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Grandia III

by Spiffo

Part 20

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Part 2: [YOUTUBE] | [BLIP] (~27 minutes)

We have arrived into the Verse Realm. Our group emerges to find the place in much the same state as it was in last time we saw it - lifeless and made of glass.

The gang spots a person on the horizon and makes their way over. When they reach him, he, too, is made of glass. Not far beyond him however is a town populated by fairy people! We ask around, searching for a girl with sad eyes and cold hands (also a violin). After getting a few directions, we head to Hect's place to find her in the yard playing her song, severing bonds.

After a fruitless conversation with the fairy girl, she moves to the town square to make an announcement to her people - Gryph is dead; all is lost.

Even though Hect refuses to speak with us, her butler allows the gang to stay the night. Hoping she's in a better mood, we try talking to her the next morning. Unfortunately, she's left early and won't be back until the next day. Fuuuuuuck. Well, not all is lost as the butler tells us where Emelious and Raven went back when they visited this place: Surmania Zero. With a sense of purpose, we head to the site where they once set foot...


Hect: Leader of the verse people, or fairies, or whatever they call themselves, she gives guidance to the people in her village. She despises humans for always trying to bring hope because where there is hope, there is pain.