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Gregory Horror Show

by Niggurath

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Original Thread: Blood and guts...a real horror show! Let's Play Gregory Horror Show



Traveling along a darkened path in the forest, you realize immediately that you're lost. But what's that in the clearing? Could it possibly be shelter? Well it certainly gives the appearance of a hotel but something about it all seems to be quite unsettling. The problem is that it's ever so late and you're feeling ever so tired. So your options are limited...but good news! The manager is still up at such a late hour and he's willing to lend you a room for the night....or possibly for the rest of your life!

And thus we have the basic setup for Gregory Horror Show; originally a fairly long series of 2 minute long CG shorts by Naomi Iwata, the PS2 game is more or less a playable version of the overall series. The game itself though follows our character as he (or she, depending on your gender choices) is enrolled by Death to obtain some errant souls that have been taken by the nefarious residences of Gregory's horror hotel. And to do this will take a mixture of stealth, cunning, and a whole lotta luck as the denizens of the hotel are not going to just up and give us their stolen souls. Thankfully I'm at least semi-competent and up to the task at hand; so hopefully you'll enjoy our adventure into this odd slice of dark humor.

And finally, I've tried to make this run as clean and thorough as possible. I'm not the most super knowledgeable at the game and if I miss something of interest that you feel would be worth showing off, then please tell me. But if at all possible NO SPOILERS as this will probably be a new experience for most folks.

This is Gregory; he's a super helpful guy and the manager of the hotel. Probably would be best to stay on his good side though.

This is Death; he's just looking to collect some stray souls but he needs a little help. Also he gives mad props to Ingmar Bergman for that classy representation.

This is Neko Zombie; a ravenous cat with a taste for sweet treats. What could have led to his sewing mishap and is it alright to help him?

This is James; grandson to Gregory and generally precocious kid. Also a poster boy for why parents need to use condoms.

This is Catherine; a pink, dinosaur with a very interesting fetish. She's always on the lookout to give an unsuspecting person a lil' poke.

This is Judgement Boy; he's a man of the people who likes to dole out his advice. Take heed of what he says because he's yelling it at you.

This is Lost Doll; sad and lonely, she's just on the lookout for her missing doll. But look and don't touch as this doll comes with a nasty surprise.

This is Mummy Papa and Mummy Dog; a pair of attention seeking dogs with a bizarre malady and the worst set of headaches you could imagine.

This is Cactus Gunman and Cactus Girl; a pair of revolutionaries on the run from the law. Beware picking a fight with the shakiest gun in the Ol' West.

This is Hell's Chef; the resident cook and culinary masochist of the hotel. The only thing that hotter than his burning passion is his hatred of tobacco.

This is TV Fish; part tv, part fish, part dream weaver. This mysterious beast roams the halls of the hotel, it's natural habit, looking for nothing more than peace and quiet.

This is Roulette Boy; you gotta spin to win or else this bad boy might just deal you the Dead Man's Hand. That's the most dangerous of high fives.

This is Clock Master and My Son; they're a father and son duo who have control over time and a deep abiding love for one another. Just never get in the way of that familial bond...or else.

This is Angel Dog/Devil Dog; an enigmatic figure with the power to bring you to fate's doorstep. The question lies in what is truly waiting on the other side of that door.

This is Judgement Boy Gold; he's a lot like the normal Judgement Boy except he's gold and mostly correct on things. But it's still a crap a shoot in regards to what he'll answer or be useful about.

This is you...or maybe it's me? It's hard to say what our identity is but our mission is clear....I think?

Catherine's Horror Show
Lost Doll's Horror Show
Mummy Papa's Horror Show
Cactus Gun's Horror Show
Hell Chef's Horror Show
Roulette Boy's Horror Show
Clock Master and My Son's Horror Show
Angel Dog's Horror Show
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