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Part 39: Endlessly flapping mouth

The inn conversation in Cyrum makes the most sense if it happens first, so let's start there.

Hey, Tio, you okay with just water? Need to eat something? Bolts? Scrap metal?

My functions can be maintained without the intake of foreign materials. Do not concern yourself with my well-being, please.

But that is not much fun. I think that eating can be quite enjoyable.

Say, we should introduce ourselves to Tio, as we shall be traveling together.

Why bother? We'll figure each other out soon enough.

No, I concur with Elena. To achieve superiority in combat, adequate information must be gathered and processed.

C-combat... no, not that, Tio. An introduction is... um... well, anyway, allow me to begin.

Songstresss? What is a Songstress?

Someone who meddles in the affairs of others without considering the consequences.

Ryudo! Please, do not interrupt.

Now, Tio, the role of a Songstress is to sing the hymns of Lord Granas, lending comfort to the soul through song.

Yes, I understand.

Tio, you do not have to believe him! He is a liar! Well, most of the time. But what he has said about me is not true!

Well... now Ryudo has interrupted me again... But I have finished my introduction.

Not even Mareg believes he can be a good character.

And, my master too.

He's a master of many other things as well.

Hee hee. That's right. He never fails to guide us down the proper path.

It is difficult to begin an introduction so late into the journey... I know not what to say.

Heh. Don't worry about it. Tio'll figure things out on her own.

The introductions of my master and Elena have been appropriately filed, leaving only Ryudo and Skye to be processed.

I'm Ryudo, a Geohound. My job is to care for this half-senile old bird, and no - I don't know how he keeps getting out of his cage.

Hee hee. Neither of you are ever at a loss for words, I see.

... ... Is that all, Tio?

Yes. I understand that an introduction is when one gives one's name and personal background.

I have no personal background, therefore I provide only my name. Is this incorrect?

I understand, Tio. It is hard to speak of yourself when there is nothing much to say.

I do not believe this to be so. The past may well not prompt remark, but the present ever waits for one to give it name.

Come, it is anxious to be marked for remembrance. Let this moment be the one in which we first called you friend.

Yes, this alone brings meaning to these fleeting times. For without a lynchpin, time slips through calendars and clocks.

It is sufficient. Remember well these words you speak, for they shall serve you better than any thing found in heaven or earth.

I give Mareg's writing a lot of shit, but his relationship with Tio alone makes him a pretty compelling character.

That is right. From now on, we will be together no matter what!

Nice to meet you, Tio. We're in for a ride.

Leaving Cyrum through the harbor is a point of no return, so we're going back to Mirumu and St. Heim first.

... What is wrong with your stomach? Does it hurt?

No, Tio. Life grows within her. She is carrying child, to be born in the spring.

Villager: They say the baby will be born next spring. That means a village full of flowers will greet my baby when it is born...

Villager: Hee hee! Maybe I'm expecting too much!

No, no, not at all! I am sure the garden and your unborn child will be blessings to this village.

As far as I can tell, that's the only conversation that changes after Tio joins the party. Here's one I didn't show last time we were here:

Villager: Yes... Some wounds are still sore. Such as Aira...

As long as there is life, there will be pain. But pain gives way to healing.

We must hope that time can heal Aira.

Villager: This calamity still infects the spirit of many, like a disease. We ask ourselves how we could have done this.

Villager: They still suffer. It's hard to witness... And it seems that some people will continue to have nightmares...

Even so, you HAVE to move on with your life! You can't just sit back and dwell on it forever, can you?!

Villager: But at least those people are alive. From now on we must all work together...

Villager: Our village is banding together for the first time! And we'll keep working together like this!

Villager: Here's what I think. I think that anyone can be happy... Or rather, can get used to being happy!

Villager: Just a glimmer of realization... A little late, I suppose. But... an improvement, at least!

Master, I have a question. Why did you decide to bring me along on this trip?

I know that this journey will change you... It will help you rediscover your forgotten heart.

What can change if I take a trip?

Tio, people change through having various experiences... Take this village, for example...

This village is an example of people changing... I do not understand.

Just wait, Tio. Mareg will explain.

After the sacrifice of a little girl, Aira, they changed their outlook completely. They began to work towards being happy, together?

Are you saying that sacrifice is necessary for change?

That is not so. He wants to say that people can change if given the chance... The same goes for all of us.

I too can feel that Elena has changed during her travels. Her SMELL has become stronger.

A strong SMELL...! Am I that stinky? But I bathe as much as possible!

Hah! Elena! He's telling you that you've changed for the better...

Yes. Elena, you are much stronger than before. You walk with confidence beyond your yers now, a change from when we first met.

Before leaving on this trip, I knew nothing of the world outside of my village, Carbo. I knew nothing of the people in this land...

Yeah, she's grown... By the looks of it, she's packed on a few pounds.

Ryudo, stop twisting my words around!

... But my being able to put up with Ryudo's tactless jokes means that I have changed.

Definitely. Elena used to be terrified of Ryudo. She has changed, but then again, so has Ryudo. Change is constant.

So Elena "changed by traveling..." is that right?

Well, yes, to put it simply. Traveling can be really difficult and there are lots of hard times, but...

But there are lots of good things too. I managed to make such good friends...

Heh. Elena makes friends everywhere she goes. We're just more friends in a long list of friends she has...

And... you will certainly change. You are not a doll, but a living being - with a heart.

Is that... so? I do not understand...

I agree with Mareg. Change may seem like a difficult path, but over time, all things change, little by little.

I myself cannot believe how much I have changed after starting this journey... But I certainly have changed.

So Tio, I think you can change too. Just as Mareg says, you can remember your forgotten soul.

Well, don't worry about it too much. Things will happen as they happen. No need to get all worked up about it, Tio.

But... if my Master and Ryudo say that I can change, I shall continue on.

You can expect even more change as you continue onward, Tio.

Mareg is right! Anyway, we shall all go together, Tio!

You will change through this journey. Like the flow of a river, change is incessant.

Carry forth your emotions, and be honest to them. For that is what will change you, your heart and emotions.

I still do not quite understand... But Master, if you say so, I shall continue the journey.

Lastly, we return to St. Heim.

We faced a number of problems on our journey, but my traveling companions were quite helpful in overcoming them.

Gate Guard: Well, that's good to hear. It has been very peaceful here. Thanks to Lord Granas, of course.

Remember the only sidequest in this entire game, that letter we delivered?

Man: My son sent me a letter. It said "Hang in there, Dad"... I couldn't keep from crying.

Hey... you should be proud of yourself. You've overcome your past mistakes. I don't know if I could have done better myself.

"Nice aroma"...? Master, are there "nice" aromas and "naughty" aromas?

No, Tio, that is not what she meant. A "nice" aroma pleases the olfactory senses of the person who smells it.

The homeless old man who always loiters in the bakery got hired as their greeter!

Are you OK, old fella?

Old Man: Heh hehh... Hiya, I'ma sorry. I'ma new here'n'all... But I'ma old and can't talk right. Heh heh.

Do not be embarrassed. You are doing a splendid job. Keep up the good work, sir!

Old Man: Ddddear cu... customers! M... M...May you rr... receive the of Lord Grr... Grrr... Grranas! Whew! Ss... sorry!

Why, thank you! May you also receive the protection of Lord Granas!

Whoa, geezer. Good job, just slow it down.

Good that his business failed? Can failure be something positive...?

Failure is not necessarily a bad thing. It helps you grow, so that you can learn from the experience it provides.

Architect: Particularly the cornerless, curvy designs. When combined with the sunlight, a spiritual harmony reverberates through them.

Huh? I do not hear any harmonics. I do not even hear a single note...

Uh, Tio here doesn't have a sense of humor. Please refrain from such statements if you can. She will only take them seriously...

Architect's Wife: My husband is always keen to explain these buildings to visitors. He's glad to do it.

Hmm. Maybe that's because NO ONE understands these buildings without some sort of explanation...

Please excuse the spiky-haired gentleman with the rude disposition. It has to grow on you, really...

I am not a human being. I am an Automaton.

Son of a bitch! Someone did know the singular! As I said last update, out-of-the-way dialogue like this tends to have different translators or editors, which is why you see this sort of inconsistency.

Old Man: Oh, I see! Gotcha! My, my. You must've come a long way. I've never heard of that country.


I don't believe I talked to this kid last time we were here, but I'm sure you'll figure out the context the game expects us to have:

Kid: I had faith that my dad was OK. And faith that he'll be back soon. And I was right! I was right!

Faith... Why do people have it?

Faith is something we instill in others. I have faith you will find your heart, and you have faith I will guide you. Understand?

How can the facial expression change when the statue is made from stone?

Those who take care of the statue know best. While it might not fit into logical boundaries, we must trust their word.

Caretaker: Interesting point of view, beast-man.

Elena suggests that we shouldn't return to the Cathedral without the Divine Sword in hand, so all that's left is to have a hot meal and move on.

But we just went there... and you... how does... nevermind.

What? Do you REALLY have to go there? Can't you just find a corner somewhere and pray there? Does Granas care WHERE you pray?!

I can pray anywhere, yes, but I thought since we are HERE in St. Heim, I should pray at the Cathedral.

So, can I clutch a heart within my body, the way things are clutched within Valmar's claws?

A heart is not something that you can clutch or hold. It is within you, within all of us.

Still, I cannot find out for sure whether or not I have a heart within me.

The heart is more than physical. While it resides in our chest, physically, it is much, much more than a beating organ.

Chest... do you mean... here? I'd better look. Elena?

What? Hey, what are you doing!? Hey, Tio! What are you staring at!?

Hey, Tio!? What do you think you are DOING?

Oh... I wanted to check and see if you had a heart... Is something wrong?

Tio. It is considered, uh, impolite to stare...

Personally, I think this writing is a little... busted.

...I'll go get my coat.

Ryudo, what do you mean, "cold and dark?"

Ah, you see, it's a reference to... Oh, nevermind, it wasn't even funny to begin with.

Exit stage right already!

Tio, the heart that beats within all of us cannot be touched, though it may be felt.

I know this must be very confusing for you, but over time, you will learn and understand.

Do you really think so?

Ha! A tree cannot become a forest overnight. Just be patient...

This is NO laughing matter! I find this VERY embarrassing!

And with that, we've taken Tio on a tour through all of East Silesia and can get back to pursuing Melfice.

Next time: That.

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