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Part 19: Wherever. Whenever. Forever

Before we board the Skyway, let's take a quick look at our rewards from defeating the Tongue of Valmar. The Ancient Cuirass is heavy armor that reduces IP damage from enemy attacks, while the Revival Gem is an accessory that is consumed upon death for an instant revive.

The Book of Wizards is our second skill book, and as the name indicates it uses Magic coins and contains Magic-focused skills:

Magic Power (+10/20/30/40/50 MP)
Intelligence (+10/20/30/40/50 MAG)
Zapfire Chant (Powers up / magic)
Boomflame Chant (Powers up / magic)
Quakeblast Chant (Powers up / magic)

These will be useful later, once we've powered up our offensive spells more. As it stands, I spent all of my MC unlocking Burnstrike on the Chaos Egg, which will be our primary offensive spell for most of the game.

I've also put enough SC into the Adventure Book to be able to get Pirate's Ring, which increases item drop chance from combat. Eh. Let's get this show on the road.

Wow, but they are so huge... How many people does it take to run them?

Um, Elena. The gears are not powered by humans. There is a machine that does it...

There's another bird here like the one in Agear. I just wanted you to know that. I like you, bird.

Um, what if it WERE really windy today? Have you ever had problems with the wind when the Skyway has been in transit?

Man: Well, strong winds can cripple the Skyway. We've had to cancel trips before.

Man: Also, the passengers could face disaster if strong winds come while they're on the Skyway!

Oh. I guess they didn't leave town. I suppose I was expecting a little too much initiative from a Liligue citizen.

Engineer: Yes, thanks to the Sister and your party. Thank you very much.

Wife: I'm so glad that we are back to normal. I just cannot thank you enough...

Son: Thank you, Miss!

Engineer: I have something important to do, so...

Mr. Gadan... well... He took care of his body, but not his soul. Perhaps this was his error.

He was right, to a certain extent...

What do you mean?

The people of this town... They sacrificed their well-being for promises of wealth.

Gadan didn't have to do anything, really; the people decided what they wanted. A subtle trap.

But still... the trap has been sprung. All has been put right.

You've missed the point entirely, princess. The story doesn't end here. We don't all hold hands and skip home.


The world is not so black and white. The answers aren't as pat as you'd like to believe.

Wha- what do you mean?

You'll find out eventually. Come on, we've yet to cross the Granacliffs. Just a little farther to the Cathedral!

Climbing the stairs to the Skyway platform, we can look over the edge into the abyss.

N-n- No... I do not wish to look down.

Once we board, we are not able to return, so you had better make sure we are as prepared as we need to be.

I've already stocked up on a big ol' pile of healing items offscreen, so we most certainly are. Let's go!

MUSIC: Silence

What was I doing while it all happened? Just what happened? Roan?

The Tongue of Valmar and Miss Millenia... Just what was that all about? Miss Elena? I cannot understand it.

What happened to me? Mareg?

Hmm... The malicious SMELL from before has disappeared...

What happened?! Tell me, you guys!

I do not remember... I felt faint... almost like I was sleeping.

I cannot believe that Miss Millenia... is Valmar...

So there was not only one evil SMELL...

That monster was the Tongue of Valmar.

And then she helped us kick the hell out of that Tongue. Finally, Millenia did something to Gadan and he ended up like that...

She destroyed the man's soul, right? How can you be so insensitive?

Elena! Calm down! The Cathedral is just across the Granacliffs...

VIDEO: Darkness is Coming (voice acting, FMV)

This video was the result of resizing and letterboxing half of it and mashing it together with the other half while adding a second audio source. I think it turned out pretty well. To skip past the screenshot version, search for "Video Ends".

Wh-What is happening?

The party is startled as the Skyway car begins to rumble and shake.


Darkness... Darkness is coming!

Dammit! Everybody hang on to something!

Nope, still not making any jokes about that being the end of the game. Video Ends.

MUSIC: Silence

Valmar's Moon seemed to be shining...

Check yourselves for injury.

... Hey! Dammit, where's Elena?

Perhaps she had fallen earlier...

Can't be. Elena! ELENA!

She's got to be around here somewhere!

I am picking up her scent. Come, this way! This way!

VIDEO: Elena, Elena! Wake up! (voice acting you don't wanna miss; search "Video Over" to skip screenshots)

Wh- who are you? Where are we?

Hmm... Where are we? Hmm. Well, I'm not quite sure...

I know! See that shiny plate lying over there? Look, over there.

I... I must be dreaming. What's going on?

I just thought it'd be hard to talk if we couldn't do so face to face... So, here I am. Tada!

It can't be! S- so you're Millenia! The Wings of Valmar!

Yeah! That's me!

Hey now! You don't even know me! I did save you, after all.

Y-you saved... me?

That's right! You should be thanking me. We share the same body, don't we? I've gotta look out for the both of us.

Well, see you later.

I will be with you always. Wherever. Whenever. Forever. Allllll the time. See?

So let's just try to get along, shall we? Miss Granas Songstress!

Video Over.

MUSIC: Silence


Elena! Thank the blade... You don't look hurt... What is it? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Perhaps it was an apparition... for it was not a dream. The Day of Darkness draws near. Valmar's Moon swells with wrath.

The Dark One gathers strength yet again. The time of Valmar's awakening is at hand.

Hey, hey. It's okay, Elena. ELENA!

Least we avoided taking a dive into the Granacliffs. I wonder how far off course we were blown... to come to this strange place.

Looks like we were blown along the Granacliffs toward the north.

Looks like we're walking from here. We'll head for the St. Heim Mountains - pretty damn hard to miss. And then, the Cathedral.

Yes.. We must hurry.

Having survived that harrowing experience, we find ourselves stuck in the middle of a snow-covered forest. Not the most hospitable place to land.

Going back towards the crash site gets us this item, the first MP restorative we've seen so far. After that, we need to double back and take the only other available path.

Next time, we'll be trekking through the forest in hopes of finding a safe place to rest.

Official Art: Mareg and a scrapped rival character