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Part 17

speaking of crossing that line

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We land in the Bacculani settlement way out in the desert. Man, it's hot! We go find the chief's tent in order to ask about their guardian, inform her about Gryph's death, and get out of this heat yeeeesh! The chief is distraught about the death of Gryph but even moreso by Gryph's words. Upon hearing "There is always hope if you believe in the power of love", Dahna sends the group away.

With nowhere to go, the group heads to the inn to plan their next step. There they feast on some delicious kebabs.

Just as the group is ready to turn in, they hear a song coming from outside. By the lake stands Dahna, singing into the moonlight.

The former chief and Dahna's true love is none other than Raven, who returns and embraces her. "I just wanted to save you... At least you."

With that, he disappears into the night and Dahna, with the renewed POWER OF LOVE, agrees to take us to Yoat.


"Pick a card. Any card."
Dahna is the current chief of the Bacculani people who live in the desert and worship their guardian, Yoat. She is determined to find out the truth of what happened to Raven and what is happening to the world. Like Alfina, she's a pillar of seriousness compared to jokers like Yuki and Ulf. In battle she fights with her magic cards which allow her to strike anywhere on the field without moving, making for some easy critical hits to set up aerial attacks! She also boasts the deepest magic pool in the game and throws fire around like nobody's business. Between her casting abilities, unlimited MP (literally, if you use her final skill) and attacks that don't require her to move, she is a very versatile character!


Alternate title: One Night in Baccula (makes a hard man humble)
Alternate alternate title: Brides of Baccula (it is a dracula joke )