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Part 24: Your god will find no protection from me

This might be the talkiest update yet, but it's either this or spending a month's worth of LP in Mirumu.

Last night, the fallen villagers were in the Town Hall, right? And they were all asleep, correct?

Yes... That's right. How has this happened? How could something this awful happen here?

...Oh dear, what should we do?

Head to the Town Hall, evidently.

Didn't take them long to round up the town.

How awful...

Selene enters.

Such a pitiful sight. We must attend to the purification immediately. We will find the bedeviled one without delay.

You're sniffing up the wrong leg, Priestess! We saw the Darkness last night! Flying eyeballs! They should be dealt with first!

Flying eyeballs, you say? How droll. Yet, the things you saw may indeed have been servants of Valmar.

Yes! And we must search them out!

... However, they are merely servants. I doubt Valmar would appear in such a form or fashion, hmm?

Are you even listening to a thing we say? Or are you too eager to "purify" the entire town?! What the hell is wrong with you?!

I beg of you, High Priestess! Save these villagers!

Oh yes, they shall be saved. You see, there is one with a corrupt soul who has brought disaster to this village.

What would happen if we were to permit Valmar to roam freely about the land? Could you imagine this, Elena?



Well then, I shall have the cooperation of everyone in the village.

I shall discover the identity of the treacherous one. Then we need not purify the entire village.

I know. I know. But we have to find out who - or what - is controlling those eyeballs.

I mean, that's just sick... To make people relive their worst memories...

But where do you think those eyeballs come from?

I advise a deeper hunt into the fissure. It could be our quarry waits there.

Then there is where we resume our pursuit.

First, however, let's have one more depressing chat with this town's depressing inhabitants.

The only way she's going to take care of it is by slaughtering one of the villagers here! Is that what you want?!

Ye-yes, so I've been told. But we have no choice. There's no one else we can rely on...

Excuse me sir, but you are not a very good leader! Your villagers need to rely on you for support! But you cower visibly!

Burned by Roan. Mirumu Chief is officially the most owned person on the Silesian continent.

Don't sit there and accuse someone when you haven't a SHRED of evidence! If Selene were to hear you, what do you think she'd do!?

Villager: This time, a whole bunch of us collapsed! That High Priestess is our only hope now! I'm gonna help her however I can!

Ryudo, some battles can never be won. Do not waste your breath on this woman, we must move quickly.

Envious?! Look, you pathetic sack of wrinkled flesh--

Old Man: No. You look. I've seen more... [cough]... in my life than you'll ever see in yours, don't go snapping at me like that!

Old Man: ... I reckon my wife must be having good dreams full of flower gardens. Sure makes me envious... I'm ready to join her right quick...

Come to snowy Mirumu, world capital of spite and defeatism. SEE our entire village gang up on one of its own! HEAR the hopeless words of the elderly and decrepit! RELIVE your terrible childhood, like you've always dreamed! Mirumu Village - the most inaction-packed destination this side of the Granacliffs!

Ugh. Let's go murder some ogres.

what is it child you are interrupting my catharsis

H- hello, little Aira...

Did you come to see me? Did you want to play?

What do you mean?

Let's go to a fun place. To a place where there's no suffering and no pain... no bad memories.

Aira, should you be out? Will your mother not worry?

Oh, it's fine. We're going to a happy place after all!

That Aira... There is something a little odd about her.

I wonder what it was she meant?

One way to find out. Let's follow her.

Time to let the creepy child wish us into the cornfield.

MUSIC: Silence

It's all my fault... But my mother's praying healed me!

She jumps down the big ol' hole in the floor of the shed.


Being responsible adults, we jump in after her.

I cannot believe this...

Why do they always blame other people? Nobody wants to be hated...

I'll make it so everybody can get along! I wanna help everyone!

So - so Aira, you...

It is a really nice place. I'm gonna have everyone come to the Garden of Dreams.

No one will fight. Everyone will live together peacefully. They'll forget all the bad things. C'mon! Let's all go into the dream!

(the part at 2:46, after the creepy chimes. I wonder why they didn't just make separate tracks for this sort of thing)

My Mother also wanted to get along with the villagers, but everyone lies and hates each other.

They keep blaming others for bad things. Everyone suffers in their heart... I want everyone to come here and get along.

This is the Garden of Happiness. Everyone who comes here is happy. They forget the bad memories and suffering. The people all become fairies.

And they live happily here. Look, see how many fairies there are now... Isn't everyone happy?

Stop it!


You are not doing anything wrong, but... but...


... That eye...

This is the eye that Granas gave me. It's how I can see everything.

NO! Stop it! Do not make them suffer any more!

Suffer? I don't make anyone suffer. Everyone here is happy. There's no sadness here.

Outside, everyone lies, so they suffer. They pretend to be nice but they act mean. The only one I trust... is Mother.

Huh? Why're you doing this? ...Why're all of you coming after me?

Isn't this the eye of Granas? Well, isn't it? Aren't you the same as me? Miss Elena?

...No. NO!

Elena hugs Aira, but she pushes her away.


......! Mother!!

Aira runs off and disappears.

Something might be going down at the village. We've got to go back.

Through the forest, that is. Thankfully, there's no Deadly Lumir Fence blocking our path and the knights are too distracted to keep us out.

Leave her out of this!

The blessings of Granas are not to be bestowed on the likes of you.

Where is your daughter? Speak truly, for the both of you are surely minions of Valmar!

No, no, that cannot be...

Well, well... What shall we do with a mother and child who conspire with the power of Darkness?

Will you people side with Darkness? Know that if you heed the words of the witch, you must be prepared for the... consequences.

Villager: Release the curse on this village, quickly! What is the grudge you bear!?

Sandra drops to her knees at Selene's feet.

What is it we have done!? My daughter and I have done nothing!

Release me!

Selene slaps Sandra to the ground.



... That evil eye! I see we HAVE discovered the power of Valmar!

The villagers begin yelling and screaming and doing the sorts of things a terrified angry mob does. At this point, we're given control and can catch up with everyone.

Who's that!?

You can no longer escape...


You, take care of her!

He means Roan and Mareg; he and Elena run to save Aira.

Do not interfere with my task. Or are you too in collusion with Darkness?

This girl doesn't even know what's happening. Look at her!

A servant of Light should be extending a hand of redemption, not raising an iron fist!

Don't be a fool, boy!! We merely follow the will of Granas - to cleanse the world of Darkness... Elena! Come, bring the girl to me.

Please, High Priestess Selene. There must be some other way we can save her! There must be...

Impossible. There is no salvation for one possessed by Valmar.

I- I...

Don't listen to her! Dammit, Elena, you're better than that! There's no wrong in protecting the helpless!

And if Granas has a problem with that, you can tell heaven that your god will find no protection from me!


And what about you people? Is this child a sinner? Both mother and child have lived among you! Do you truly wish to damn them both?


Music: Silence

[gasp] You are a...

... A monster... You called me... a monster! Even my own Mother!!

Elena desperately hugs Aira again.

Aira! Please! Be calm! Your mother is just a little... shocked!

Am I... am I a monster? NOOOOoooo! Let go of me!! Leave me alone, all of you! Leave me ALONE!

Aira disappears in a flash of light.

... What has happened?

Separate and search the area. Do not let the demon-child escape!

... Ryudo, I believe. I shall not forget what you have done here today.

Selene leaves with her knights.

Hey, Elena, snap out of it... HEY!

* F L A S H *

What... what have I done to Aira?

(some of these track names really ought to be less specific)


It is my fault... Everything is my fault.

What's the matter?

It was there she discovered the ability to know what others were thinking and feeling.

But not only is she able to do this, she can also see what others are doing and where they are. Even I grew afraid...

... I pitied Aira! I wanted to do something for her! But how could I have known... Valmar was listening to my prayers...

Oh, where did I go wrong?

You have done no wrong... Any parent would have done the same.

There is no fault in caring for your own. It is Valmar who bears the onus of these events.

... Are you nuts?

She is beyond hope already... So please, kill her... before she causes anyone more grief...

Don't be a FOOL! We weren't protecting her before just so we could kill her now.

Do what you will, but I'm not planning on giving up anytime soon. I'll find a way to save her - with you, or without.

I know. How about we rip that Eye right out of her? Sound good?

... Millenia. Are you sure you can remove the Eye of Valmar from her?

Millenia! ... Dammit! There must be another way...

I am completely to blame for her suffering. If there is no other way to save her, then please, put her out of her misery...

Yeah, yeah, that sounds lovely. You heard the lady - let's just finish this up and move on.

You. I don't want to hear it. Of course, what should I expect from Valmar? Obviously not a concern for human life.

What!? But this doesn't concern us, Ryudo.

The one who should do something is the girl's mother, right? And she's given up! End of story!


But we don't have the time to run along after you. Stop chasing after your silly nonsense. There's no other way to do this.

SHUT THE HELL UP! That little girl is suffering right now - scared and alone! You ever suffered alone, Millenia?

All she ever wanted was to bring a little happiness into the world. Is THIS what she deserves?!

You're her mother, but you want me to "put her out of her misery?" Ma'am, we do that to our pets, not our children!

She wanted everyone to be happy. What the hell is wrong with that?!

* Z O O M *

Look, it's started. She's suffering...


Dammit!! We've wasted enough time! We've got to find her before Selene does. Let's try that Garden!

Fan Art: Aira (by lok-tar)