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Part 47: Was it music!? Was it an angel's voice!?

Before we begin, allow me to mention that following the previous update, the game decided to start crashing to desktop as soon as it got to the main menu. A quick googling revealed that the solution involves copying the contents of the second game disc into the install folder. This thankfully worked, allowing me to continue providing this Let's Play entertainment experience to you nice people. As a closing statement, Jesus Christ. Bug Count: 31.

Let's take one final tour of Garlan before spending the night at the inn.

I've got to go now. But you're not lonely, are you? I don't think so. Not with my big sister Reena beside you.

Ryudo... thanks to you, Melfice can rest soundly, at peace, in his own home. You have given him that.

Everyone born of this village was conditioned to seek power... Even I could have ended up like Melfice...

Melfice's abilities should have been seen as a natural gift... Instead they became his greatest curse...

Yet, in the end, he was ab le to die with his one true brother at his side... That must have set him at ease.

Brother. Melfice. I am now able to find the Divine Sword. Thank you.

When I have succeeded, and when all that I have to do is done, I will return. I promise.

Forget it, Gatta. There's no need to apologize.

Come back safe, Ryudo.

I'll be back. I promise. In the meantime, toughen up, will you?

Don't worry, you'll get all you can handle next time!

Little man, big mouth! You better hope you can back that up... Remember... The tougher you get, the tougher I get.

Come back safe! A promise is a promise!

Don't worry. I always keep my promises!

Oh really? Then I'll need to get back before one says "yes" to you. That should give me PLENTY of time.

Yeah, right. Well I've a better chance than SOMEONE I know! It's beyond me how that Songstress puts up with you at all!


Who asked YOU!? Shut the hell up!!

Ha ha! See you later!

Later, eh? Just remember, you got a beating coming your way when I get back. Let's hope your skills can keep up with your mouth...

Before I forget, the Friends Necklace he gave Ryudo is an accessory that gives +25 DEF. I probably won't use it, but I'll try not to pawn it off.

I've only got one home. Good memories or bad, this village is my only home.

I'll come back... Don't worry about that...

That's more than we dared hope for... Then I must get ready for the return of a hero to our village of swordsmen!

Songstress. Please watch over Ryudo.

Ryudo may have grown in strength. But he still lacks someone who will stand by him. Will you do that?

Why... of course I will do what I can. But of what help can someone like me be to Ryudo...?

I've only been thinking about the village. I lost sight of the people who live in it. I've been so mistaken.

We must all regain our honor and compassion as swordsmen... As people...

Forget about it. Tend to their graves for me, will you?

Villager: Of course! Leave it to me... Ryudo... you HAVE grown stronger...

But... the village has forgiven me of my past... I must admit, it's quite relieving.

Ryudo. Every wolf has a pack to return to. And you can now run with yours again.

I'll be back. Gallius! After I've finished what I must, I'll come home.

This village has been badly wounded. The earth weeps. Yet, in the dead of winter, seeds must grow for a new spring.

The island will be tranquil now. Sleep. Rest in peace.

Ryudo, it was your conviction that reached them.

Reached them...? Then one's convictions can reach others...

Yeah, well... whatever it was that reached them, something did. That's all that really matters.

Come to think of it, Reena's grave looks better cared for. I guess everyone else has changed too...

But why would a cleaner grave denote a change in the nature of the villagers?

The unkept grave was symbolic of their past. They have faced and overcome their history and fears.

Yes! When we first came to this village, not a soul cared for poor Reena... It was all very sad...

Reena, you will be having many other visitors now...

Reena is here already... and this is Melfice's home. He grew up here. He should rest here.

Ryudo. Do not worry. Sasha always looked up to Melfice... I am sure she is happy to be with him even now.

But keep the lectures short if you can, all right?


Rayjack taught Melfice and I all we knew about swordplay... He was the best instructor one could have.

I'll bet he's giving Melfice hell right now.. But I know he'll eventually forgive him...

Good-bye for now, Grandfather. I'll be back to visit.

Don't worry about me any more. I've got a good friend who'll stick by me. Right...?

Why Ryudo... of course!

We've all had our fill of vengeance and quarrels by now...


I didn't beat anything. I meant to... but that didn't happen. I... accepted it. I didn't beat it...

Villager: So you... accepted... your past...? Ryudo, do you think we can as well?

Of course!

Villager: I just tried my sword again... It's been three years... Man, it's HEAVY!!

But you could lift it, right? You can still swing it, right? It's a starting point, but you must practice and practice!

Villager: Right... you're right... Just pick it up... and swing and swing...

Villager: Ryudo, next time you show up, our hands will be rough enough to boast about. You'll see! Maybe rougher than YOURS!

Ha! Don't get ahead of yourself, champ!

Grampa: We walk around like zombies day in day out, and greet you with barbs and slurs when you come home.

Grampa. Forget about it. I'm no angel myself, you know that. What's done is done. Let's move on.

Grampa: We, who did nothing day after day, had no cause to treat you that way while you were standing up for us.

Grampa: But you didn't say a word. You just faced Melfice for us. I'm so ashamed...

What's past is the past. Just as Ryudo has changed, so have all of you.

Nouman: We thought we could keep the past away if we kept you away. We thought if we closed our eyes, we could make it all disappear...

I made the same mistakes...

Nouman: You know Dodo, you never did stop fighting Melfice's shadow... All alone...

Nouman: But look at us, what did we do? Gripe, moan, and give up... Without ever trying to face it once...

But I wasn't alone. Elena, and the others, supported me... That's the only way I could've fought Melfice.


Nouman: Well, Dodo, I hardly recognize you, you've gotten so BIG! Guess I shouldn't call you Dodo anymore, huh?

I always answered to "Dodo" before. Call me by whatever name you want... It doesn't matter much to me...

Nouman: All right then...! Dodo!! Ha ha ha!! Come back and see us from time to time, Dodo! We'll be waiting!

Don't worry. I'll be back, as soon as I'm finished with this job. But you'd better have some GOOD fish ready for me...

The Tourney? Of course I do. What of it?

Villager: I'm thinking of holding it again. So that we can remember the REAL reasons for combat.

Villager: I've finally woken up, Ryudo. We've been running away from our problems when we should have been facing them.

Villager: We need to remember the real reasons for combat. I'm going to reinstate the Tourney so we can reflect on them again.

Reinstate the Tourney, eh? I guess I'll have to make it back in time so I can rack up another victory.

Villager: Ryudo... We'll reinstate the Tourney. And when we do...

When you do, you had better be ready for me, because I don't pull MY punches... ever.

See? Over here in the corner of the door, there are a bunch of marks... And there's one more for my brother, Melfice.

They start at my waist... you must have been really little back then... where is your brother's mark?

It's there... look up. One mark. Way up towards the top of the door. That's his.

Melfice measured himself once and then quit... He was already the biggest and the strongest.

I was obsessed with catching up to him... But I never really did...

But Ryudo... Look. Now you are much bigger than him.

Yeah. You're right, I suppose.

This dinner conversation revealed to me that, for all I know, I missed a whole bunch of lines in every other one to date. It has a couple of branches that can get skipped over if you have the characters talk in a certain order, but it also has four different ways it can end, plus dialogue for changing your mind about ending it - I'm pretty sure Garlan Inn is the hardest boss in the game, because I restarted this conversation more times than I expect to retry any boss fight.

If we choose to end the scene pretty much immediately:

We've just started to eat. What should we do?

Should we then change our mind:

Ryudo, we have only just begun to eat. It is important to get enough nourishment. We should eat some more.

I guess you're right. Let's have some more.

Actually ending it here:

It's a little early, but let's knock off and get some rest for tomorrow.

Timeline #2:

I've a bit of a headache... Nothing more. Come on, let's get going.

What? No, no, this is the quantum universe where the conversation DOESN'T immediately end. Get your timelines right, Ryudo, geez.

Anyway, I'm FINE, all right?! Really... I mean it. I'm F-I-N-E. What? Do I look awful or something? Sheesh.

Well fine then. I do not find it unreasonable to remain concerned about your well-being.

For the love of...! Elena... I am FINE, OK? Stop worrying.

Yeah. What makes it more difficult than anything else is the fact that we had no option... No alternative.

If I had been stronger, I would have realized that I needed to stop running. Maybe then SOMETHING could have been done.

Ryudo! This self-deprecation must stop! You have done all that you could do. Stop beating yourself up over it!

To live life in regret is to chase the past. You cannot possibly change what is done. Learn from your past; do not dwell.

Mareg... I know you are right, I really do. But I don't FEEL like I can just let go of what has happened...

Yes. Letting go is very hard to do sometimes...

The doom god parasite can't be doing him much good on that front.

Ryudo... In your heart, you know what your brother told you...

Melfice...! The words he spoke to Ryudo...

He said "thank you," did he? Thanks stemming from his being released from his tortured cell... that curse of Valmar.

That is what I think, Ryudo. Please do not blame yourself... You did what had to be done. Nothing more, nothing less.

Elena... I hope you're right.

But Ryudo! You NEVER shirked your duty... not ONCE! And this time you fought for the villagers, the same people who cursed you!

I will NOT allow you to continue torturing yourself! You will never make it at this rate. Pull yourself together!

... Thanks. I'm OK now. Sorry for making you worry.

Remember now, princess. It's ME who looks after YOU. Understand? Ha!

Oh Ryudo... That means...

Ryudo... You said you would look after me...

Right... well... you see... What I meant was, uh, that since you helped ME, I should help YOU now...

So when I said look after, that's what I meant. And you need a LOT of looking after, and I'm the ONLY person who gets that. See?

Ryudo... thank you. That makes me so happy...

I HAVE noticed that, Mareg! Unlike mine, they DO seem to have a penetrating effect on that thick skull of his...

WORDS!? You sound more like a hen clucking!

Actually, Skye... I should apologize to you too. Sorry to worry you so much.

Did you hear THAT!? Was it MUSIC!? Was it an angel's voice!? Can we DARE to hope to hear such humility twice?

There you go CLUCKING again!!

And for GOOD reason!!

Ha! Now that is the Skye and Ryudo my ears are used to hearing...

And here I thought he had FINALLY come to his senses...

Ending the conversation around here:

Changing our mind:

Listen. I'm sorry for worrying you all. I aplogize.

Ryudo! Think nothing of it. We are glad you are safe.

I find solace in the simple fact that we may still dine together. The others feel the same way. It is the harmony we share.

Actually ending it:

Ah... that was delicious. There is NOTHING better than some good home cooking!

Timeline #3:

Why, Tio? Why bring that up NOW!?

I had concluded that to be the wisest action. And yet, now I am relieved that my recommendation was not acted upon. Why?

Ha! I told you why then, Tio. Ryudo is family. And there is no greater joy than in helping one's family!

Ryudo is family... And so I rejoice at having spared Ryudo...

Master. It appears to be impossible to delete the mistakes and the failures of human beings.

Yes, it is impossible. While our past should not dictate our future, we need our past to learn from.

And Ryudo knows that in his head... He is having trouble teaching his heart that lesson.

Knows it in his head, but cannot accept it in his heart? I fail to understand.

Elena has helped Ryudo remove the fog of confusion from his mind. He can now move ahead because of Elena's assistance.

She helped him... move ahead...? In that case, Elena is Ryudo's master. Is this not correct?

Ah... MASTER?!

M- Master? Me?! But why on earth would I be master to... to Ryudo!?

One's master shows the right way. You showed the right way for Ryudo. That makes you his master...

Whoa now! Tio...!

Ending the conversation here:

Changing our mind:

Tio does have an interesting perspective. So Elena is your master, then...

And what's interesting about THAT?! Huh, birdbrain? Answer? NOTHING at all.

Actually ending it:

Tio, I don't quite follow... Why is Elena my master...?

Oh, forget it. Let's just get some sleep.

Am I inaccurate?

Timeline #4:

In that case, what is the relationship between Elena and Ryudo?

A good question indeed! Hmm. They both care deeply about one another, although they may not admit it. Ah, I know! Parent and child.

Mareg dropping a sick burn. Savor it.

Mareg!! Give me a BREAK! Parent and CHILD...!?

Mareg! You're going to have to explain this then... it makes ZERO sense to me.

You look after one another. You defend one another. You fight for one another. Is that not like the bond between parent and child?

I disagree, Mareg. I would say they are much more like husband and wife...

No one asked YOU!!

Wrong again, Tio!!

I see no parent-child relationship here - Right, Elena?

Hee hee... Sometimes I'm not so sure, Ryudo.

Elena! Come on, help me out here...!

Tio. You already know the answer. We are like family now, and family stick together!

First it is "master," and then it is "a parent-child bond." The way I see it, you two should just--

Skye... I'm in no mood for levity...

No more time travel, this time the conversation actually ends:

But Ryudo... you really should rest from your last battle... Your body is probably more fatigued than you think.

Is it not interesting how you look out for one another? You share a bond like that of family. Like parent and child.

We don't need your running commentary, Mareg.

Next time, we set sail.

Official Art: Tio, Elena and Millenia
Fan Art: Melfice (by lok-tar)