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Part 51: Appropriate for dinner-theatre

MUSIC: Birds chirping, mostly.

Alright, let's put that whole Hut of Trials thing behind us and enjoy the feast.

Are you kidding? They're the most unlikely couple I've ever seen!

Villager: Ha ha! I am not talking about appearance or scent. It's hard to put my finger on it, but I think it's their... ambiance.

Villager: When Tio and Mareg are together, I smell such a strange and wondrous scent.

Are you talking about... love?

Villager: Not exactly. It is YOU two who excude a scent that suggests love! Hee hee ♥

Huh...? What?

Villager: Two people together exchange between them a sort of energy. I can "smell" that energy.

Villager: When Tio and Mareg are together, the energy I smell is best described as... serenity.

A new addition to the family? Oh, did you have a baby? Congratulations!

Villager: No, no, nO! Hiccup! I mean -- hiccup! -- you guys! 'Cause Mareg's family is OUR family!

Villager: It's juzz great that Mareg'zh back. I'm sho happy! Hiccup!

Excuse me? I am afraid I cannot understand you one bit. Please enunciate your words.

Villager: I shed I'm sho happy 'bout Mareg'zh back! I mean, I'm sho happy THAT Mareg'zh back!

Don't waste your time with this drunk.

I included this to show that the translation didn't localize away references to alcohol. The first game wasn't as lucky and ended up with coffee bars.

Aching back? If your back hurts you, you should not be walking around like this. Please go lie down.

Villager: It's nothing. Besides, I have something I must tell you. You are going to the Great Rift, correct?

Villager: The Great Rift lies east of here. Since time immemorial, a powerful tornado has raged through the heart of the rift.

A tornado?! You're telling me there's been a tornado in that Rift since the Battle of Good and Evil?

Villager: Correct. That is why the Great Rift is such a foreboding, cursed land.

Villager: But answer me this: Just what is it we are celebrating?

Villager: Precisely! I have no idea at all myself! But you don't need a reason to have a feast! Ha ha!

Villager: Yet, every feast is a celebration of life, yes?

* We're celebrating Mareg!

Villager: Correct! We are celebrating Mareg -- his safe return, and his departure.

What? You're celebrating the fact that Mareg is going to be leaving again? Whatever for?

Villager: Because he has found his purpose in life -- to go on your journey. That is something to celebrate!

* Would you be celebrating... us?

Villager: Indeed we are! Who could help but celebrate a young couple on a romantic journey together? Ha ha ha!

A c-couple? B-But we are not...

Yeah... cut it out, old man. You're not as funny as you think you are.

Forgot to show off this windmill last time. I wonder what they skinned to make it.

Yeah. Can you tell?

Oh, this is horrible. Do we really smell?

You seem to have the oil of silvervine moss on you.

Is it harmful?

No, it has no effect on humans. But it intoxicates beast-men. Some of them even become addicted to it.

Does that mean it is dangerous for us to go near the villagers?

The effects last for about one day, but it takes roughly three days to become addicted. So there is no danger.

Oh, thank goodness!

Yeah. What is it?

Master told me to understand emotions. But how can I? I do not even have my heart.

I want to understand... Was it emotions that made you bring the villagers silvervine moss?

Uh, let's see here. It's hard to explain, but -

Yes, Tio. In a way it WAS because of emotions. You see, we wanted to do something to repay the village for its hospitality.

That is why Ryudo and I entered the Hut in the first place. We wanted to help make the villagers happy.

Yes, but I help and protect Mareg because he is my Master, not because of emotions.

Yes, but Tio, the urge to protect someone is definitely tied to emotion! It is a display of care.

Hmm... I still do not understand.

Give it another few dungeons and a plot twist or two, I guess.

Hey! Mareg! Snap out of it!

Oh, I am sorry, Ryudo and Elena. The bot hof you are exuding an enchanting scent.

I have heard that some smells are impossible to rid yourself of... This seems to be one of them.

Oh, it is not time for that just yet. My guests, have you a talent to share with us? It will be a feast only if you participate!

... None of my talents are appropriate for dinner-theatre.

But... we HAVE to do something.

Please, do not be embarrassed - anything will suffice. May I ask you, then?

Sing a song. A hymn, whatever...

I do not mind to sing, but... Tee-hee. What is with you, Ryudo? I thought you hated church hymns...

Th- thank you, Ryudo. This is the first time you have ever said anything nice about my singing.


Well, then I shall sing.

Listen, O friend of friends, she's... different.

Ohhhh, I see...

Skye. Don't start with me. It's dinner time - shouldn't you be ramming your head into a tree by now?

Ha! My, how you've changed! Word of advice: Women are impossible to understand, so act before your brain starts getting in the way.

...! What the hell do you mean by that?

Skye flies away.

Master? What response does Elena's song prompt in you?

It is a warmth that blooms within me; a fragile thing of thread and air unfolding.

I do not feel anything.

Nothing at all?

... Well, not exactly nothing, but I do not understand...

That is your heart...

I have no heart. Master, I still do not understand what you mean by "live free..." There is so much that I still do not know...

You need not understand. You need only listen. To live free is to pay heed to the voice within you - no more than this.

Ryudo lives under the natural law? I do not understand this...

Does this correspond to the protocol: "being your own master?"

Yes, perhaps this will be the most expedient path to understanding. From this moment forth, seek to become your own master.

If this is your command, master... But how shall I address you from this point on, master?

My name is Mareg, as I told you when first we met.

Very well, Mareg. From now on, I am my own master.

Hey, we're ahead of schedule!

Indeed I believe you are. Come, let us make our mouths wet with drink, for my tongue swells with thirst.

What is your need, Tio?

I am just testing my functions. Yet... I think I just felt something... when I called you "Mareg."


Your heart, young one.

I have a heart...? I cannot confirm this.

Nor can you confirm the sound of a flower opening or the taste of an autumn sunset. Feel. This is enough.

I know I've done nothing but lambaste the the way Tio's written, but I can't help but feel a slight increase in my own heat production whenever I watch this scene.

MUSIC: Silence.

Villager: You have such a beautiful voice...

Thank you, Ryudo. Where has Skye gone?

Said he was hungry. Probably knocked himself out on a closed window.

Villager: Guess we gotta sing something too!

(you should probably listen to this)

Heard this one before... Maybe at Roan's place...?

This is an interesting song. Ah.... simple, yet very lovely.

Say, Ryudo... I have heard them say that the spring is beautiful once night falls.

Yeah, I heard that too... Seems as if the forest sparkles at night.

I would like to see that...

Me too. Come on, let's go.

MUSIC: Silence.

But I've never had so much fun singing. I never imagined it to be so exciting. Mareg's people are a wonderful audience.

They're good folk. Hell, even I feel better after hanging around them.

I love to sing. It brings me a sense of peace... As if I were somehow closer to the world.

I wonder if those who listen feel the same. Say, Ryudo?

Elena... I really want to thank you for what you did for me when the Horns... got me.


I got it all messed up last time. Like, what I meant to say was when the Horns possessed me...

Ryudo, why... why do you tell me this now? So... suddenly?

I- I'm sorry. Did I say something wrong again?

Uh uh...

I beg to differ, but I'll duck out of this scene on the off chance that someone out there enjoys it.

...I'm thirsty right now. Wait a minute while I go drink from the spring.

But I... cannot respond... If I did, I would lose something important inside of me...

That's right! Ryudo is all mine!!!

Face it, sister - it would never work between you and Ryudo.

I- I...

He's not the most important thing in your life, is he? You could never begin to actually love someone else!

That is not... true.

Really? Hell, you could've fooled me. You handled it pretty well back there...

That could not be helped! I have a higher obligation! I must complete my task no matter the price...

Sure thing, your holiness. Nothing's more important than Zera's damned words, right?

!? H-How can you say that? Why do you torment me?


Me, I'd give myself totally to Ryudo, life and body!

Ryudo could never love a woman like you! He'd have to pry my cold, dead fingers off him first!

Stop it, Millenia! ... What are you trying to do to Ryudo!?

Ryudo is mine... He knows it. I know it. And one way or another, you'll know it!

MUSIC: Silence.

There's nobody at the water's edge, but when Ryudo turns back...

Mi- Millenia!?


Y- You are...

Hey, handsome. What's wrong? You happy to see me?


Oh, my. You don't want to see me? And I've been just dying to see you.

It always looks like this. What do you want, Millenia?


Look, you're here one second and you're gone the next, even if I have something to tell you.

Does that mean you have something to tell me?

Dammit! You always do that...

Stop it. Now.

What the hell are you thinking?

I'm thinking of you, Ryudo. I think of nothing but you!

You can stop creeping me out like this...

I can't help it! I've fallen in love with you. I'm so in love I don't know what to do!

Oh... just forget it, Ryudo. Okay? Forget I said anything.

I think I really do... love you... But... I kinda feel the same way about Elena...

Why?! Would you love me more if I was... human?

No! That's not it...

But I love you, Ryudo! Much more than Elena does! You'd never be second in my heart! I love you much, much more!

Mi- Millenia...

But that girl, she...

I'm sorry, Millenia. It's not fair to either of you.

If you don't have the guts to make a decision, then I'll decide for you... I'm sorry, Ryudo.

Music: Silence.

Ryudo... what am I...?

Uh, no, it's just Millenia...

!? Millenia...?

Elena starts backing away.

So... Ryudo, you and Millenia...


She runs off.

He- hey! Elena!? Please don't misunderstand!

How could I have let myself get so carried away? I have a mission... It is this that is of the most importance.


Do not speak of it. You are our friends, after all.

We must take our leave...

Take care. You head for uncharted territory, known to us only through legend.

It is in The Great Rift at a place we call the Tower of the Purple Cloud. If your way becomes too difficult, return here.

Nothing is too difficult.

You will always be welcome here. The gate to the village will be open to you, always.

...? What's wrong, Elena?

I said that was a... misunderstanding...

Hmm? Oh, that is not what bothers me... Come. The Divine Sword awaits.

Official Art: Early concepts for Tio and Roan, plus concepts for the main characters' in-game models.