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Part 21: I couldn't dream this up

Having thoroughly disappointed the Village Chief by not lifting the town's curse, it's time to move on to disappointing the innkeeper.

My son Nicolas does not wake up! Please do what you can to save him!

Um, unfortunately... we are simple travelers. We are not the ones you are expecting...

Oh... I am so sorry... I've made a terrible mistake.

If you have contacted the Cathedral, I am certain that someone will arrive soon. Please, wait yet a little longer.

Yes... I suppose you are right...

Sister, perhaps if you look at him, you might be able to learn something. Would you mind coming this way? Please?

Is this the curse they were talking about?

It appears to be so...

Nicolas: It is so... much fun... here...

He doesn't sound sick. Maybe he's just easily entertained. Whee.

Is this not just like Gadan?!

You saying Valmar devoured his soul?

Yet, there is no foul SMELL about this place...

Unfortunately, I cannot... help you at all.

"Garden of Dreams"? The place we passed through... Irina, before arriving here, we came upon a garden, filled with fairies...

You can't be serious. It's a tale told to children, full of song and fancy, meaning nothing. It's a fantasy.

No, it was definitely real... Flowers everywhere and fairies flitting about. I couldn't dream this up. Believe me.

There was a little girl. A strange girl... who could see everything. She had a scar above her right eye.

That's Aira, Sandra's daughter. Oh, how eerie... so this curse was the work of Sandra after all!

Please, do not be so quick to jump to conclusions. Is Sandra from this village?

She lives in back of the village. How could that hateful wretch do this to my poor, sweet Nicolas...


I keep thinking about what she said...

"Don't eat me?" Well, you HAVE been putting on a few pounds. You have to see it from her point of view.

Oh, stop. She was an odd little girl... and I wonder... was that garden real?

As real as the dreams of a wise man; neither fantasy nor substance. A mist rising in the morning, melting into the air by noon.

Okay Mareg, I'm sorry, that doesn't mean a god damned thing.

If we find Aira, we can ask her.

Yes... We shall see...

Dreaming of flowers...?

Yes. Perhaps that garden we passed through on the way in has something to do with all of this.

The villagers have said that other people have fallen ill. Ryudo, I feel uneasy about this. We should look in on the others...

Yeah, you're right.

If we talk to Irina again, she offers us a meal and suggests that we walk around town until it's done. Let's do that.

I do not know if I can be of any assistance, but I will stop by later to see what I can do. Is that acceptable, Ryudo?

Hell, even if I do say no, you'll just meddle your way over there, won't you? So, where is your husband?

Woman: Oh... He's sleeping in the Town Hall. I really should be there taking care of him, but just the sight of him is so distressing.

Before going to the town hall, I took a trip to the general store. In addition to weapon upgrades, I picked up a few Pixie's Robes (+26 DEF, / resist). They're one of the best pieces of light armor in the game - resistance to two of the worst status effects on one item is wonderful. I also grabbed some spare Arctic Capes, as we'll be needing Blizzard resistance soon.

Given the circumstances, they seem to have pleasant dreams... I would not have expected that.

Yeah, but if they sleep too long, then their muscles begin to atrophy and soon... well, it gets really ugly, trust me.

Unsurprisingly, we can't help the people sleeping here.

Nonsense! As long as Lord Granas exists, the Day of Darkness will never come to pass!

Man: Then, what do you call this curse!?

Well, I uh...

Man: Three people have fallen already. And we don't know the reason... Does this sort of thing ever happen...?

Man: This is the first time that something like this has happenedh ere! I'm afraid this is the end!

Great. Is this a village full of people who think like YOU do? No wonder you're all in trouble...

Man: Whatever I think, it's sure not natural. That's why I told the Village Chief. Someone has been putting curses on people here.

How can you be certain that someone is, in fact, laying curses here? You lack proof, yet you damn those around you...

Man: Why have people been accused...? You're starting to sound like Aira...

Woman: Not only that, she won't let Aira out of her house for fear she'll catch the disease... What a mess!

Woman: Yeah, and you know that Aira would gladly come help us at a time such as this. Good grief!

Woman: That kid's got such a great smile, one look and it'll just about cure whatever ails ya.

Great. Another village full of simpletons.

Woman: Come on, kid. There's no need for insults. I just mean to say that I enjoy seeing that girl smile from ear to ear.

No other children are allowed outside... That must make it all very hard on Aira. She sits, lonesome, devoid of companionship.

Does everyone always come here to play?

Girl: Yes! Until recently... everyone heard Aira talking about flowers.

Alright, I think we've gotten the hint about Aira being important. Before we get on that, though:

1. Found another bird!
2. I really like the architecture in this town. Check out that clam!
3. From what little I can read of the Japanese, the clambats from here were supposed to be in Mirumu, but I'm fairly sure they aren't in the game. It's too bad, they're a neat design.

Alright, let's go see Aira.

So it was not our imagination... She IS real.

Hi again, Miss.

Aira dear... When you said "don't eat me" before, what did you mean?

Hm? I meant just what I said. I know YOU are okay, Miss, but...

Excuse the interruption here, but this has been bugging me - what WAS that garden?

It's a safe place for people when they're sad. It's not like everyplace else - all hurting. I just want everyone to be happy.

Aira, where have you gone? AIRA!

YOU! Get away from Aira! What are you trying to do to her!?

Mother, she is all right. She is not bothering me.

Now, now. We are travelers and we were just talking to little Aira. We would never do anything to her.

I am terribly sorry if my... appearance has startled you.

No, no... there is no need... I had assumed the worst... but... that one...

Me? What have I done?

I'm sorry. Please come inside. I cannot talk out here.

So, what's with the secrecy? There a reason you want to avoid notice?

There are those who do not wish Aira well. The innkeeper's son, Nicolas, fell ill, you see, while Aira was with him.

They were just playing... and then... There is a children's story, a fairy tale. In the tale there is a garden...

That's right. I promised to take Nicolas to the garden!

Aira! Don't say such things!

Um, but this is...

Your mother gave it to you, right?

...? Well, yes. But...

Roan exists to be oblivious.

I'm so sorry... Anyway, the villagers here look at me strangely.

Her sight was restored through prayer? This is a miracle!

For once, Elena's right. It's a damn miracle that your prayers actually worked. No wonder the villagers think you're a witch...


Aira is my treasure. Her eyesight was poor since she was born, and I have had such a hard time...

I looked for medicinal herbs, and prayed for her sight, but the others called my mixtures "witch's brews" and my prayers "summonings."

And just when Aira is finally healed by prayer, and I am blessed with a little happiness, they blame me for this curse...

Don't get ideas, Elena. There's nothing we can do. By now, the Church has probably sent some people to look into it, anyway.

Let them deal with it. We're not the experts here. Come on, there's still a lot of ground to cover before we reach the Cathedral.

You are right...

C'mon, let's head back to the inn. Okay, Roan?

Aira gives Roan back his medal.

Thank you. Your mother was very pretty.

seriously roan do you question anything at all. are you developmentally disabled. what is wrong w

What's wrong, Aira?

... Scary people have come, mother. Really scary people...

Scary people?! Who?

Very, very... scary people.

Such brevity does not help me to understand the situation.

They're so cold. It's like their hearts are frozen.

Ryudo, the child senses something amiss. We should go investigate the new people in town.

Yeah, you're right. Let's go check them out.

Hope you like cliffhangers! Next time: very, very... scary people.

Official Art: The people of Mirumu