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Part 12

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The day of the ritual has arrived! Alfina has already left to prepare so Yuki goes upstairs to the viewing deck to wait. Unbeknownst to him, certain other people are also waiting in the wings...

Alfina steps out onto the platform and begins the ritual. She calls out to the mighty Gryph so that it may offer her guidance.

Alfina is told to love her brother no matter what he does, and that love is the only hope that the world has. Speaking of which...

Emelious strikes and cleaves the squawking diety's head clean off! He conjures an orb and summons red lightning that leaves behind terrible red roots, all while cackling like an awesome maniac.

New Characters and shit (and boy are there a bunch of them)

"Your god is dead! Dead by my hand!"
Emelious is Alfina's brother who disappeared a long time ago. He resented his fate as a communicator for the gods and longed to escape it. He now returns home with an orb of power that can destroy life, and a strange sword that is capable of rending even gods in two.

"Love is hope, you should hope to love hope until love loves us all."
They say the words of a guardian have no meaning on their own which makes sense as Gryph is saying a whole lot of nothing. Gryph is the late leader of the guardians and watches over the world.

"I am the most worthless forgettable character in this whole game"
Grau was Emelious' caretaker as a child, and now watches the action unfold behind a magic mirror or something I don't know they never really explain this stupid piece of shit character I hope he dies.

La-Llim is some kind of dark sorcerer with a crystal skull who can't really use words very good and I think they forgot he was in the game until the last minute but they had to include him anyway otherwise his designer would feel bad.

"Witness the power of Xorn"
Violetta's relationship with Emelious is clearly "intimate" and she follow him to the end of the world. She wields a scythe in battle and throws knives.

"Heyyyyy guyyys I'm in this game!!!!!
This guy is dethpphicable.