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Grandia III

by Spiffo

Part 10

[YOUTUBE] | [BLIP] (~26 minutes)

Captain Schmidt has agreed to build Yuki and Alfina a plane to fly to Arcriff. They can pick it up in the morning, but first they have one last dinner with mom and dad. That night, Miranda reveals to Yuki that she knows about his plan and she's okay with it. She won't be going back to Anfog Village either - she's going to travel the world with Alonso. Man fuck this game I want to play that game.

Yuki and Alfina say their final goodbyes and take off. They make it most of the way there when they see a strange figure flying through the air...

New Character:
"..." ~ ???

A man riding a dragon serpent toward Arcriff, Alfina can be heard yelling something to him as they plummet to the ground.