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Original Thread: Adventuring in search of a thread title! Let's Play Grandia! [SSLP]



Hello, and welcome to Let's Play Grandia!

Grandia? What's that?
Originally released in 1997 on the Sega Saturn, it received a Playstation port in 1999, which was later translated and released in the US and Europe that same year.

Since 2010, it has been available on the PSN, so if you're looking to follow along, that's always an option.

The closest analogue is probably Xenogears: both feature a large, developed cast of characters, amazing music, 2D sprites in a 3D world, and a second disk that lacks the same effort and attention as the first.

They are both also horribly, horribly anime.

That said, Grandia at its worst is still pretty damn good, and the detail and charm are well worth showing off.

What sort of LP is this, anyway?

Primarily screenshots, with videos of FMVs, boss fights, long cutscenes, and other things that deserve to be seen in motion but are too big to gif.

Of course, there will be screenshot-only summaries of the videos, for those who choose not to watch.

Screenshots? Oh great, you're going to be forcing your "witty" fanfiction dialog on us, aren't you?

That... is one way of putting it.

In all seriousness, for the most part the game's dialog stands just fine on its own. On the occasions where I feel the need to add to it, the addition will be set up in italics or, if it would annoy more flow better, strikethrough.

Something that will come up more frequently, though, is when there are multiple dialog options. Such choices will be done in bold.

And what's with all those Tindeck links? Can't you just link the soundtrack on Youtube?

There's actually two reasons that's not a good idea. First is that a lot of the music straight-up isn't on the OST. Secondly, the OST tends to have multiple in-game songs per track, making it tricky to show the actual music used in whatever scene. (All right, skip to 2:45, then at 3:15, skip to 3:45, and loop back at 4:30)

And this is the part where you tell us not to talk about things we haven't already seen, right?

Not quite. Though if you want to pretend that's the rule, I won't complain.

Instead of trying to get goons to stay on topic and not discuss spoilers, though, I'm just going to request that you try to keep them relevant to the update/discussion and tag things we haven't seen yet.

And if your post has more text spoiler-tagged than not, maybe now's not the best time to post it?

And just what should I expect out of these updates?

For the beginning, a normal update, showing off the plot or dungeon or whatever, followed by a bunch of NPC chatter.

NPC chatter updates, huh? Probably just an excuse to update half as often.

Nope! They're presented strictly as extras. Extras that really show off the game at its best, and are really recommended to read through, but technically extras.

This game is piss-easy, right? Are you gonna be using some crazy ROM hack to show off your skill?

While there is a "rebalancing" mod for this game (found here for the morbidly curious), I won't be using it. Mainly because it's not yet finished.

Instead, the difficulty in this challenge will come in the form of keeping the main character in extremely weak armor, as well as not using the free full recovery present at each and every save point.

What? Playing it unhacked? Are you gonna let us vote on how to fuck you over, then?

That's the idea. Before each dungeon I'll have a vote for which weapons to use (and if you haven't played this game, there's more to that than it appears). In addition, whenever magic becomes available, there'll be a vote to see who learns it, and what they learn. Should do to keep things interesting.

All right, already! Where can I start reading so I know just how much to mock you?

Glad you asked!

Table of Contents

Disc 1

Intro Cutscenes
Four Treasures
Four Treasures NPC Chatter
Mechanics Sperging 1
The Baal Museum
Baal Museum NPC Chatter
Mechanics Sperging 2
Sult Ruins
Sult Ruins NPC Chatter
Parm by Night
Pre-Cafe NPC Chatter
Leck Mines
Post-Cafe NPC Chatter
Goodbye, Parm
Post-Leck NPC Chatter
Goodbye, Parm NPC chatter

Onboard the Steamer 1
Onboard the Steamer 2
Steamer NPC Chatter 1
Ghost Ship 1
Steamer NPC Chatter 2
Ghost Ship 2
Steamer NPC Chatter 3
Steamer NPC Chatter 4
Steamer NPC Chatter 5
Steamer NPC Chatter 6

New Parm
Merrill Road
Underground Passage
Boss: Chang
New Parm NPC Chatter 1
New Parm NPC Chatter 2
Rangle Mountains 1
Rangle Mountains 2
New Parm NPC Chatter 3
To Dom Ruins
New Parm NPC Chatter 4
Inside Dom Ruins
New Parm NPC Chatter 5
Dom Ruins Final
New Parm NPC Chatter 6
Herb Mountains
New Parm NPC Chatter 7
New Parm NPC Chatter 8
New Parm NPC Chatter 9
New Parm NPC Chatter 10
New Parm NPC Chatter 11
New Parm NPC Chatter 12

Garlyle Base 1
Garlyle Base 2
Garlyle Base 3
Military Train 1
Military Train 2
Garlyle Base/Train NPC Chatter

West Misty Forest
Luc Village 1
Luc Village 2
Luc Village 3
Luc Village NPC Chatter 1
Luc Village NPC Chatter 2
Luc Village NPC Chatter 3
Luc Village NPC Chatter 4
East Misty Forest 1
East Misty Forest 2

End of the World 1
End of the World 2
End of the World 3

Valley of the Flying Dragon 1
Valley of the Flying Dragon 2
Dight Village
Dight NPC Chatter 1
Dight NPC Chatter 2
Dight NPC Chatter 3
Dight NPC Chatter 4
Mount Typhoon
Typhoon Tower
Boss: Serpent (with bonus extras!)
Taking the Spear of Heroes 1
Taking the Spear of Heroes 2
Returning the Spear of Heroes
Dight NPC Chatter 5
Dight NPC Chatter 6
Dight NPC Chatter 7

Lama Mountains 1
Lama Mountains 2
Dight NPC Chatter 8
Gumbo Village 1
Gumbo NPC Chatter 1
Gumbo NPC Chatter 2
Gumbo Village 2
Gumbo NPC Chatter 3
Gumbo NPC Chatter 4
Post-Volcano 1
Post-Volcano 2
Gumbo NPC Chatter 5
Gumbo NPC Chatter 6
Gumbo NPC Chatter 7

Twin Towers 1
Twin Towers 2
Twin Towers NPC Chatter
Twin Towers 3
Twin Towers 4
Twin Towers 5
Post Twin Towers NPC Chatter
Dight NPC Chatter 9
Return to Dight
Dight NPC Chatter 10
Mysterious Vanishing Hill 1
Dight NPC Chatter 11
Mysterious Vanishing Hill 2
Orb of Teleportation
Dight NPC Chatter 12
Duel with Gadwin 2
Dight NPC Chatter 13
Sea of Mermaids
Pirate Island 1
Pirate Island 2/End of Disc 1

Missed NPC Chatter
Missed NPC Chatter part 2
Interim 1: Unused and Cutscene-only maps
Interim 2: Unused conversations

Disc 2

Virgin Forest 1
Virgin Forest 2
Virgin Forest 3
Cafu Village and Petrified Forest 1
Cafu NPC Chatter 1
Cafu NPC Chatter 2
Petrified Forest NPC Chatter 1
Petrified Forest 2
Tower of Doom
Return to Cafu 1
Return to Cafu 2
Cafu NPC Chatter 3

Soldier's Graveyard 1
Soldier's Graveyard 2
South Zil Desert and Zil Padon
Zil Padon NPC chatter 1
Zil Padon NPC chatter 2
Zil Padon NPC chatter 3
Castle of Dreams
Savanna Wilderness
Tower of Temptation 1
Tower of Temptation 2
Tower of Temptaion finale

Brinan Plateau
Laine Village 1
Laine NPC Chatter 1
Laine NPC Chatter 2
Warp Space
Laine NPC Chatter 3
Return to Zil Padon
Zil Padon NPC Chatter 4
Zil Padon NPC Chatter 5
Zil Padon NPC Chatter 6
Zil Padon NPC Chatter 7
Cafu and Laine with Guido

Underground Ruins 1
Underground Ruins 2
Underground Ruins 3
The Grandeur 1
The Grandeur 2
The Grandeur 3
The Grandeur 4

Rainbow Spring 1
Rainbow Spring 2
Alent 1
Alent 2
Alent 3
Laine NPC Chatter 5
Zil Padon NPC Chatter 8
Zil Padon NPC Chatter 9
Luzet Mountains
J Base
J Base NPC Chatter 1

Field Base 1
Field Base NPC Chatter 1
Field Base 2
Attack on Zil Padon 1
Attack on Zil Padon 2
Zil Padon NPC Chatter 10
Attack on Zil Padon 3
Zil Padon NPC Chatter 11
Luzet Revisit
J Base Revisit
J Base NPC Chatter 2
J Base NPC Chatter 3
Farewell, Feena
Zil Padon NPC Chatter 12
Field Base NPC Chatter 2
Farewell, Rapp and Liete
Zil Padon NPC Chatter 13
Welcome back!
Zil Padon NPC Chatter 14 (final)

Spirit Sanctuary 1
Spirit Sanctuary 2
Ancient City
Gaia 1
Gaia 2
Gaia 3

Interim 3: Disc 2's unused content

Final Boss

Bonus update: April Fool's Day
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