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Original Thread: Genres Collide: Let's Play The Guardian Legend



What is The Guardian Legend?

The Guardian Legend is an NES that came out in 1988, near the middle of the NES’s lifespan, and is actually a sequel to a MSX game Guardic. Despite its release date, TGL manages to do a lot of interesting things with the NES' limited hardware. It features two distinct gameplay modes, doles out a variety of different weapons, and manages to be reasonably long. I find this to be a pretty impressive and sometimes overlooked game from the NES era.

Thread layout

Videos will be posted on Sunday and Thursdays. If you’d like to see something that I didn’t point out or go over, feel free to ask. Bonus content will likely consist of a stream of the game's special mode somewhere near the end of the thread.


Area 0 - The Basics and Powering upYouTube
Area 1 - The World of WaterYouTube
Area 2 - The Kid Gloves are offYouTube
Area 3 - The Train WreckYouTube
Area 4 - The Leisurely StrollYouTube
Area 5 - The Crystal CavernsYouTube
Area 6 - The RoundaboutYouTube
Area 7 - The EyesYouTube
Area 8 - The HeartYouTube
Area 9 - The EndgameYouTube
Area 10 - The FinaleYouTube
TGL - The Extra ModeYouTube
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