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Part 61: Porta da esperança

"A year has since passed. The water-filled canyons of the Granacliffs have become a trade route, so our country is well visited. This activity reflects the happiness of the people. Their memories of suffering are finally fading into the past... But we must not forget that time. The compassion we learned then must also not fade from our hearts..."

Yes. I am going to see my friends... Please, take care of the castle for a while.

Welcome to the epilogue! Now that a year has gone by, it's time to see how the world we saved has been doing. We do this through Roan's eyes and can talk to a whole bunch of NPCs, so you bet your anime I'm going to talk to a million of them.

I said I would be fine. Paulk, you worry too much.

Oh, of course! And which of Your Majesty's vassals DON'T worry too much!?

Never mind.

I want to see the friends I traveled with before... Can you see where they are?

Fortune Teller: And... and... the snake has got it! Hmm... Well...

Fortune Teller: Perfect...? Huh, what's this? It says they're near and far... BUT! You are sure to see them if you don't give up!

Is that right? Well, I definitely do not intend to give up!

What!? Are you sure?

Boy: Yeah. He said I'd find myself a nice gurlfrend!

What!? Are you sure?

Girl: Sure I'm sure. He said I'd never have good luck and he told me lots of other horrible things. What a rude man!

What!? Are you sure?

Elder of Yam: I am so glad that that creepy moon is now gone... It's all thanks to you, Your Majesty.

Oh, no. I did not do anything in particular. We owe our thanks to everyone! We won because we all banded together!

Well... Actually, not rea--

Juice Seller: OK, here you go! From my second line of Limited Edition King Roan Special Juices!

Juice Seller: It's "King Roan's Cyrum Revival Commemorative Juice!" Here, try some!

Quite a long name for juice. And do you really have to use my name like that?

Juice Seller: Yes, just like the "Limited Edition King Roan Coronation Commemorative Special Juice" commemorating the revival of Cyrum.

... It seems like the cups are leftovers that you could not sell before...

Hey, remember our favorite citizen of the Kingdom of Cyrum?

Oh, uh... Are you the informant?

Hey, I can't hear a word you're saying. Come a little closer? Eh♥

Um, Mr. Hemble, do you also handle missing persons information? I'm trying to find my old friends...

Ugh, the informant business is no good lately. Just miserable. Really...

Now that the Granacliffs are gone, even the flow of information is faster. So my information is no longer useful!

Oh... Is that so?

Personally I would've had Roan switch to his horrified face as soon as Hemble opened his mouth.

So now I think I'll make a career switch and become a dancer. Think it suits me? What do you say?

... Sometimes it is rather nice to get into the festival mood. I have been so busy since last year, I have not been able to relax at all...

Shhh! Keep it down! I am here incognito. Huh? Where is your son?

Well, I brough my son Koop to the bazaar, but he ran off again when he was supposed to be watching the store.

I swear! When that boy gets back, he's got some punishment coming!

Now that the town is back to normal, you should ease up on him...

Sooner or later, Koop must realize that actions have consequences.

Sure. What is it?

Citizen: My husband, he's been making goo-goo eyes at this nurse at the hospital. I'm wondering what I can do about him.

Making goo-goo eyes at the nurse, eh...?

What!? Are you sure?

... Please excuse my asking, but why do you wish to be a knight?

Citizen: Once, I fell into a waterway, and a knight dove in to rescue me.

Citizen: Now I want to protect the country and the people that live here. That's why I want to be a knight!

I see! If you feel that way then you already ARE a knight! Do not forget that spirit.

We can head over to the port, where we can see firsthand the effects of the Granacliffs' flooding.

Do you really think this town is so nice?

Beastwoman: You bet! My brother says he likes Nanan better. I wonder what's wrong with him?

There must be some things in Nanan that we do not have here...?

Beastwoman: Well, the air is cleaner in Nanan... But, I really like this town a lot better. But my brother doesn't seem to like it...

You just take your time in town and enjoy your stay!

In pretty much every town we visit, there'll be one or two immigrants living there now. It's a very nice touch showing how the world has changed.

Huh!? Does this town really seem so cold!?

I love how distraught Roan looks in his 'shock' portrait. "Paulk! Get me the PR knights! Damage control, NOW!"

Beastman: Compared to my village, this town has hardly any greenery at all. Its SMELL is somewhat monotonous.

I am relieved that is all you meant.

Beastman: Maybe I said too much...? It is a pretty town, but...? Maybe I can feel the activity?

Take your time and look around. I am sure you will learn to enjoy it here.

Beastman: I will. Once I settle down, I'll look around the town. I still can't find my way around.

Yes, it is. It is comforting in the event of an accident.

Citizen: Yes, we can go in as soon as we get sick. A while back my kid got a fever. My wife took him there right away.

You must have been terribly worried.

Citizen: The doctors at the hospital are good, so I don't worry too much. And anyway...

Anyway... what?

Citizen: I envy my kid for getting to be examined by the foxy nurse. It makes me wish I'd been the one with the fever instead.

If your wife and child hear you, you will surely regret it later.

Oh, is she really?

Citizen: Oh, you betcha. She's SO much prettier than my wife.

Is that right? I think your wife might overhear you.

Guys, I think there's a hospital in Cyrum now and there might be a nurse there that we should go see.

What!? Are you sure?

Here's Koop practicing singing with a girl. Anyway, let's go see that nurse, shall we?

Are you going out?

Yes. The town is back to normal. I must go while I can and...

... see with my own eyes what we did. I want to see it again.

So that is it...

Doctor: HEY! TIO! Where have you gotten to!? I need your help!

Over here! Just a second! I am coming.

If Mareg could only see me now...

I will say hello to everyone... And Mareg too...

... Tell everyone that Tio is very happy now. Roan, take this...

... Are you sure? It must be precious...

Please be careful, OK?

OK... See you.

MUSIC: Silence.

VIDEO: Roan's Journey (next few screenshots)

. . .

Oh, uh, I am planning a little trip...

Hmm... oh, dat's it! Hey, you know where dey sell any "why-er"?

Um, you must mean... "wire"! What do you need it for?

Oh? Dat so? Det told me to get some why-er dat won't break under Paella's weight.

Hmm... break under Miss Paella's weight? Ah, must be a high-wire act... But I have no idea what kind would do.

The whole troupe's in Liligue, so let's chat with all of them.

Hi, Gonzola. It HAS been a long time, eh? So, you're putting on a show here?

Yup, we're getting ready to put on a show that'll blow you away! Yeah, just you wait!

Roan, you see, we're going to do this show involving the Skyway...

Huh? Are you going to put on a show INSIDE the Skyway?

No, no, NO! Nothing as easy as that! But the details are top secret!

I am NOT skipping out on any work to go sightseeing!

Just kidding! Actually, we're all very grateful that you and the others brought peace back to our town.

Oh no! I've gotta do something about the Skyway Song or I'm in trouble...

The Skyway Song? Just what is that?

Well, um... Gonzola is on my case to make a song about the Skyway, since it's all the rage right now.

The Skyway Song... Interesting...

Oh, it's you, Miss Paella! What might you be doing here?

Now, Gonzola isn't anywhere around here, right?

I can't believe it! That Gonzola tells me I gotta do the Skyway!

Huh? "Do the Skyway"? What do you mean by that?

I'm supposed to dangle from a wire! I have no idea what this Skyway thing is. But he went ahead and named a stunt after it...

Huh? Now I am completely lost. Dangling from a wire is now the "Skyway?"

Just what is running through that Gonzola's teensy mind...? People don't care about high-wire acts!

That must be tough, but keep at it! Technology drives the Skyway!

Citizen: Yes. That is true. But why do they make us memorize EVERYTHING?!

Everyone here is serious about education, it seems...

Citizen: Yes. Ever since they built the school. And now we have a beautiful teacher. The kids don't even mind going to school!

Care to take an even money bet?

It must be hard on your family to just up and move, huh?

Beastwoman: You can say that again. It'd be easier if he'd just left to try it on his own. But he's helpless without me, so I'm here too.[/i]

The Skyway station's open, of course, so let's wander around there for a bit.

Yes, the Skyway has become a major method of transportation all around the world.

Engineer: That's right. Consequently, there is now greater demand for us engineers.

Ah, I understand. Job security must always be a concern.

It has been a long time. Nice to see you again, Bakala.

I want to become a captain of the Skyway.

Captain of the Skyway? That would be quite different from captaining a ship.

Not as different as you think, lad.

Good luck!

The sea and sky both go on forever...

Hello there! You must be Mr. Gadan... yes? You seem to have completely recovered.

Have we previously met? I have been told I was sick, but I remember nothing of what happened last year...

Huh? Is that so? Wow...

Ah yes, but... [munch][munch][gulp] Maybe because I was laid up so long, I'm just famished... you see.

And what's more, the Skyway business has been going crazy. I have no time to be sick.

Wow, is that so...? But you are all better, right?

Yes, and work is back to normal. I built a school for my workers' children. The teacher there is quite a beauty, too!

Oh no... not again...

Citizen: Ha! Just kidding, but all the kids don't mind going to school anymore!

Citizen: What's more, they want to go to school even on weekends!

Wow! I do not ever remember school being that much fun...

Citizen: No, I think it's because of the new teacher! My children seem to be completely captivated!

Alright, I'll bite.

Child: YAAAY!

Kids these days. So full of energy. All of it used for evil.

Child: Teacher! These are for you!

The girl hands Millenia a bouquet of flowers.

Yes, yes...

Well, little Roan, how've you been? Hmph. Suppose I shouldn't call you "little" anymore.

Miss Millenia, I am... truthfully, a little surprised. So you really did become a teacher. I did not believe it at first.

I'm as shocked as you are. For some reason, the little brats took to me. I can't get rid of them. Don't think I haven't tried.


Child: Yeow! Teacher's getting angry!!

*flap flap flap*

Mister Skye! Are you here with Miss Millenia!?

Someone needs to keep an eye on her. Heaven knows I wouldn't trust my hatchlings with that woman.

Stupid BIRD! Must you always beg me to show you your place?!

Child: It's a bird!

Who? You mean that good for nothing, petty thug? One day, he said, "I've one last thing to do" and left. I haven't seen him since.

Now that you mention it, I haven't heard any rumors about him lately...

Miss Millenia... Are you not... a little lonely?

Roan, you don't understand at all. Ryudo, he's...

He'd never run off with another woman. I know he will come back to me, no matter how far the road takes him. He will...

I- I know it!

MUSIC: Silence.

. . .

Even nature is recovering faster than I once believed possible. There is still suffering, but we will overcome it now.

But, it is what comes next that I am unsure of.

Honestly, you should be glad I managed to refrain from typing "What!? Are you sure?" after every line once we left Cyrum.

Tio is doing fine. She assists a doctor now. She says that she could not be happier.

Is that Ryudo's pendant?


Ryudo... Where have you gone?

. . .

That's right, we get to listen to this again! I'm betwixt myself.

What are you so excited to see?

Child: I was just wondering how soon this troupe will start their performance.

A tent...? What are you getting ready for?

Minstrel: We're minstrels going from town to town! Starting tomorrow, we're performing here!

Minstrel: A wonderful singer just joined us. Son, you ought to come and listen!

Minstrel: Her songs are just show stoppers. You ought to come listen some time! I hear it every day but I still love it.

Yes, it is nice to see you again, however, I fear my stay will be brief.

Oh, that is too bad. Well, do take your time and look around. Thanks to you, the village has changed.

Since you have come to visit, I shall cook up my best dinner for you. Please, look around the village until then.

Wonderful! Thank you very much. I look forward to it.

I know! You ought to go by Sandra's place too and say hello!

That is wonderful. I am glad, but that IS incredible!

Traveler: Yes, Miss Sandra's medicine and the clean air and water have completely cured him.

So you really love your dad, right? What is cool about your dad?

Child: Well. He can do anything, even if it seems impossible.

Child: The other day when a big boulder was in the way of widening the waterway, um... they thought of going around.

Yes, yes?

Child: So then my dad worked so hard and moved that boulder all by himself.

Wow, your dad really is great. So that's why you think he's cool. I understand why.

Child: That's right. My dad's the greatest dad in the world!

Huh? Um... Let us just... keep that a secret...

Villager: That's OK with me... But what is the King doing in a village like ours?

Never mind that, but how did you know I am the King?

Villager: When I escaped from St. Heim during the fighting before, I was saved by the King in Cyrum.

Ever since then, I've inappropriately referred to him in the third person at random.

Oh, so that is why you know me.

Villager: Yes. Lots has happened since then, but the villagers here kindly took me in. Now I feel just like one of them.

Is that so? But medicines made from flowers are also sold in other towns, right?

Villager: I don't know, but some professor said the flowers grown in these highlands differ from normal flowers.

Villager: Miss Sandra says that since everyone helped grow the flowers, she will share her medicine and make it village property.

Share it as village property, you say? That is certainly wonderful.

Villager: Yes. It is like the flowers... they brought us all together.

I wasn't messing anything up. I was just making a wreath for Nicolas.

Even so. You have to clean up after yourself. How many times do I have to tell you!?

But Mom, you always say, "Do your best in whatever you do."

I was just doing my best to make a wreath. I'll go take it to Nicolas.

Oh that child of mine... Only her mouth is grown up...

Yes, it has been a long time. I see she is fully recovered.

Little Aira!

That voice... it's Roan!

Are you doing as your mother has told you?


Thank you so much for what you did. Thanks to you... I was able to keep from losing hope. And now Aira is back to her old self...

My heart is glad. But, I cannot take the credit for this. It was thanks to your hard work, Sandra.

The garden is growing little by little! Come see the flowers!

Yes. That would be nice, thank you.

...! The "singing girl..." You must speak of Elena!?

Yes. Now she is in a traveling show and going around to lots of places. Didn't you see the tent at the village gate?

That we did. Let's go see Elena!

Elena...!? Why are you here? What are you doing now?

Well, I am touring... I see.

I didn't know minstrel troupes had foremen.

Yes. An old friend of mine. I will be in shortly!

Foreman: Don't worry. Friends come before work. Well, then!

Yes. I sing with this troupe. We travel from town to town, sharing joy with everyone, everywhere!

But, it somehow... seems like quite a difficult life...

I really enjoy my life now. It allows me to see so many happy faces. Yes, I have seen the world, and it is at peace now.

When I sing, everyone seems so happy. My heart is at peace and I am filled with life. We can be as one...

The happiness I bring people when I sing is my source of joy. It is what I love to do.

Elena, you look so happy...

I am very happy! Everyone else is doing fine too, right?

Yes. Everyone is living happily. But...

... Have you seen him? Has he returned, or have you received word from him?

No one knows where he is. He said that he had things yet to do. He left and has still not returned...

Miss Elena...


Are you really all right? Being alone... How can you wait like this, keeping your faith in Ryudo...? I cannot understand...

... Ah ha! Roan? You asked Millenia the same thing, right?


But, this bond we share can be felt, but not seen. This is faith.


So, I do not have faith in Ryudo. I have faith in our bond. I have faith in our hearts, for they are one.


If you are quiet and listen closely to the world, you will hear its pulse... You will feel it.

You do not need to touch a heart to feel it. Ryudo's heart beats in time with the pulse of the earth. And...


I believe this from the bottom of my heart.

All things are possible through belief. What our hearts desire will come to pass, even as we have met now.

MUSIC: Silence.

Ryudo will come back. I am sure. He will return to us.


I want the world to realize that...

(I don't need to tell you you should listen to this, right?)

♫ Louvai! Madrugada, alma bela, dança da terra.

♫ Ó, sintam! O vendaval da coragem!

♫ Transbordai! Leite da terra, beijo do ceu, chuva do rejubilo.

♫ Uma semente pequena, desejo grande, grande, grande!

♫ Louvai! Madrugada, alma bela, dança da terra.

♫ Ó, sintam! O vendaval da coragem!

♫ Transbordai! Leite da terra, beijo do ceu, chuva do rejubilo.

♫ Uma semente pequena, desejo grande, grande, grande!

♫ Cultivai um caminho, novo caminho.

♫ Festejem, ceifam um milão

♫ De espigas, as espigas do destino.

♫ Cantai a nossa canção!

♫ Transmitam, canção do povo!

♫ Força cordial,

♫ Porta da esperança!

And that's it, folks! That's Grandia 2.

I'd like to thank you for sticking with me this far. I'll be the first to admit that this game starts out much stronger than it ends.

All of my Hard Hack shenanigans and complaining about rising anime levels aside, the game is pretty fun to play and we have the battle system programmers and designers to thank for that.

The game gets put down sometimes for its strangely mouthless 3D models, but I think going for very simplified, stylized graphics has helped it age gracefully compared to more realistic games of the era.

The extent to which I'm skipping through the credits grows exponentially as they go on, by the way. Partially, I'm including these here out of appreciation for everyone who worked on this. It's also a good background to listen to the credits music on, since I figured just a video of the credits with no commentary wouldn't be of much interest to people.

I'm also doing this because once I stop writing this post, the LP is over, and that feels a little weird.

I bet they paid you top fucking dollar for that one, Ms. Nishida.


I haven't played the Japanese version of the game nor would I understand much of it if I tried, so I'm honestly not sure how much of the good writing was present in the original and how much of it was added by the localization team. I'm going to assume the original writers had something to do with it and thank them for it.

I... wait, really? Studio DEEN? Them?

Nevermind, the last thing this LP needs is more talking about anime. Let's instead turn our attention to the Man Behind The Buttrock, Noriyuki Iwadare. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the game's soundtrack is fantastic and the Grandia series would not be the same without Mr. Iwadare's contribution.

Thank you, Kaori Kawasumi, for your valiant if ultimately futile attempt to pronounce the Portuguese language. Ganbatte.

I'm sure the Tokyo Portuguese Cultual Center taught you all they could.

I'd also like to thank everyone who (I assume, through guessing at their job descriptions) worked on translating and localizing the game.

You did a bang-up job, fellas.

Thank you to the game's voice actors, all nine of them. (Richard Doyle's out of shot)

Thanks to everyone else at Game Arts who helped create this game, and once again, thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.

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