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Part 40: Hell of a lot of water, presumably

But, it's a long trip over the Granacliffs. Once we leave port, we cannot return. Understand this.

So, my ship here be ready when you are. We can shove off any time you wish!

We're ready... let's ship out.

All right. This will only be a moment.

This boat... has numbers on its hull.

Huh. Maybe it's number 50 of 50 ships. Or maybe that's its registration number.

Huh? I see you wonder about the numbers. They be the name of the ship. She be called the 50/50.

Must be a cultural thing.

It's north of the Camille Sea, just across the Granacliffs.

The Granacliffs? What are they like in the sea?

Sea splits in half and pours down into them. No one knows what's at the bottom. Hell of a lot of water, presumably.

So how do we cross?

Ask the captain. Bakala seems to think he knows what he's doing.

Bakala walks in.

She doesn't look like much, but she's got it where it counts. Trust me!

I am unfamiliar with this mechanism and I would inquire as to its purpose, for it consumes much of my day.


What the hell is it, anyway?!

You just gotta see it in action. You'll see in good time!

Wonder what all the work is for...

I know. And look... Tio keeps staring at him...

Come to think of it... I do not know anything about Tio. What do you suppose she has been doing all the while?

Remember anything about when Melfice put the Claws of Valmar in you?

I seem to have followed his voice. I have no other memories. It is like I have just woken up. Otherwise, my functons are normal.

Any idea why he put the Claws in you?

I was ordered to protect the facility; to oversee the production of Automata. And then to destroy the outside world.

He said, "I do not have enough POWER! I may not be able to use the Divine Sword, so these Claws shall have to suffice."

I choose to believe she has recording capabilities and said that in Melfice's voice.

Melfice has knowledge of the Granasaber. Interesting.

That is all the information I currently have.

So... Melfice knew all along... The idol isn't the Divine Sword...

That's right, it's Ryudo's turn to throw vague foreshadowing around for a while.

What do you mean by "idol," Ryudo?

Nothing. Forget it.

His dissatisfaction with his own power grows even as his hunger for destruction. Like a ravenous wolf, he will turn to his cunning.

I was just following orders. Have I done something wrong?

The blame lies not with you, but with he who used you as a pawn.

Enough to make my brother believe he could take out Cyrum... and more.


I am sorry, Ryudo. I did not know ships rocked and pitched so much...

I'll go talk to the Captain to see if we can't stop somewhere.

Look, Elena can't take any more of this! Can't we stop this damn thing somewhere?

Hmm... guess there be no other choice. Cecile Reef should be around here. We'll bring her in there.

Urp... I am sorry. I still feel queasy...

Captain, I think it's in everyone's best interest if we let her settle her stomach a bit.

Okay, but stay close. We'll want to leave right away if the wind picks up.

Alright. We'll rest here.

Tonight, you won't have to worry about your bed slipping out from under you.

Yes, that will be nice.

Contriva- I'm sorry, Cecile Reef doesn't have any monsters in it, so we can enjoy the sights at a leisurely pace.

I SMELL not the sea upon them...

Please... enough about stones and smells. Let me rest...

OK, OK, we may have stumbled across something important, but the princess needs her beauty sleep.

MUSIC: Silence.

I feel much better without all that rocking. Being on the boat made me feel rather ill.

... Ryudo? What does your family do back in your hometown?

What is this "family?" I do not understand...

Family are the ones you share your life with. Like us, this motley bunch, we are like family now.

Me... I don't even know the meaning of the word "family" now...

I am sorry, Ryudo... I did not mean to trouble you...

Ryudo... he will fight against "family?" But does he not live with his family? I do not understand...

...Ryudo? You plan to strike down your only remaining kin?

Melfice pursues nothing... save destruction. If we do not stop him, he is bound to use his power elsewhere.

Melfice though, he's no longer my brother. He's not even human anymore... He's just Valmar's pawn!

That much I already know... whatever. Let's just get some sleep already.

Fade, also I missed the next screenshot.

Hey, where's Elena? Skye, you seen her?

Great. Probably feeding the fish like a mother bird - eh, Skye?

I don't think so, smart guy. Anyway, I've been meaning to ask you...

Yeah, what?

Who do you like better, Elena or Millenia?

Oh bloody hell, Skye - what kind of a question is that?! This is a JOB, remember? I can't stand either of them!

Looking for Elena is the obvious course of action, but I'd rather do literally anything else, so:

Agh! I wish he would STOP snoring! I can't sleep at night! I wish I knew how Tio can just block it out...

Why does Tio even NEED to sleep? And next to Mareg? He may be sophisticated, but his snoring can wake the dead! I just don't get it!

Alright, gird your anime loins for this one.

VIDEO: a cutscene (rest of the update)

No, I was just watching the sea... But then I saw THAT thing...

It's like it's always staring at us. I hate it... That moon, it haunts me...

Seeing it pains my heart.

Say, Elena! Want me to make it vanish?


Ryudo kneels down and picks up a rock.


Heh heh. How about that?

Hee-hee. Thanks. Such a small gesture made me feel so much better...

I wish that moon would disappear forever...

Me too. It always disappears, but comes right back.

I used to think everyone was terrified of Valmar and isolated by the Granacliffs and suffering so terribly.

I really didn't know ANYTHING about the world...

Just realizing that you were naive is half the battle, Elena.

I guess I can't call you naive...

Right now... I want to forget everything. My mission to save the world. Valmar. Myself as a Sister of Granas.

Tomorrow, well... Right now I want to forget a little...


You're misunderstood. Even though you work so hard.

I've never looked at the world the way you do... I've only wanted to forget, to erase my... horrible past...

You mean... Melfice?

I thought I would have been happier to forget it all...

But it didn't turn out like that. I couldn't escape from my painful past.

... I- I'm sorry. I didn't see you for who you are, Ryudo. I never noticed your pain.

I'm sorry. I was terribly naive after all...


Yeah. Think about it. I thought it was so obvious.

If it weren't for this journey with you, I may have never realized it. It was you...

Ryudo, it is I who should thank you.

With you, I can be so honest. I can be so strong of heart. I am glad I met you...


Thank you for cheering me up, Ryudo. Now I can work even harder!

Uh, um... Ha ha! Now that's the Elena I know!