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Grandia III

by Spiffo

Part 6

[YOUTUBE] | [BLIP] (~31 minutes)

Having lost Alfina's brooch to the casino queen Bianca, and having put his own freedom on the line, Alonso takes the group to Bianca's ship to rest for the night.

There, they find out that the ship is actually Alonso's - he lost it in a bet. Alonso and Miranda hatch a plan to beat Bianca at her own game. The next day, they return to Bianca to finally settle the score.

Will Alonso win back the brooch, his ship, and his freedom? Or will he be forced to marry Bianca and live out the rest of his days in her casino? Will the group finally be able to set sail for Mendi? And why doesn't Miranda just cast Tremor to bury the whole casino beneath the earth?

New Character:

Ulf is a dragon-rider - he is from a race of people who bond to a dragon like in that shitty Avatar movie. He's more hot-headed than Yuki, thinks about filling his stomach before all else, and is a great dude who always tries to do the right thing. In battle he's not very good with magic but more than makes up for it with some amazing special moves. He wields a flail to clobber everything in sight.