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Part 41: Like a wee little fairy


Those were not stones we saw yesterday, but rather eggs...

RUN, everyone, run!

But, we cannot go back.

Dammit, they're coming right at us!

Crimson Claw (reskin of Giant Crab)

HP: 2640 (from 1230)
Attack: ~650 (10 hits)
Abilities: Move Block Step (~400 damage, Cancel and the obvious)
Special: on hit
Resistant to , Weak to

Ceceile Reef is my least favorite area in Grandia II for being the place where the game starts introducing texture swaps of previous enemies. Expect to see maybe one or two new enemy models from now until the end of the game, not counting bosses.

As for the Crimson Claws, you can't dodge their attacks and they tend to block all your moves and magic by the end of the fight, but as long as the healer stays unsilenced, it's not too bad.

Incidentally, they're immune to Sleep and so is everything else in Ceceile Reef.

Camping right outside the ship clearly would've made too much sense, so we need to take the long way around to get back to the 50/50.

Most of the reef looks like this. All the optional packs of Crimson Claws are only three strong, so they're no real threat.

This convenient new halberd for Mareg is a strict upgrade as long as you're fighting insects and crustaceans, to which it does bonus damage.

There's a part where you jump I guess. It's hard to get excited about Ceceile Reef and I'd rather not spend too much time on it.

Might as well talk about the enemies, though.

Flame Toad (reskin of Frost Frog)

HP: 3300 (from 940)
Attack: ~800
Special: All stats -1 plus a chance of and on hit
Resistant to /, Weak to

An enemy with no special moves and a dodgeable attack with a really nasty on-hit? Oh, you mean like the mantises from like twelve hours ago? They're still capable of ruining you if they get hits in, but it would be astoundingly hard to get this without having figured out Runner stacking to dodge their every attack.

Scaly Warrior (reskin of Troglodyte)

HP: 4200 (from 1160)
Attack: ~1000
Abilities: Lunacy Egg (~450 damage, Cancel, Confuse)
Special: -1,
Resistant to

Slabs of beef. Similarly to the Hammerheads and Chameleons back in St. Heim, they can help their froggy friends land their attacks. It's much less effective, though, as Confusion doesn't prevent characters from dodging and we can protect against it anyway.

Since the game refuses to kill me, I clearly have to take matters into my own hands.

Here's Ryudo straight up murdering Tio. He wasn't confused. Can you guess what happened?

Ryudo wasn't confused, but Tio was. She tried to hit him, he dodged and apparently his Geohound reflexes kicked in and he cut her in half. Turns out Aim for Counter triggers on attacks made by confused allies, too. WHOOPS.

Not gonna lie, that counter made my day. Other than that, the only interesting part of fighting in Ceceile Reef was getting to use Tio - I'll put together a post with her special moves and voice lines between this update and the next.

Notable loot in this dungeon:
Coral Necklace (+10 DEF, // resist)
Lullaby Staff (+65 ATK, on hit)

These two are the boss fight of Ceceile Reef and they are kind of a joke.

Crimson Tail

HP: 15000 (from 9600)
Attack: ~1500
Abilities: Phantom Echo (~450 damage, AoE, /-1), Scissors Storm (~1700 damage, Cancel, )

Their AoE attack is underpowered, they're slow and they're made of paper. I like their design, though. They've got a head on the end of their tail and one between their claws and will face characters with a different one depending on what attack they're using.

They drop a new mana egg. I'll get to that later.

I could give a damn about the wind-- why the HELL didn't you tell us about the killer eggs?!

Killer whats? Was your breakfast messing with you, lad? Arr, you look no worse for the wear.

... This is coming out of your tip.

Now, be fair, lad. I've never put ashore here myself, and we wouldn't be here now if it weren't for your young lady there...

In any case, prepare to shove off!

Maybe you should clue the rest of us in here, Captain. What the hell are you talking about?

Some days there be a strong updraft from the Granacliffs. That's what we got now.

We spread the ship's sails to catch the updrafts, and we glide across the Granacliffs like a wee little fairy.

But if we do not make it across...

That's why I made you work so hard. It was an air pump. We release the compressed air and fly!

Bakala turns the valve by the wheel and the ship begins to shake.

Who's going to steer this deathtrap?

You got barnacles for brains, lad? Think what happens when this ship flies! We get to the other side... and BLAMMO!

It's sink or swim. That's why she's called the 50/50!


The party hurries belowdecks. I'm going to go ahead and say that there's no way I could possibly do the following FMV justice in screenshots, so please do watch it if at all possible.

VIDEO: Sink or Swim


This game needs to stop encouraging me to make jokes about it ending abruptly.

MUSIC: Ambient waves.

How long before we arrive at Garlan? What is wrong with you, Ryudo? You do not seem pleased to see your home again.

If I weren't looking for the Divine Sword I'd never go home...


I don't even want to go home to that miserable place...

Wh- why is that? It is your hometown!

As we all know, most early civilizations sprung up around sources of fresh idol.


To protect the idol, we train as swordsmen, aiming to purify our souls and resist evil. That was the idea anyway...

Until... My brother... messed everything up...

What exactly...

Ryudo! There! I see it!

Yeah, I see it too, Skye. Well, Elena, there it is - Garlan.

. . .

MUSIC: Silence, save the occasional animal cry.

Urp. Anyway, I never even imagined that we could FLY across the Granacliffs!

Truly, a most remarkable idea.

Aye, the odds were against us, but we made it! Now the ship be needing repairs aplenty.

Captain Bakala, thanks again.

Don't mention it. I'll be in port awhile. When you be done with your business, we're all yours.

What a quiet village! It seems so terribly sad.

Been like that for a while.

I see you are hated here, Ryudo.

Tio! That is a terrible thing to say!! But... Ryudo... what is going on?


Official Art: Melfice and Elena; Ryudo and Millenia