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Grandia III

by Spiffo

Part 5

short one but I've got a big one coming down the pipe


The gang heads west and reaches another dock. Only once they reach the area, though, Alonso steals Alfina's communicator's brooch and gambles it for a handsome prize.

Miranda and the gang catch up to him only a bit too late, as Alonzo looses the brooch to the casino owner, Bianca.

With nothing left to lose, Alonso makes a final bet with Bianca. The stake? His freedom.

New shit:

"Do yourself a favor and just give up. It's for your own good so you had better listen to me, sweetie."
Bianca is a horrible woman who runs a rigged casino and rips off whoever she can. Alonso lost everything to her and now he's back to get his revenge. However, are the stakes too high even for him?