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by Spiffo

Part 9

[YOUTUBE] | [BLIP] (~28 minutes)

Yuki and Alfina have returned from their brief foray into the Verse Realm. Lem fruit in hand, they set sail for Mendi. Yuki and Alfina talk about what they saw on the other side, and Yuki promises Alfina that they will fly and he will accompany her on her journey.

Even though Yuki hasn't told her, Miranda knows what he's thinking. Distraught over his decision, she confides in Alonso who is happy to listen to her. He has dealt with this sort of thing before and he knows just the thing to ease Miranda's troubles.

At long last, the group arrives in Mendi. The gang takes in the sights and smells of the harbor, then goes their seperate ways - Yuki and Alfina can go visit Schmidt while the grownups go shopping.

It's been a long road. We've dealt with a lot of shit but finally, FINALLY, Yuki meets the legendary Sky Captain Schmidt.

New Character

"Fuck y'all, I rule this game" ~ Captain Schmidt
Sky Captain Schmidt is a living legend who wanted to fly so badly, he built his own wings. He was a great man, with some great thumbs. Whether it was fighting pirates, rescuing princesses, navigating storms, or going around the globe, he is an inspiration for us all. For Yuki, his story will be with him for his entire life.