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Part 31: The Dinner Plate of Granas

As you'll recall, we were about to have a meal and a good night's rest at the Cathedral.

Priest: It will be ready very soon. Please wait a little while.


How can he be so nonchalant about matters of such weight? I must consult my auguries for some means of holding back the Darkness!

This is.. an evil sign... The Day of Darkness draws near!

...Wha-! This light!

(it has been entirely too long)


. . .

Well, this bread IS delicious. Mr. Ryudo, are you going to eat?

Roan, Mareg... I'm going to look for that damned sword.

I thought you would say that.

This sword interests me, for I have not before heard of its like.

It was evermore my intent.

Please, let me come along too!

I could use your help. I appreciate it.

If it is as His Holiness Zera says, this has meaning for me too...

What do you mean?

Well, you see...

Honestly, I should've kept count of how many times Roan doesn't quite spit out whatever he's been vaguely alluding to.

Guard: Please, excuse me. I am told that Valmar has taken human form and entered the Cathedral! Have you seen any suspicious persons?

Huh? No, no one has been here.

Guard: Please, excuse the interruption. I must go!

Must be Millenia. What the hell is she thinking?

She's actually in the one accessible part of the Cathedral that hasn't seen any use yet - the balcony.

... You! What the hell are you doing here?! You're practically standing on the Dinner Plate of Granas!

Oh, like I care. If Granas ever wakes up, the big god can smack me stupid - long as I get to follow you around again... Ryudo...

Er... I don't think you've thought this through. See, when we find the sword, we're going to use it to stab evil people.

Oh, you! You're concerned about me? No one has ever been such a... gentleman to me before! Just do what you think is best.

I don't think you understand what I'm saying here, Millenia...

Don't worry about me. I know what I want, and we're running out of time...

. . .

One question. When we get the Granasaber, will it belong to you... er, the Church? And how will it be used?

The sole purpose of the sword is to strike down Valmar. As such, it belongs to none, for this great hope Granas has given to all.

I'll take your word for it.

He turns to Mareg and Roan and they nod in agreement.


Look, I'm sick of all the suffering in the world. If Granas won't do anything about it, then SOMEONE has to.

Well, well, Mister Ryudo!

Elena, you should leave now as well. Your soul brims with Light. Be strong in your mission, and do not yield your heart.

... Yes, Your Holiness Zera. Farewell.

You should remember this. Ah, you should also take this along. It is sure to be useful.

"Book of Priests" acquired.

Elena, take care, and remember well our words.

Your Holiness...

Ryudo, thank you for accepting this request...

Oh, Ryudo, you...

Miss Elena, we're together again!

Our paths again are as one. It is good.

Thank you, everyone!

C'mon, let's get moving.

You folks have asked me to find a sword from some ancient legend. I hope you have a back-up plan in case I don't find it.

Cardinal: If you don't find it... Hmm... Mr. Ryudo, if you fail to find it...

Cardinal: The world will be enveloped in Darkness... we can't allow that! No way! ...

Cardinal: But, what can we do without the Divine Sword? Use the Cathedral Knights? No. Joint prayer by all of Lord Granas' followers?

And what if your prayer-a-thon doesn't work, either?

Cardinal: I guess we'd have to use the Cathedral Knights then... But Pope Zera has to approve any use of the Cathedral Knights. Oh, dear.

I initially thought he dismissed the knights out of hand because no sword is worth sending them out on one of their rampages. I prefer that interpretation to him having some kind of Pope Anxiety.

I feel the same way, Ryudo! Roan, Mareg! And Skye too! I'm counting on all of you! This time, it might be more difficult for us.

Difficult times are indeed upon us; welcome is the comfort of friends in this hour.

That's right. Traveling would not be fun at all without you, Miss Elena.

But where to travel to? The Divine Sword is held by the "Legion of Darkness." We can't just knock on their door, grab it, and run.

I am not familiar with this "Divine Sword."

I remember... a passage in the holy book... "the People of Darkness continue to hide deep in the bowels of the earth."

Is it a metaphor, or is there more substance in it? Perhaps it is with these people we shall find the Legion of Darkness.

Got a lead?

No. I - I just thought we might learn something useful.

What other knowledge have we which could intimate a course of action?

Something about confronting my past. Which probably means -

Melfice. Surely, it could be none but he!

Melfice... A long time it has been, brother.

Well, climate is warm and there is lots of water... Very good country...

Normally I'd have edited this line to flow better, but I had to keep it in because reading it in a thick Russian accent amuses me to no end.

We don't need a weather report, kid. We need to find some leads. And we might as well start in the Kingdom of Cyrum.

The Kingdom of Cyrum lies to the east of the St. Heim Mountains. Come on, let's go!

And with that, we've hit the halfway point of the game. I'm not sure if it'll work out that way in raw playtime or in LP updates, but it feels like the middle point of the story.

Right now, we could just leave St. Heim and start making our way to Cyrum, but I'd rather spend an update and a half talking to NPCs if you don't mind.

Woman: They say the wings of Lord Granas help to keep travelers safe on their journeys. I guess you'd call it a good luck charm.

That reminds me... Legend states that the wings of Lord Granas provide protection against misfortune.

Many people pray for a safe trip, and thus they touch the wings of Lord Granas... For divine protection.

Well then, Ryudo. Since we ARE here, let's put this to the test, shall we?

Right, Elena. As soon as you finish your prayer, none of us will EVER suffer again... Hey! Stop pulling on my sleeve!!

It just so happens that our next destination is the Kingdom of Cyrum. Roan, you are from there, right?

Well, yes, actually...

What's wrong, Roan?! Everytime someone mentions your hometown, you clam right up.

Figured I'd be fair to Ryudo and have him on record as noticing Roan's bullshit. Up next, our friend Sleazo, King Creep of Skeev Mountain:

Creeplord: Her style is so pure, she'd never allow any evil. But still, she drives me wild!

Oh yeah...? Maybe we should keep YOU on a leash then...

Creeplord: My yearnings for Selene are not based on any sordid reasons. I am but a pure, simple devotee...

Creeplord: I don't expect her to stare straight at me, or hit me, or step on me with her high heels...

... Uh, yeah, Whatever.

No. I really do not think it will arrive anytime soon. You need not worry yourself with such thoughts.

Woman: Oh, good good good you see, I just hung out my laundry to dry. What would I do if the Day of Darkness suddenly came?

Really? You know... I'd love to bake some bread here sometime... It'd be fun to have everyone taste it...

Baker: You bet it's fun! And it pleases Lord Granas, too! Come try it anytime - I'll teach you how!

AGH! Watch out, everyone! Who's the one who has to eat Elena's burnt-black bread?!

It's not a Japanese game if it doesn't include at least one joke about catastrophically bad cooking. Be still, my sides.


Old Man: To get to the Cyrum Kingdom, just go through the old ruins. By the way, there's a maze in those ruins.

Old Man: Do you know how to get through the maze?

Haven't a clue.

Old Man: The maze seems the same all over, but look at the floor. You'll see different colors.

Old Man: If it's still the same as when I was young, the key is to follow the white floor tiles. Be careful in that maze!

Thank you, you are very kind. Please take good care of yourself, as well. Well, so long!

Man: People can change... And soon I'll be able to return to the son I left behind in the Kingdom of Cyrum.

Well, congratulations! And, as a matter of fact, we happen to be on our way to Cyrum!

Man: Oh, you're heading there? In that case, I have something to ask you.

Man: Would you please convey a message to Mark, my son? He lives in Cyrum.

Man: That is, if you have the chance to meet him... Could I ask that of you?

An actual sidequest? In Grandia 2? Surely this will bestow fabulous rewards!

OK, but understand we're not going to scour the town for your son. We'll give him the message only if we happen to run into him.

Man: Sure, that's fine. I'll just pray that you do. Please, accept this token of my gratitude.


Man: If you carry this, you can make friends with a cute little critter named Carro. It's all I can give as a token of my thanks.

Well, I'd imagine we can try to look for the kid a LITTLE... We'll see what happens when we get to Cyrum. No promises though...

fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu