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Part 33: With some dismay

You know the drill by now, it's talky time.

To get to the waterways, take this street, then turn right toward the harbor. Then go left to the square. The castle's behind that.

Thanks, Roan. You are very helpful.

Now, I am sorry, is there something you wanted? I didn't hear you before.

Man: Well, right now I've got to go help set up the bazaar that starts tomorrow in the plaza. It's gonna be loads of fun!

Yes, this town is certainly a trade hub, and so you can see all sorts of people here. Who have you seen so far?

I saw one lady who had horns. And a guy with a long tail. And that man with a mane, behind you!

Oh, you mean Mareg! A man with a mane, eh? So, I guess you are a boy with bushy ears!

There are so many kind of people in this town! They walk with different rhythms!


Sure! Lady, you go "tek tek" and Mister, you go "doshn doshn". Right?

Ha! I walk with a "doshn doshn" rhythm. I find your rhythmic talents amazing. Thank you for sharing.

Like the kid says, there's a bit more racial variety in Cyrum than in other towns. The Mau tribe which he belongs to is gifted with musical ability. The words he uses to describe our party's "rhythms" aren't far from real Japanese onomatopoeia, which are as numerous as they are inscrutable.

Woman: At the plaza now, you can see a bazaar is being set up. Heh heh! It's gonna be a big one!

A big one this time? So, what will it have, I wonder...

Huh? You mean... me? Uh... I, uh... I really do not know.

Girl: ... What's with you boys!? You're all like that! Marc and Michael and... Boring! Booooooooooring!

Girl: I can't go to the festival alone, that would just be awful!

What about your mom and dad? Are they busy working or something?

Girl: Are you kidding? Going with my mom and dad would be even worse! I need a hot guy to take me!

Biting social commentary.

Hey, what's wrong with your voice? And what in blazes are you doing?

Man: Oh, I was practicing official greetings to the King. We're invited to the ceremony! We have to speak to the King directly!

Woman: He's practically speechless! He keeps asking "Um, shall I greet him like this?" or, "Am I supposed to wear it this way?" Heehee!

I wouldn't have included that conversation, but it was an excuse to screenshot this generic female Cyrum citizen model. I think it's a neat design.

...Sure I WOULD like to know! Please tell me.

For those of you tired of Roan acting like he's on the spectrum, rest assured that you'll know what the hell his deal is by the end of this update.

Old Woman: Ha ha ha! This is the 100th bazaar... Yessir, number 100 since the day I was born! That's why!

Well GOOD for you!

...Sheesh. Does this lady think that being OLD is fun?!

Guard: So my girlfriend starts pestering me, saying "Well, at least we can party all night ♥" It'll be a sleepy day at work tomorrow. Ha!

For a soldier, this guy is a bit too laid back. Relaxing on the job gets you killed.

Ryudo, everyone must relax sometime.

Pressing him further reveals that their idea of partying all night consists of playing cards. Ha! Ha Ha! Joke's.

Yeah, but that's not the only reason we are here. We've come to the bazaar for some information as well.

Man: Then, I recommend that you check out the Mau Tribe's singing and dancing while you're here.

Mau Tribe?

They are a tribe of beast-men who use the natural power of rhythm to tell stories.

Man: Once before, I head them sing and dance, and right away I was captivated by it. In fact, I came here just to hear them.

They must be a talented bunch then. I think I'd like to see them perform.

Man: If you like, you can read some of their song lyrics. I've got a book of lyrics on my desk.

Give praise! I can feel the dawn, a lovely spirit, an earthly dance. I feel it! A courageous wind!
Overflowing! Milk of the earth, a kiss from heaven, a joyful downpour. So much hope in just one tiny little seed!
Plow it now! One row, a new row. And celebrate! The harvest is in! A million plants in the crop of destiny!
Sing! Pass along our songs! Songs of the people! This is our power, our door of hope!

Similarly to the book of lyrics in St. Heim, these correspond to an actual song in the game. We haven't heard this one yet, however.

Come back quickly, Koop
I can't open the store without you
Please come back and hheeellpp mmeeee

Ah, a Mau tribe song. I have not heard one in quite a long time. Maus are widely known for their singing and dancing.

He can really sing! And such a nice voice, too. Lyrics are a little strange, eh? It sounds as though he calls someone...

Oh, you are quite right! The people who live in this country are very energetic and happy folk, it seems.

Elder of Yam: ...Eh? "Energetic?" "Happy?"... Hmm! Very interesting! I need to make a note of that. Who's got a notepad?

Huh!? What!? Um... Excuse me, but... Can you hear me?

Elder of Yam: "Energetic" means "Happy" too...? Hmmm... That's something to think about. I should make a note...

Elena, this gentleman and his grand-daughter are members of the Yam Tribe, also known as "the Daydreamers."

They are all very nice, gentle people, but they tend to get lost in thought and so... this sort of thing happens.

They get wrapped up in their own little world, eh?

oh what in all hell

Looks like fun. What kind of shop is this?

Huh? A lady? Oh!


Uh... Look, uh... We're still setting up. Please come back tomorrow, ok?

There's a bunch of other people around preparing their little stands. We'll talk to them tomorrow, during the festival.

These mean guard robots won't let us into the castle, so let's check out the harbor instead.

Child: After my mom got sick and died, my dad started drinking all of the time.

Child: Everyone said he had to stop it... So he's doing something about it now...

Oh!? Tell me, is your name... Mark?

Mark: Yeah! How come you knew my name already?

We met your father in the St. Heim Papal State! He asked us to tell you that he's "hanging in there."

Mark: Wonderful! My dad is doing OK, eh...? That means he'll come home soon!

Even the noble wolf occasionally leaves his den to hunt for a better life for his pack. Your father will return in due time.

Mark: Thank you, all of you! I'm so happy I could hear something from my dad! Please, here's a small thank you gift.

You were ambushed by monsters at sea? ... You're tougher than I would've thought!

Sailor: But they're afraid of lightning flashes. You can use that against them. So it be pretty easy to get away from them.

That rarest of NPC conversation topics, actual gameplay tips. That's about all we can do in Cyrum for today, so let's get a room for the night.

Inn Master: Sorry, but I can't put you up tonight. What with the festival and all...


Sometimes it's hard to write dialogue that makes sense regardless of whether optional conversations did or did not happen.

Inn Master: ... Hmm, I've seen you somewhere... Oh my! Aren't you the pri--!?

Oh also plot twist I guess.

Huh, who are you talking about? You seem to be enjoying yourself. What is happening at the festival?

How many brothers do you have? What's that over there? Hold this hand grenade!

Inn Master: Oh, the day after tomorrow, the King himself will be holding a festival commemorating the founding of the country.

Inn Master: I hear the King will be making an important announcement. All boys in the Kingdom are to meet at the castle.

Inn Master: Maybe they found some treasure underneath the castle and they're gonna show it off.

Inn Master: We don't have much, so... You can all stay for free.

Any Cyrum citizen worth their salt can recognize the Awkward Royal Frown when they see it.

Mister Ryudo, I must first go home. Please, spend the night here. I shall return tomorrow.

Roan exits the Inn.

Okay, take care... then.

What's with him? He doesn't want us to see his home? Or tent, or whatever.

There is nothing to be done; allow the cub his privacy, for if we would be so thoughtless as to follow--

His family would be awfully surprised to see our strange party.

Right. We'll take it easy for him, then.

MUSIC: Silence

The town bustles with color; surely there are some amongst the many who have traveled here who know of the Divine Sword.

Inn Master: So, you guys are looking for something, eh?

Inn Master: Why not go to the bazaar they're holding in the Castle Square? Lots of people come there from all around.

Lots of people from all around... Oh! I would love to go there.

Might be just what we need.

Fables and legends hide truths which may yet be of use to us. I would hear these people's words.

oh no

Inn Master: But he's a difficult... man to deal with. He won't talk to you if he doesn't like you.

Difficult...? What sort of person does he like?

Inn Master: ... Miss, just how strong is this young man here?

... Well, Ryudo is very strong. I trust him completely.

Inn Master: Okay, then listen: when you go see Hemble, make sure he knows what a wonderful couple you are.

A... wonderful couple?!

Inn Master: Like I said, he's strange, but he'll be sure to talk to you.

Inn Master: I tell you, buddy - you're a hell of a lucky guy to have a lovely girl like her. Shouldn't be too hard to play kissy-poo.

Elena runs off.

Inn Master: Ah, did I say something wrong? Hee-hee...

I note with some dismay that she's still unable to tell when people are messing with her.

It's Ryudo's fault! He did not deny it immediately!

I think this is what terrible people call 'tsundere'.

O Lord Granas. Please forgive my shameful behavior.

She begins pacing around the room.

He does not see... I am a Sister of the Church! Ryudo...

Yes! Ryudo is just a hired hand... He should know better...


... I might as well go to sleep...

MUSIC: Silence

Millenia walks up to the mirror.

Ha! I know! Eh, heh heh heh...

Fade out.


Consul: I believe Your Highness' speech tomorrow will bring everyone to their senses.

And, what about that man?

Figure: Your Highness, does something worry you?

I want to thank you. My people's wishes will finally come true. The Prince's medal is no longer necessary!

Figure: Exactly. Now, all the fears of the People of Darkness have disappeared. You may rest assured. Heh heh heh.

. . .

... Oh, NO... Ryudo, I'm coming...

She gets out of bed and goes to look in the mirror.

Ugh, look at that face... What's this!?

"Elena, I know you like Ryudo! Let him know it!"


C'mon, get up! Hey, PRINCESS! Hey, SISTER!?

I- I'm coming right now!

If there's one bad thing I can say about Cyrum (there will be several) it's that the writing gets reeeal anime around here.

What's wrong? You alright...? Well, I guess we go to the back of the bazaar, right?

Inn Master: That's right. The bazaar is held in the Castle Square. Take care!

C'mon, let's go.

A moment...

What's up, Mareg?

As I understand it, more than two a couple does not make. It would be rather... odd were I to accompany you.

I shall make my way to the harbor while you conduct your affairs.

Yeah, someone should check out the docks. C'mon, what's wrong, Elena? We going or not?

Uh, yes. I suppose.

If you found that update lacking, rest assured that I did as well. Please find enclosed a written letter of apology and a complimentary Poff Nut on which you may attempt to choke to death.

Official Art: A bit of Cyrum Castle