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Green Hell

by Vex Thunder

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Original Thread: Centipedes? In MY Vagina? Lets play GREEN HELL



Welcome survivors! In this here thread I will be lets playing Green Hell. Do you like watching Bear Grylls drink piss? Or Les Shroud complain about carrying his camera? Or partners yell at mosquitoes on Naked and Afraid?
If yes, then this game may be the entertainment your heart desires. Come join me on this grand adventure!

What the hell is Green Hell?

Green Hell is a survival game similar to the -Stranded- series or perhaps -The Forest-.

"Survival" games have a pretty bad reputation in the steam community because most upstart game developers tend to keep their survival games in permanent Early-Access limbo, leaving them to be buggy, forgotten messes.

Green Hell managed to break from this stereotype and actually create a decent enough romp through a horrible environment with an engaging story-mode. A story-mode that I will be playing through! Crikey!

Set in the Amazon rainforest the protagonist must brave this harsh environment in order to save his wife.

The game was published by Creepy Jar studios and was released on steam on Sept 5th, 2019.

What kind of LP is this?

This will be a video LP.

May I spoil the story for everyone?

Please don't

Okay well what does the game even look like?

Come see the beautiful Flora

And the friendly(ish) Fauna

This game has crafting! Gather materials to build a camp and other such things in order to survive!

The characters:

Jake Higgins

Anthropologist and award winning book author. Our protagonist of the story. Has a dark past. Also looks and sounds like Nathan Drake.

Mia HIggins

Jake's wife. Professional interpreter. Is Spanish. We must save her!


Part Uno:

Part Deux: TRIPLE J GANG!!!

Part Drei:

Part Four:

Part Cinque: TRIPLE J GANG!!!

Part Roku:

Part Sewe:

Part Octo:

Part Nove: ayahuasca

Part X:

Part Eleven:

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