can HEAR the cries of all the people who've fallen into the Granacliffs!

... Come on, now. You are kidding, right!?

No, it's true. It's a spooky, tortured voice - a shrill cry from the bottom of the 'Cliffs. Why, are you afraid, Elena?

There are many wandering spirits like that. Lord Granas, please grand eternal peace to those poor lost souls...

... So, why aren't you afraid?

Oh, I get it... So, there are not any wandering spirits after all.

Kid, there's going to be ONE wandering spirit here real soon if you don't learn how to keep your mouth shut.

Ha! Elena, you should not allow yourself to be tricked by Ryudo. He is as sly as any fox I have ever seen.

Do not even get me started Mareg... It is unfortunate for Elena to be his victim.

You really have a way with words...

And on the subject of words, that's all of them for this update. In case you were wondering just how complicated the flow of this conversation is, check this out:

The game actually offers a special menu for getting the discussion back onto a particular track if you accidentally changed the subject. Elena wants to talk about the Granacliffs, Roan about the Skyway and Mareg about what happened in Liligue. Having exhausted all opportunities for conversation, we'll finally be boarding the Skyway and crossing the Granacliffs next time.

Official Art: Mareg