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Grandia III

by Spiffo

Part 11

[YOUTUBE] | [BLIP] (~20 minutes)

After crashing their brand new plane (you idiot) Yuki and Alfina hoof it the rest of the way to Arcriff. After fighting through some lizardmen, they finally reach the temple. Alfina goes to meet her grandfather, who also happens to be the bishop.

After taking a look around Emelious' room, the pair heads to bed. Alfina meets with Yuki in the middle of the night to speak to him about her past with Emelious. They look out to the far away balcony where Alfina will be conducting the Communicator's Ritual tomorrow.

there's a couple seconds of ironic sexist language in this video that in hindsight was a bad idea,  we call the priest dude "bitchop" instead of "bishop"  we'll try to avoid it in the future.