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Part 29: Tell you what I'll do. I'm going to ignore you. And then I'm going to leave.

(another bit I had to cut out of this track, because it's seriously at least four different ones mashed together)

Hey, you did your fair share too!

It has been quite a pleasure. And quite an adventure, as well.

Much remains to be done withal. The wise man still tends to the fire, though it burns brightly.

This update contains a number of difficult and obscure words. I have included a convenient dictionary link for primarily comedic purposes.

Thank you so much... I just do not know how to thank you enough... my friends.

It's my job. Don't mention it.

Don't say that! Ryudo...

Priest: Excuse me...

MUSIC: Silence

R- right now? I- in the middle of dinner? I am not yet ready. Can this not wait?

Priest: We shall bring your things later. His Holiness Zera is looking forward to having dinner with you. Please do not make him wait...

Ah, no, I must not do that...

Everyone... Ryu- Ryudo.

Don't spoil the moment, kid. By now, you know what to do. Good luck.

Miss Elena, please take care...

Your kindness is indeed a rare treasure, Elena...

Elena leaves.

Miss Elena... she's gone...

She is. And now, we turn to other matters.

Well, our job here is finished.

Yeah... the job's done, but I'm feeling... a little sad about the whole thing... Go figure.

For whatever reason, the game doesn't use Zera's portrait here. I don't get it and I'm not going along with it.

Valmar is certainly attempting to revive. You must understand this...

Listen, Elena. Your mission is important, not just for you, but for the world. The Darkness must be resealed in...

Doing this will require all your effort, the power of Lord Granas, and the Divine Sword, the Granasaber.

You must find it, no matter what. Fail, and the world is doomed!

I understand...

You must succeed in order to remove the Darkness within you, as well. You must prevail...

I understand. I will not let you down.

MUSIC: Silence

Yes, were Miss Elena with us, we would be able to see the inside of the Cathedral...

As well, I am not versed in matters of religion.

So we might just find out something there...

What is this? I'm busy. Didn't your Church drill some manners into you? Or did it just drill through your head?

Priest: ... I apologize for my rudeness, Ryudo. The Pope has called for you. Please come to the Cathedral right away.

Look, I realize word of my amazing singing voice has spread everywhere, but i'm not interested.

Priest: His Holiness Zera has a special request. Ah. Please bring your companions also. I beg my leave.

Subsequently, he takes it.

The Pope has a "special request?" Sounds like the first line of a really bad joke.

What kind of person is His Holiness Zera? I understand he is said to be "The Sage Who Will Save the World..."

Which isn't nearly as impressive as "The Sage Who Will Save His Breath." This better be quick.

We head straight to the Cathedral, for once. Don't get me wrong, there's an entire new set of dialogue for 95% of everyone in St. Heim - it just happens to consist entirely of rephrasings of what they said before the inn scene. Presumably, the writers did this because Elena isn't in the party anymore and some of the dialogue made no sense without her. Quite a bit of effort put into such a small thing.

In the time it took you to read the preceding paragraph, our party climbed like a thousand stairs.

How beautiful! It must have taken forever to build!

Gate Guard: You must be Mister Ryudo. His Holiness awaits in the Audience Chamber.

Stop gawking. Move it!

Having walked in a straight line without talking to irrelevant NPCs for two whole minutes, it's time to do that thing I just said.

oh no not another one of you people

But she's also got nerves of steel and can coldly take the lives of others in order to "fulfill" her religious duty... right?

Priest: No, you're wrong about her! Selene does everything in service to Lord Granas.

Priest: She operates with such pure intentions that people tend to misunderstand her.

Priest: I dream of joining the Cathedral Knights some day, and becoming part of the High Priestess Selene's holy brigade.

Ha! What, you fall off the crazy cart this morning? You'd seriously join up with those lunatics?!

Priest: Yes, I would like to help dispel the misunderstandings about Selene that people like you are having.

You say I misunderstand her... But you cringe from the truth.

... And, uh, why is that?

Priest: Only Lord Granas can battle Darkness. He is the only being capable of destroying Valmar.

If you have so much faith in Granas, then why do all of you fear the Day of Darkness so much?

Priest: Me, I'm not afraid, because I know that the Day of Darkness will not come as long as Lord Granas is with us.

Can't fault that logic. Let's get down to business.

Didn't he say my friends could come?

Priest: He has important things to discuss with you, so...

Oh, it is alright, I don't mind. I can wait. Can I at least wait somewhere interesting?

Priest: Ah, our library is most interesting! There you will find many important books about the doctrine of our Church.

Mister Ryudo, can I talk to you really quick?

There might be some interesting information at the library. I will check it out.

Clever boy. More clever than other little boys I know.

Priest: Um... So, may I lead you two to the library?

We answer affirmatively.

Priest: This way.

Ryudo! We'll be waiting in the library!

Yeah. I'll meet up with you later.

The priest leads the two away and we're free to enter the audience chamber.

VIDEO: Zera Innocentius (sweet papal voice acting; you know the drill by now - "Video ends")

I totally posted this as bonus art a few updates ago. My timing is impeccable.

Father: Your Holiness Zera, please calm our anxious hearts. What can we do to rid the world of the terrifying Darkness?

You must bolster your soul. If you leave no chink in the armor of your soul, then the Darkness will be forced to leave.

High Priest: Please, save us from Valmar!

You must not falter. We must all not give in to Darkness. I cannot save you. You must save yourselves.

Priest: Your Holiness, Zera! Please lend me your ear!

The members of the clergy begin talking over one another.


Yet, Your Highness Zera, the recent rumors of the revival of Valmar are not going away.

This guy is Cardinal Oro. I have a special place for him in my heart for reasons that will become clear towards the end of the update.

I have even heard reports that the rumors might be true. Right, High Priestess Selene? At this rate, the Day of Darkness seems unavoidable!

But, we must not strike fear in the hearts of the people we are trying to save.

Doing so would surely go against the will of Lord Granas! What do you say, Cardinal Oro?

Ohhhh... When the Day of Darkness comes, the world... will most definitely be destroyed!

[sigh] I don't know what we can do...

But you went too far. You must not frighten the people away from Lord Granas.

Yes, Your Holiness...

You must all remain on guard... So that Darkness cannot take advantage of you. Please, everyone, back to your rooms.

Zera's audience disperses.

Ah, Mister Ryudo! Please, come...

Video ends.

Please, accept my apologies. I did not mean to make you wait.

Zera shakes Ryudo's hand.

I am sorry for having called upon you on such short notice, but my request is not an ordinary one. Please, to the next room.



Elena leaves with the Pope. We are expected to follow, but I simply must take a quick detour to show you the rudest thing in the entire game.

Oh, is that right?

Songstress: Yes. If you have faith in Lord Granas, all paths will be open to you... Please join us in prayer as a believer in Lord Granas.

Oooh, sounds TEMPTING, but I think I'll pass this time.

Songtress: Oh, please don't say that. By all means, join us.

I'd rather not.

Talking to her again:


Songstress: Why!? In that case, I will keep praying that you will decide to pray with us.

It seems your prayers have gone unanswered... Hmm?

Songstress: Indeed! But I am still inexperienced. I cannot yet properly convey the importance of praying to Lord Granas.

Holy shit.

I have to assume this was the work of a translator or editor who wanted to see what they could get away with. God damn.

Before we get to that, tell me - what about Elena? Will she be all right?

Ah, you ask if the presence of Valmar can be driven from her. Sadly, I must tell you that is beyond even my power.

However, if the Sword of Granas can be recovered, there may yet be hope for us all. This is why I have asked you here.

Keep talking.

I want you to find the Divine Sword, the Granasaber.

The sword which slew the Dark One must be returned to us if the Light is to be restored to this world!

Yes... Elena has told me much. Enough for me to know that you are the only one capable of contending with the Darkness.

Naturally, this request must appear absurd to you. However, as your reward, we shall give you whatsoever you request.

Hmmm... Suddenly, this conversation has become more interesting.

... However, when you depart, I wish for Elena to accompany you.

Why bring her along? You sure you don't want to cast a few wards against Millen... er, Valmar... instead?

Unfortunately, we can do nothing more for Elena now.

We would be unable to protect her from Valmar even if she were to remain here. She will be safer with you, Mister Ryudo.

The Pieces of Valmar struggle for dominance, each attempting to devour the others in order that the Darkness will be restored.

According to prophecy, once the Pieces unite, the Day of Darkness will come upon us, and all mankind will be destroyed.

So what do we do? Sharpen a pointy stick?

Were we to possess the Granasaber, we would at least be able to bring back some of the Light of Lord Granas.

Then can Elena be saved and our world protected from the advent of the Day of Darkness.

Any idea where this sword might be?

Unfortunately, our holy book says only that it "rests with the Legion of Darkness"...

I'm sorry, that's not vague enough for me. Could you be a little less specific? Bah... I need some time to think it over.

I will wait until tomorrow for your answer. I have prepared rooms for you, so please stay here tonight.

Ah, but I see that I have tired you. Rest and return tomorrow. But, please, consider my offer... I hope you will accept it.

Ryudo, do as he asks, please... Not for me, but for everyone... the world!

Elena rushes back into the Pope's room, and we are free to leave.

Ryudo exits the Pope's room and is noticed by the priests.

Priest: Cardinal Oro!

Ryudo, I believe, was your name... Just what did His Holiness Zera tell you?

Huh? He asked me to find some divine sword.

I see. I question His Holiness' selection of his... emissaries. A task this great surely requires someone with more... experience.

Careful with your words, aren't you, old man? I'd be as careful with my judgment were I you. Experience I have. Patience I don't.

There's our thread title, and the reason I love this old fart. When's the last time you heard the word "stripling"? Or "churlish"? Or even "whelp"?

Tell you what I'll do. I'm going to ignore you. And then I'm going to leave. You just stay there. Staaaaay. Staaaaay. Good boy.

Mmmm, mmmm... Ashes! What could His Holiness Zera be thinking? That fool boy's insouciance will be our ruin when the Day of Darkness comes!


Aaaahhh, whatever shall we do?

Pace around and mutter for the next few weeks while we go out and find your stupid sword. Time to catch up with the rest of the gang.

Wow, this is really interesting. Oh! Mister Ryudo! What did he have to say?

You mean when he was actually talking out of his mouth? Nothing that wasn't completely ridiculous.

The game fades out and back in, a clever cinematic technique used to indicate the passage of time. You see, by briefly removing the viewer from the scene, the work implies that events have transpired which were not shown on-screen, either to preserve suspense, or to avoid restating information that the viewer already kn

So he wants you to find the Divine Sword in order to halt the Day of Darkness...?

A dubious undertaking; we walk unguided through shadows.

You find anything else about that?

No... Not in this place... Anyway, Mister Ryudo, you ought to read some of these books too.

They have lots of details about Valmar and Granas, the Battle of Good and Evil, the Day of Darkness, and even the Divine Sword.

Dinner awaits in the other room, and books do not spoil or grow cold without use...

For the sake of Mareg's stomach, I'll be relegating the "reading" of "books" to the timeless vortex that is the .5 update. After that, we'll sleep on this whole thing...

New Voice Credits: Richard Doyle (Pope Zera Innocentius), good ol' Paul Eiding (Cardinal Oro)

Official Art: Pope Zera Innocentius

Sweet Avatar-Giver: Edward_Tohr! Thanks!