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Part 24

edit: this is the episode where nothing happens. After this, things start happening again

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Welcome, welcome, to another thrilling episode of MIRANDA'S : BELIEVE IT! OR NOT! On today's episode, we're going deep into the Vejas Jungle to see if we can find some rare animals. It's going to be really dangerous, but that's why you're safe at home. Here we go!

Here we see a whole flock of Flying Eaters. These birds have a very ingrained pack mentality - once you're a member of the flock, you're in the flock for life. They're very territorial and will pick a fight with any intruders, even intruders from other flocks. If they're outmatched they'll either call for help or fly off, but not for long. Let's move on before we catch their attention.

Look closely over there... Closely... There! Do you see it? That there's a Vejas Mushroom. They're very good at disguising themselves as other poisonous mushrooms as a way from hiding from predators. They're easily startled though, and will spray any threats with a toxic substance. Always keep some Vaccines nearby.

Don't look now, folks! There's an Alarune nearby! These plants are carnivorous and very fast. Most of the time they're dormant, but when one of these things gets hungry you'd better stay away. Adventurers have lost their lives to these things by coming into the jungle at the wrong time of year, let's not join them.

Whoa, look at these sasquatches! These things are huge, and they pack tons of power! They're usually friendly creatures so long as you stay out of their nests. Mess with their homes though and hoo boy! Don't get too close now, I think they suspect we're around. Let's skeedaddle before we make problems.

That's all for this episode, folks! Join us next time! We're going to try to find the legendary guardian, Seiba, and I'm going to jam my thumb up its butthole!