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Part 28: Circuitous and labyrinthine

yep we're still in a cave

Pretty cool items, though. The Godspeed Ring gives a whopping +15 ACT. Also in this part of the cave is a waterfall, but I'm going to be about as sick of waterfalls as I am of caves by the end of this update, so I'll leave it to your imagination.

Here's one for reference.

I'm pretty sure we've transitioned from one area to another about 10 times by now and will probably do so another 10 times this update. It's certainly one way to make this seem like a days-long journey without having the dungeon overstay its welcome.

You can push some rocks to get some new boots I guess.

Also, Mareg's halberd likes to teleport about thirty feet away from him when he sets it down to cast spells. Bug Count: 21

I wish only that I could promise no more caves.

Fine, I will go get some water.

A fine idea. I shall accompany you. It will make your burden lighter.

No, I will be able to manage.

Then I shall keep you company. Come, let us go.

You two - take care, all right?

(the soundtrack continues its fine tradition of exceedingly specific and initially inappropriate titles)

I fear our trip would have been much shorter had you not been with us, Ryudo. It is only because of you that we have come so far.

I have learned... many things, as well. Thank you for what you have done.

Well... er... I'm, um, not the only one who should be thanked. I, um, did some things I normally wouldn't do 'cause of you...

But it was worth it. I've never actually enjoyed doing a job before.

And I've never seen the little punk actually work before, either!

Shut your wormhole, Skye. Shouldn't you be pecking and scratching at the ground, anyway?

When we come to the Cathedral and meet with His Holiness, Pope Zera... do you think he will truly be able to exorcise Valmar?

Well, the souls of the people are weak, so I must help them. I must bring them the Light.

If they are not strong, then the Dark One will seize upon their weaknesses... as with me.

Will His Holiness be able to save me...?

There is always a way... We'll see him tomorrow. We'll know then.

MUSIC: Silence

The path we followed wrapped upon itself as a many-coiled serpent, its course at once both circuitous and labyrinthine.

Mareg doesn't have nearly enough lines with this much character.

Mister Mareg... is trying to say...

Whatever are you two talking about?

We were lost. Come, let us eat. My claws are sheathed, my belly hollow.

What is with you two? I did not think it would take long to fetch water.

Well, um, no... We just got a little lost. Right, Mister Mareg?

Roan... There is no need to dwell on such things.

I see you have found yourselves. My heart is gladdened.

And what do you mean by that?

There are times when it is best to allow the river to run its own course. You will discover the truth of this soon enough.

well isn't that just precious

...In any event, our path draws near to the Cathedral.

The Cathedral... a place of assembly where thought rather than substance is brought as an offering unto heaven. Interesting.

We are almost to the St Heim Papal State. And to the Granas Cathedral, where people gather to say their prayers.

I wonder, do prayers said long ago by people you never knew still stay around... Even if no one still remembers them...?

On the other hand, there may be people who are still trapped by the old beliefs that they think are so important.

Even a thought cast aside has the faculty to trouble and sway the mind. There is a danger in this, though the new supplants the old.

Though the aged pine chokes the sapling of light, in due time, the sapling will rise... as it must.

Do a man's dreams drift silently through the ages...?

No. Go to sleep.

We'll speed things up a bit tomorrow. Let's get to bed.

Much better.

Although "circuitous and labyrinthine" does describe our path through the St. Heim Mountains, this water source is a stone's throw away from where we made camp. You'd think Ryudo would call Mareg's bluff at this point, but I guess he has to be the oblivious JRPG protagonist for a bit.

Having nearly completed our journey, we must exercise a scorched earth policy and cut off this water supply so none may follow. The Dragonslayer Axe, which gives +58 ATK and does bonus damage against reptiles, is a nice bonus as well.


This is the waterfall that St. Heim Mountains, Waterfall is named for. The devs were so proud of it, they forced you to look at it for ten seconds if you walk up to it.


This little patch of forest indicates that we've finally arrived.

This huge marble door seems Cathedral-y enough, but it isn't actually where we need to go. We'll find out more about that later.

Gate Guard: Before you lies the splendor of the St. Heim Papal State, dedicated in honor of the glory and majesty of our Great Lord Granas.

Cute. This where the Cathedral is?

Gate Guard: Yes, it is so. But what business have you at the Cathedral?

I am a Sister in the service of Lord Granas.

My name is Elena. Father Carius of Carbo in the Black Forest instructed me to come and call upon His Holiness, Pope Zera.

Gate Guard: Well, that must have been quite a journey. So you wish to meet His Holiness Zera?

I must make a report regarding... the Ceremony of Sealing.

Gate Guard: Well then, let me lead you to the Cathedral.

Um, well. I would rather not today... I shall go there directly tomorrow.

Gate Guard: As you wish. I shall inform His Holiness.

Yes, you are right... Ryudo, what will you and the others do now?

I'm still a little concerned about my brother, but I have no idea where he might be.

Fate has seen fit to bind brother to brother. I would stay on with you, for destiny's work is not yet complete.

I would like to stay with you too. But I am also interested in the stories told by the Church of Granas, so I would like to stay here a while.

Not a problem. Not like I have anywhere else to be. But Elena, you sure you don't want to take care of your business today?

... It IS an audience with His Holiness Zera, so I want to be neat before... I go.

Okay. Let's spend the night here and rest our feet. Or, for some of us, our rat-stained claws.

Yes, let's do! I am hungry as well!

Here we are, folks - the St. Heim Papal State. We've been zooming through entire days' worth of travel in mere minutes, so let's take it slowly for a while and talk to like a million townspeople.

Man: Ever since my beloved wife passed away, I've been rather fond of wine. And this is what came of that.

Man: Still, I thought of starting over again... My son Mark is still young... I could start over, living with him...

Man: I thought I could have a rebirth of sorts in this land. Shake off my weak spirit, and become an outstanding father...

Man: I thought I'd undergo any kind of suffering to put a smile back on my son's face...

Of course you would. You must have been lonely, by yourself.

Hmm, I prefer to run solo, myself... Tough at times... but it has its advantages.

Okay, so the first person we talk to is an alcoholic literally shaking from delirium tremens and he's still got a better outlook on life than all of Liligue and Mirumu combined. Church or no church, I think I like this place.

Even the store looks really neat. I pick up some Sister's Hats for the Paralysis resistance they provide, as well as weapon upgrades and restoratives.

Kid: I've got to watch the squeak-baas to make sure they don't escape from their pasture.

Kid: Did you guys already go to the squeak-baa pasture?

We didn't!

Kid: Well, just go have a look. It's got the best view around -- very refreshing. And there are lots of cute squeak-baas lying about.

Where is this pasture, anyway?

Kid: Just go straight down the road behind the inn, and you can't miss it. It's a great spot - you should really go see it.


Gee. Aren't these things just disgustingly cute.

Hmm. They cry as if they try to relate a message to us. What is it, little squeak-baa?

Hmm, that is an interesting story. But tell me, why did the clouds become squeak-baas?

Woman: Long ago, after the Battle of Good and Evil ended, our ancestors were very hungry and cold, so Lord Granas gave them to us.

Woman: That's from an old fairy tale that my grandma told me. Isn't it nice? That one is one of my favorites.

i love squeak-baas

Man: Our family can hardly finish a day without eating some of that. I'd better start making it. Mmm-mmm.

You plan to have your entire family together for dinner? ... How nice.

Hey, why such a gloomy face? We're about to eat, aren't we? Cheer up...

The building next to him is actually the bakery. It's of no plot importance, but I visit it every time I play this game. Partially because I like that it's a named building with a stated purpose, but mostly because LOOK AT THAT LOAF IN THE BACKGROUND, SWEET MERCY!

What?! You have got it all wrong. Hmmm... Do I really have a forlorn face?

Baker: Yeah, it shows, honey... You need some perking up. I know! Have some bread! It's a blessing from Lord Granas!

We can also talk to a woman obscured by Ryudo's portrait in the above screenshot.

Woman: Every day, we go to Granas Cathedral to partake of some bread and wine.

Woman: Afterward, we go share our bread with poor, unemployed people, such as that man over there.

My, that's so very generous of you. I'd better not say otherwise, or Miss Songstress here will get mad at me.

Well, it is no wonder that I DO! You are always teasing other people when you open your mouth, Ryudo!

The homeless dude just talks about how he's poor and homeless.

Thank?! You're thankful that your husband died?! Whatever for?

Woman: My dear husband was with me until he passed on. And we were very happy together. I'm also grateful to Lord Granas for that.

Yes, I understand... I, too, am grateful to Lord Granas that my companions and I have made it this far.

Pet squeak-baas!

Man: The Cathedral Knights are so cool! They never break rank... they just keep going, so serious and tough-looking...

Man: It shows tha they don't care if they might get killed! Kinda creepy if you think about it...

The fact that they are always dead silent is what spooks me about them... I don't know if ANYONE knows what they are thinking...

And now, the creepiest man in St. Heim.

Huh? Selene... Yeah, I know her... How do you know about her, though?

Man: Oh, people everywhere know about her. I mean, Selene is amazing!

Man: And she's... well... she's so gorgeous you gasp for breath. That's Selene...

Man: She's bright but mild-mannered, and she's got a saintly smile. She's the very image of love and kindness.

Man: Oh, boy! Let me tell you, would I like to be investigated by Selene, late at night, all alone in the Cathedral♥

Ha! She'd purify you before you could think another thought.

Man: Oh! I've become engulfed in wicked thoughts! If only Selene were here to mete out some of her strict punishment!

Old Woman: The Cyrum Kingdom's a nice country, but it's a bit too rambunctious for us older folks.

Oh! I've heard rumors that they like to party it up over there... Festivals and whatnot... Eh, Roan?

Uh... Yes, I have heard that.

Huh? Oh, they're tools of the trade...

Old Man: Oh, I see... You're peddlers, aren't you? Even though you're young, it's a tough business. Hmm, maybe I'll buy something.

Old Man: What, you mean to say you're not peddlers? Then why're you wearing such a big get-up?

Look, old man, I'm a Geohound. A GEOHOUND! Understand? GEEE-OH-HOUND!

Old Man: Oh, oh. OK, I get it. I can hear just fine. Don't yell. But tell me, what is a Cheopound, anyway?

Ryudo, do not get so worked up over it. People out here never hear of Geohounds.

Old Man: Say, sonny, you know the Cheopounds you were talking about a minute ago? I'd like one of those. How much are they?

Aggh! You don't have a clue!

Such is the life of a Cheopound.

Ho-Hold on there! I have employed Ryudo as my BODYGUARD, and while that duty may be complete, it does not mean that we're -

Old Woman: Oh, so you two have split up? That's too bad... Poor dear, need some comforting, do you?

No, lady, I don't!

Trader: I've finally found a country with no other traders! That means no competitors...! So I win by default! Ha ha ha!

Get a load of this imbecile.

That's about it for St. Heim, save for one thing - the library. However, since the Cathedral has one as well and this update is getting wordy, I'll be lumping them together into a mini-update later on. Next time, we meet the Pope himself.

Official Art: The St. Heim Mountains