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by HMS Boromir

Part 27: Let those who war with life forfeit their own

By popular request, this mini-update is dedicated to battle voice clips. A few notes: I used the Paralysis symbol for getting hit and the Plague symbol for Game Over. The halo with wings represents death and revival-related lines, while the generic ATK and DEF ones in the middle are for various offensive and defensive actions that don't have their own clips.

Oh, and these are not quite complete - I overlooked one or two, some were just uninteresting, while others were varying degrees of spoiler. I'll probably do a small addendum to this towards the end of the game.

Listen to this if you like to hear 40-year-old men pretending to be teenagers.

Dammit... this is the end?
Damn, that hurts...
Guess I don't deserve to be a Geohound...
C'mon! This way! Hurry!
Take that! Tenseiken Slash!
Skye, take flight! Here goes - Flying Tenseiken!
Strike, Purple Lightning! Take that! And that! Hyaa! Haaa!
This should help!
How about this!
Burn... flame!
Searing fire, cleansing flame!
Torch 'em.
Galeforce winds, strike!
Spiral wind... tear 'em up!
Blow 'em away!
Don't worry, everything's fine!
I'll save you!
Hey, you okay?
Chaotic earth!
Feel earth's fury!
Hey, stick together.
Thunderbolt, strike!
Feel the wrath of the sky!
Electric storm!
Freezing rage!
Stinging ice!
Glacier... strike!
Feel the touch of poison!
Feel the power of the forest!
Be swallowed by the forest!
Blast 'em!
Easy victory: Heh, these guys were no real challenge.
Normal victory: You'd better practice if you want to beat me.
Hard victory: Phew, that was a close one.

Listen to this if you're a fan of Jennifer Hale and the words 'o' and 'holy'.

I can keep going...
Ryudo, don't give up!
Let's retreat! Hurry!
Here goes my impact bomb!
The stuff... of nightmare!
O holy ones, send your ray of life! (including a video of Droplets of Life; Bug Count: 20 for abysmal audio sync)
O tainted ones, return to the world of darkness.
There you go.
Have faith.
Hey! Stop that!
O holy tongues of fire...
Come, o cleansing flame, to purify!
Rise, o flame!
O holy winds of song...
O voice of many winds, descend...
Please, wind, dance!
O holy light of life!
Come, o life-bearing water!
Good luck, everyone!
Let them hear your rumblings, o holy earth!
Please, release your fury, o earth!
Please, earth, answer me!
O holy thunder...
Come, thunder, shake the heavens!
O lightning... lend us your power...
O holy storm of ice!
O spears of ice, come to strike!
Cold... to glacier!
O holy force of forests deep...
Come, o trees, shade of the earth...
May life spring from this soil.
O blast of holy power!
Come, release the ultimate might!
Please, smite our enemies!
Easy victory: I pray that we shall be safe ahead.
Normal victory: Gotta work even harder!
Hard victory: I am thankful that we are alive.

Listen to this if you enjoy things that are really great.

Take that!
You suck!
Hey that hurts!
Now I'm pissed!
Next time, you won't get off so easily!
Incompetent good-for-nothings. Slackers!
Don't mess with me. (when entering Rage)
Kiss off! (when using Taint of Wind during Rage)
Ha-ha! This may sting a little.
Bet you'd like this, you pig.
This is my way of thanking you.
Chew on this, baby!
Here you go!
Hey, work a little harder!
Ooh, hey, how does that feel!
Off to the crematorium!
Mmmm, burn baby burn!
Is it just me, or is it a little warm?
I'm gonna blow you a little kiss, baby!
WHOOOO, let's tear it up!
Can you feel the love in here?
Ahh... This should hold you over.
You guys okay?
Hmhmhm, come on, go nuts out there!
Duck and cover!
Don't you find me... ATTRACTIVE?
Deep fried goodness!
Shocking! Positively shocking.
Ah-ah-ah! Look, but don't touch.
OH ICY DEATH, OF HOLY - oh forget it!
Ah-ah-ah! Should've dressed in layers.
That's like, cool!
You're gonna feel a little woozy!
Heheh, hey, check this out!
Tssss, oh, this girl is poison, mm!
Blow you away!
Ahahahah, excellent.
This party's blowing up!
Easy victory: This is boring.
Normal victory: That was beautiful, you guys!
Hard victory: Death is for suckers.

Listen to this if life's been too good to you lately.

Yyyikes! (oh my god)
Stop it!
Ryudo, pull yourself together!
No, no, you have to get back up!
Everyone, this way!
Golden hammer... crash!
Expect an early winter... with lots of snow!
Go! Dragon Rise!
Let my music cure you all!
There you go!
Let's work at it!
You cannot get away with that!
Rage and fury!
Now, burn to a crisp!
I'll tear you to pieces!
Whipping winds!
Go away!
Now you'll be fine.
There you go, all better.
Come on everyone, snap to it.
Sweet dreams!
You can really feel it!
The earth rumbles!
Yikes, a huge earthquake! (oh my goooooooddddd)
Lightning... strike!
Here goes a million volts!
I'll freeze you solid!
Instant freeze!
Haha, you'll freeze fast!
Weaken and fade!
All is one!
You'll be pickled in poison! (hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
Blow you away!
Smash you to pieces!
Titanic blast!
Easy victory: Oh, that was a breeze.
Normal victory: We've won.
Hard victory: Phew, that was close.

Listen to this if the dulcet tones of Lt. Worf no longer provide the comfort you need to fall asleep at night.

A misstep?
You'll regret that!
Defeat!? This cannot be!
Hrrrmmmm, we shall resume this match later.
Beast-Fang Cut!
Rrraargh! Beast-King Blast!
Beast-King Smash!
Hear now the lion's roar!
Here you go!
Feel the power of nature!
That is not allowed!
O flames of blood and fire, spring forth!
Taste the hellfire!
Hrrmmmm, burrrn...
O hidden wind of heaven, become my blade!
O blade of wind, pierce my enemies!
Hrrmmmm, breathe...
O waves of waters deep, bless me.
We will not give in.
Brraargh! Breathe the breath of life!
Hrrmmmm, sleep...
O rumbling of earth and mountain, grant me power!
Feel the rage of the earth!
Hrrmmmm, erupt...
O dragon of lightning, respond to my fury!
O peeling thunder, pierce the void!
Hrrmmmm, strike!
O silver chill of winter, come to me!
O seas of the north, reach forth your icy touch!
Hrrmmmm, freeze!
O vast and mighty forest, hear my voice!
Know the hidden power of the forest!
Hrrmmmm, rise...
O source of all life, show your explosive power!
Let those who war with life forfeit their own!
Hrrmmmm, explode!
Easy victory: Hah, hardly worthy of my notice!
Normal victory: Hrrmm, nothing withstands my blade.
Hard victory: Hrrrmm, a respectable battle.

Regular update should be up in a day or two.